Story of Watercolor

I am grateful for my watercolor journey, I get to know God as an amazing Artist. All His works are everywhere in this world and the universe never ceases to amaze me.

I've been creating so many watercolors recently. I found a new hobby. I do have a story behind this watercolor. With a smile on my face, I want to say that I am seeing God brought me to this level of life where I can use my art to glorify Him. 

Here are some of my designs.

I made Wedding Monogram for a friend in NY who's getting married soon! 

The words on these paintings are from a devotion called Comparison Trap by Sandra Stanley.
This study blessed my heart so much that I created this watercolor.

During this watercolor journey, I get to know Lilias Trotter. I found this beautiful quote and I put into a painting. The day after I gave a piece of this art work to a friend then I found out that Lilias Trotter was a watercolor artist. A Victorian lady who moved to Africa and left her prestigious life to be a missionary. So I bought a book called A Blossom in the Desert which tells her journey through writing and art.

Many years ago, when I was 9, I loved journaling my days. It's kinda my everyday conversation with God that I can pour into words and drawings. I kept doing that until I found this blog where I share my journey with God with pictures :) 

These are 'Thank You' cards that I made for birthday gifts.

These are random designs.

Yeah, I love writing and drawing. At that time, I never had the chance to play with paint or brushes until one day a lady from my church took me to a house that they needed to empty. She took me there because the lady who owned that house was a seamstress that owned a bunch of sewing stuff. There in that room were some watercolor paints. I grabbed them, just two sets... I never used them until one day a friend asked me to make Christmas Party invitations/postcards. That's when I decided to use watercolor for the first time... and I really liked it! 

I've been exploring with watercolor since then. You can see more of my works on my Instagram account @delvalina37. So far I've been giving away my works for those who God lays on my heart. My goal is to tell them they're valued and loved by God...

Let's see where God can take me? 
You never know... He always has amazing plans that He paints in our life :)

During my troubled days, these words were loud in my head.

That's all I can share for today :) Which one is your favorite? 


Tea Cup Exchange

Last month I decided to join this blog event. My dear friend Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose created this event and arranged all ladies all over the world. Isn't that cool? :) I have known this event couple years ago but I never had the chance to join when I lived in Indonesia till I moved here. I signed up for tea and mug exchange so I got 2 ladies here. I am glad that one of them sent me thank you card and another one always keep in touch with me through email and we love to sharing our favorite things - which is fun! 

It's more than what I expected! My first experience " I LOVED IT" like I expecting the packages to come and when it came I felt like Christmas haha. So I opened the boxes and I smiled for every item that the ladies sent me. Especially the notes - it's my most favorite part.

So here is from Esther from Dolly Creates - she sent me darling things and I love every single item. If you click her blog she has amazing blog and and talented to make dress especially vintage dresses.
Thank you Esther! This made me happy!


The second one is from Libby,
I love how she introduced herself to me :) I Loved all her handmade items that stolen my heart, and also the mug! Thank you for all these goodies!

This tea cup exchange made my day! and I really thanked to God for my friend Stephanie - God has used you to bring smile in every lady's face! I can't wait for the next exchange party!



~ The Master and Me ~

The young lions lack and suffer hunger;
But those who seek the LORD shall not lack any good thing. 
-Psalm 34 :10-

Our trip to Asheville is one of my favorite memories from my honeymoon. While driving we laughed, talked about our dreams and future, and sung our favorite songs. Sweet memories indeed :)  Whenever this memory comes across my mind, it always puts a big smile on my face.  All the sweet memories remind me that He is a good, good Father... this is just a small piece of His faithfulness in my life and I believe there are many more blessings to come.

When we visited the Biltmore Estate, I was amazed by the every detail of the house. The majestic front door, the windows, every room, even the garden– and not only me, everyone there stood in awe. I wondered, "Who is the master?" This building consists of simple pieces that transform it all into something majestic.  

Looking through all the pictures and sweet memories... I am amazed for what the Lord has done to me. I am fragile, easily broken, but my Master– He is the the Master of masters. He can grab the broken pieces and turn them into something majestic. 

If today I own the world and tomorrow I lose it, what does it matter?
My Master never changes, He is still there...
He is the only One that really matters. 

As I write this, I encourage myself in that I shouldn't be worried because I have seen how my Master worked in the past. He is still there and always will be! :) Reminds me of the verse at the top, "... those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing."


~Handmade Shabby Chic Wallet~

Dear friends,
It has been awhile since I posted any crafting or sewing projects. Well, I have been crafting and sewing, but I never had the chance to take pictures and show you. :)

I am really happy to have my sewing and crafting corner - it's a place where ideas pop in my mind– my happy place.

Today I finished making a wallet. I own a small purse and big wallet which bothers me... so, I decided to make my own, smaller wallet!


This is what I used: fabric, thread, cardboard, double sided tape, lace and ribbon.


First, I designed the shape. I wanted it to look like my passport case so I drew the shapes on the cardboard and cut them out.

Second, I covered the cardboard with fabric using double stick tape and combined both sides together. This is where I added the pockets too.

Now, after you put them together, sew the edges with ribbon. 

I also created a flower design from lace for the latch to keep it closed.

After sewing the sides, I put lace around the ribbon.

All done!


I hope you are inspired to create something beautiful.  

~Let all that you do be done in love~
1 Corinthians 16:4



~My Portion Forever~

~Whom have I in heaven but You?
And there is none upon earth 
that I desire besides You~
Psalm 73:25

This is one of my favorite verses. Imagine that Jesus is your heart's only desire all the time. All that you can see through your eyes is His beauty. :)

One thing I pray constantly is: "Dear Lord Jesus, please keep my heart close to You and never let me go." I know my life is falling apart without Him. Sometimes there are moments when I don't feel connected to His heart. I feel empty and desperate. When the sorrow and pain come, they make me feel even worse. The enemy is looking at me and ready to do me in... My heart is crying– crying, "God, I need You, please help me!"  I am there sometimes... but Jesus always wins. I do know that He has so many ways to save me and has saved me. Remember that! :)

I try to keep my heart constantly close to Him– even though the hard times. I read my Bible even though I don't feel like it. I pray even though there are many things distracting me. I even made a place for myself to clear my mind and my soul, remember My Sewing Corner? I use that little corner for me to meditate on His word, a place where I feel encouraged and can think of Him.


When my soul was embittered,
when I was pricked in heart,
I was brutish and ignorant;
I was like a beast toward you.
Nevertheless, I am continually with you;
you hold my right hand.
You guide me with your counsel,
and afterward you will receive me to glory. 
Whom have I in heaven but you?
And there is nothing on earth that 
I desire besides you.
My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart 
and my portion forever.
Psalm 73:21-26 

Dear friends,  I have everything I want now (it seems), but it's still not enough without Him :) I feel like I am hunting His presence day by day. Have you ever felt the same way? Tell me how do you keep your heart close to Him? How do you pursue Him when there's a wall in the front of you?

Our hearts long for Him, but sometimes the world creates a border. I am sure He loves us and He made the way to find us... even when our hearts are grieved and we don't know how to find Him.


~ My Sewing Corner ~

   Moving to a new Country and new home (my second home) creates new opportunities and various differences; it's challenging, yet beautiful. I realize God is the owner of my life– 
so what should I be worried about?! :)

Another thing that I am thankful for is my new family. My husband and I are still staying with my in-law's (his parents) till we find our own house. So, the other day my mother-in-law and I were cleaning the front porch and we arranged all the gifts received from bridal showers and the wedding. After we finished cleaning, we found a small space for me to use for sewing. 

Here's my sewing room that I call "My Sewing Corner" 

This room is surrounded by windows and makes me happy while I work. (sewing and crafting) :)


Also, I've been making a blanket for my husband from all his old t-shirts– I just finished yesterday!
Here's another side of My Sewing Corner.

Thank you for stopping by! Know that I really miss my blogging friends and am happy to back here.


~ Seeing the Lord In New Ways ~

I am new here... new as in: Mrs. Wright *big smile*
If you read my previous posts then you know that I was absent from blogging because of moving to the United States– starting this new adventure! I have no personal computer which prevents me from blogging (or I am just not a good person for managing my blog- hahaha!)


Many things have happened for me as I started this new chapter of life. 
I saw that the Lord showed up in every single moment of it. 
I do not know where to begin, but I can see Him clearly. He is beautiful. 


It was the happiest day in my life! 
The wedding was beautiful– just what I wanted... it reflected God; it was all about Him.
Because without Him, I would never marry the man of my dreams. Only God could do it. 
I see Him clearly. He is beautiful.


It was my big day, even though my parents were not there. They still prayed for me five minutes before I walked down the aisle. They even watched the entire wedding through a live stream video.
Surrounded with beautiful people, friends, family (who were strangers for me few months ago)...
I can still see Him. He is beautiful.


It's a beautiful thing that I can be around my favorite man all the time for the rest of my life. 
It makes my heart sing, "You're A Good Good Father." It's a beautiful thing when 
I am far from my family and friends, but God kept sending me godly 
family and friends who care for me, love me, and spoil me sometimes. ;)
Everything points to Him because we have One Heavenly Father.
I can still see Him. He is beautiful. 


 Everything turns beautiful, because He is beautiful.


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