Story of Watercolor

I am grateful for my watercolor journey, I get to know God as an amazing Artist. All His works are everywhere in this world and the universe never ceases to amaze me.

I've been creating so many watercolors recently. I found a new hobby. I do have a story behind this watercolor. With a smile on my face, I want to say that I am seeing God brought me to this level of life where I can use my art to glorify Him. 

Here are some of my designs.

I made Wedding Monogram for a friend in NY who's getting married soon! 

The words on these paintings are from a devotion called Comparison Trap by Sandra Stanley.
This study blessed my heart so much that I created this watercolor.

During this watercolor journey, I get to know Lilias Trotter. I found this beautiful quote and I put into a painting. The day after I gave a piece of this art work to a friend then I found out that Lilias Trotter was a watercolor artist. A Victorian lady who moved to Africa and left her prestigious life to be a missionary. So I bought a book called A Blossom in the Desert which tells her journey through writing and art.

Many years ago, when I was 9, I loved journaling my days. It's kinda my everyday conversation with God that I can pour into words and drawings. I kept doing that until I found this blog where I share my journey with God with pictures :) 

These are 'Thank You' cards that I made for birthday gifts.

These are random designs.

Yeah, I love writing and drawing. At that time, I never had the chance to play with paint or brushes until one day a lady from my church took me to a house that they needed to empty. She took me there because the lady who owned that house was a seamstress that owned a bunch of sewing stuff. There in that room were some watercolor paints. I grabbed them, just two sets... I never used them until one day a friend asked me to make Christmas Party invitations/postcards. That's when I decided to use watercolor for the first time... and I really liked it! 

I've been exploring with watercolor since then. You can see more of my works on my Instagram account @delvalina37. So far I've been giving away my works for those who God lays on my heart. My goal is to tell them they're valued and loved by God...

Let's see where God can take me? 
You never know... He always has amazing plans that He paints in our life :)

During my troubled days, these words were loud in my head.

That's all I can share for today :) Which one is your favorite? 


Regine Karpel said...

You are so talented.

Pam Williams said...

Beautiful artwork, Delvalina! So glad to see this post in my email. I have missed you! Prayers for you as you continue to love Jesus!
Blessings to you, my young friend!

Terra Hangen said...

My favorite of yours is the illustration of the Lilias Trotter quote, and thank you for telling me about her, I think I will buy that book about her.

Emily said...

These are GORGEOUS! I especially love that last photo. Hope you're doing really well <3

Sarah Gracen said...

Beautiful! May I ask what kind of watercolors you use?
I have a passion for watercolors as well, but I'm not quite so talented as you. What a wonderful gift God has given you and even more wonderful is that you have been able to use your gift to bless others :)

Stephanie said...

Hello, my dear Eva! Oh, what a joy to find your comment on my blog. How I have missed you, dear one. I have not forgotten you and I think of you often. Just the other day my husband and I were wondering how you were :)

I trust you are well, sweet Sister. I was looking at the photos on your Instagram account {I am not active on there} and loved seeing your smiling face. You and Sean look so happy - praise the Lord :)

And may I just say that your watercolors are amazing! You are incredibly talented, dear one.

Sending you much love. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!


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