~Holy Wedding~

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My boyfriend shared me a song other day...he said that we can use this song for our wedding day :) (he's sweet!) 
It's called "Holy Wedding", I thought it was a love song that normally people use for the wedding... but when I listened to that song...my eyes were teary - my tears just dropped...

This is the story of the Son of God 
Hanging on the cross for me 
But it ends with a bride and groom 
And a wedding by a glassy sea 
O death where is your sting 
Cause I'll be there singing 
Holy Holy Holy 
Is the Lord

This is the story of a bride in white 
Waiting on her wedding day 
Anticipation welling up inside 
While the groom is crowned as king 
O death where is your sting 
Cause we'll be there singing

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord 
Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy 
Is the Lord Almighty 
Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy 
Is the Lord Almighty 
Who was and is and is to come 
Who was and is and is to come

This song brought me to another time - A time where it is yet to come...
A wedding with my Savior - A wedding where you and me will be crowned with glory. My heart is beating each time I'm thinking of that day.

It's a day where we will be gathered together with our King
We are prepared to be His beautiful brides.

My heart is beating each time I'm thinking of that day.
The day when He was on the cross. It's a beginning  of this beautiful love story.
it's still continue...we are waiting, He is waiting too.
He thought that it would be great if you accept His proposal on the cross.
get prepared and be His beautiful bride.

As I wait for You..I am made more faithful.


The Final Look of The Dress

I'm just happy that finally I got to the final look of the dress that I made and read your respond. It just made me smile.

Please enjoy A story of My Sewing during I Share you the pictures.

One fact about me is I have wanted to learn of sewing since I was so young like 15 but I never had a chance to learn, everyday is school and homework, and other things even my sewing machine was broken since my mom stopped to sewing. So everything like exploded when I got a chance to learn sewing - I have wanted to do my best in it.

My grandma and my mom are the only only one who can sewing in family.
and here is come "me" that just learn when i think it's too late to learn this because both my grandma and my mom knew since they were kids.

So here is, what I have done with this sewing.
I know though the sewing is not really tidy and neat
but I'm just happy that I could wear dress that I made own self.
It's just crazy that it took many hours that I have to sew the sleeves pattern with the body pattern and to put the zipper on the back! hehe

My tutors are great - One of them loves God, and she was happy when the first time I met her. She has wanted to have an assistant that fear the Lord and she offered me a job for this sewing course - she also has mission to teach the poor ladies out there with sewing skill, and she asked me if I can be her partner. Oh yes!!!!! Of course! That is what I have been looking for!
Can you see that how good the Lord is?! :)

I want to learn sewing just incase if someday, I should stay at home and watch my own family. Probably sewing and make dresses could be my job.
But I want see where the Lord takes me :)

During the blogging - I'm so many inspired by some of you for being creative to crafting, sewing, and cooking! 

Here's the last picture from the back :) 
Thank you for joining me today.

Sunshine Award

Thank you for Des from Gladness of Heart that has nominated me. How hard it was for me to find a time to do this award - BUT I appreciated you, and sacrifice my time to do this for you and some my sunshine friends in this blog :).


Thank and recognize the blogger(s) who nominated you (link back)
Post the award on your blog
Answer the questions given you by your Nominator.
 Nominate 5-10 other bloggers (no tag backs) and let them know you nominated them
Set 10 questions for your nominees to answer

Questions from Des

1. What are some of your 'accomplishements'
(in the Jane Austen sense of the word: i.e. sewing, crocheting, drawing, instrument, singing...)

Singing, instrumen, decorating, and sewing

2. Where do you get your inspiration (sewing, crafting, outfits etc.) OTHER than Pinterest?
Crafting and cooking from Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose and Karen From Beatrice Euphemia, for Outfit Alexandre from Into The Woods, Reading classical Novel from Lizzie, Makeup from Bethany Mota, Mission Trip from Maryah, Sewing from Atlanta and Desrae

3. Name one new thing you want to make/try this year.
I want to make 7 dress, I want to wear those dress for someone

4. Given the choice of anyone in the world (presently living),
whom would you want as a diner guest?
Sean's family :)
5.  What are some things that make you really happy?
Gathering with my family, wearing dress that from my handmade, when people happy or inspired because of me :)

6. Favorite book series?
Jane Austen & Chronicles of Narnia.

7. Favorite book made movie.
Both that I mentioned before All Jane's book and C.S. Lewis from Narnia

8. Pet Peeves?

People who say, "Goddamnit" or "Jesus Christ" when they're angry

 People who smoke in the front of me - I feel like I want to punch the face!

People who ask  questions that I dont  want to talk about it.

9. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?

10. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
Would you still choose that?
Astronaut  haha nope! :D ( I love the sky at the night: the moon and the stars)

My Sunshine Award Nominees

1. Ceil from Surrounded by the Spirit
2. Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose
3. Karen from Beatrice Euphemie Vintage Cottage Style
4.Grandma Denise from Denise's Delight in Coffeeberry Cotage
5. Olga from Local Fashion
6. Lizzie from His Redeemed Child
7. Faith from Princess Faith
8. Alex from Into The Woods
9. Rebekah Morrow (my new friend, I really appreciate that you always check my blog)
10. Maryah from I am A Mountain

Questions for the Nominees 

1.  Your most favorite Bible Story in Old and New Testament ?

2. One favorite thing you do in the morning?

3.Do you have  a blog you love to visit but you won't leave a comment (secret admirer of another blog)?

4. Your current favorite worship song and singer?

5. your comfort daily style?

6. who is the person that you really want to meet now?

7. Are you in kind of 40 days of Christ's Passion,:)?

8. Book that you are reading currently?

9. What country that you most want to be visited?

10. Foreign language that you have wanted to learn?

Thank you for being Sunshine through this blog - Thank you that always visit me and ut a smile on my face. 


~My very first sewing~

My Dear Friend,

I'm so glad to know that how blessed I am, after struggling and took an attitude for my not  let my joy be taken and still love Him no matter what, I want to do it always because I love Him. I just can feel that He is so close just like the skin on my body :) Thank you Sweet Jesus. I love having fun with you.

Well, I also having fun with my sewing class and some friends there, well I am not the youngest but seem that almost everyone already have kids :) it makes me jealous - I just cant wait when I become a mom someday.

Here's my very first project.

It's not really good because it's just two weeks I've been learning about pattern and use the sewing machine.
Even though
I broke the needle on sewing machine two times hehe
even though I needed I was having trial and error many times.
But it all makes me so happy, I was processing to be better.
Just like how God shaped me to be more beautiful it had such a long process and hurt. But at the end I become as what He wills.

it has not finished yet but almost done.

I'm going to post the Sunshine award for the next post

The internet in the orphanage is not working right now and I must bring my computer out to write this post, I'm really sorry that during this time I cant visit you. 



Book Review: The Invisible Spy – Spying on the lives of Celebrities

This is my first time to review a book. I am little nervous though but I want to do this for Hilda as agood friend/sister in this blogland :) but before I want to introduce her to you, I want you to know that I won her book - giveaway a couple months ago, she is so sweet, she sent me the book and ring far far away from States to Indonesia. How blessed I am :)

Hilda Leticia Dominguez :

She is a self-published Author, and this is her  official blog.  She started to write when she was in 4th grade. When her teacher asked their class to make homemade book and there she decided to create her own story her stuffed animals.  Hilda has received an Editor’s Choice Award for her poem, “ To my Beloved Wife” In addition, she has won two writing contests in a year and contributed polls for Archie Comic Publications Website and received more than 300+ votes. Hilda enjoys writing fiction stories for people of all ages. Isn’t she is amazing? :)

The story behind this book :
She has written many stories but this one get published first, she wrote with her own imagination. This story finished on 2012 and get published on 29 August 2013. 

Book Review:

Sofia is a young girl, she has a lovely family with parents, one sister and one brother. She is closest to her brother like a best friend. She also surrounded by friends. One night on her birthday she wishes upon a magical power to spy invisible, it was said after the star a shooting star flew above the moon. She is wondering if magical would really happen then she went to sleep. The desire of her heart took her to magical night too. She got that power inside a star ring.
The magical of that ring brought her to a long adventure. She used that ring for spy her favorite celebs to spy if they are good role model or it’s just on TV, and then she found one of her favorite celebs Sasha that has a good personality, she tried to matched Sasha with her favorite brother Joseph, it worked well. With that ring it also prevented her two friends who were rude on her.
With that ring she could know the situation and people around her. One day she decided to be bold and confidence and won’t let the situation take her happiness.

My thought:

This book is good for teenagers – it’s about an adventure, family & friend, and attitude.
Sofia and her family have live simply beautiful it also shaped her personality well. 
Just like some teenagers outside they tried to define who are their favorite idols, but not all of them could recognize if some idols brings no good examples to live the life. Sofia learned to define it all with spying each one of them and decided which one she could set as her role model. 
My favorite point of this book is Sofia knows how to use the magical thing in her life. Even though she needs to be more careful with it.
Sofia could find happiness not only with the magic ring but mostly with her attitude every day.

If you get interest to know her, please visit her blog :) I believe she will respond you with her heart.


~I am back: Thankful for you~

My sweetest friends, I'm back just because each of you can't stop to encouraging me here. Your emails and comments made my day, and how could I stay for longer out of the blog without giving you my appreciations. You all are blessing to me, I'm so thankful for you. God has blessed me with wonderful blog friends.

Before I say my thankful for you please allow to share what has been with me.

Few months ago, as I started to walk through this year. There was excitement in my heart about things that God is going to do for me this year and also for the next couple years.  I am not sure yet but I just believe it. But you know when the storm comes and hit you again. I am kind of person who easily to worry "how about...what if...can I...will it be..." those things are in my head like everyday, and I've been struggling with my fears.

I started to find a job, few months ago. I was hoping that I can help my parents ministries with my own money someday...but it seemed nothing. So I pushed myself so hard to find a job. I got one, but then it was going as what I didn't expected. My parents were happy already, that I got in to the training of the job but the after I figured out all procedures, I realized that they were trying to get me as client. I called my mom in that office and I said sorry because they were excited already. It's funny though, I laughed to myself, but yes inside i cried and my soul is tired. It consumed my energy and I didnt have time with my Lord and now I got this.

One day, there was a problem here in the orphanage it was because miss understanding among the staff and I was in middle it made me guilty. It all in my mind, and my head even more at nights. I felt that my life was falling apart and lost on my way, I didnt know what to do. I know God can do this and that but as not simple as what I thought. I just couldnt reach His mind.
So it was hard get myself and enjoyed things like blogging (you know..I would only post the sad things about me because it all was in my head) so I decided to not blogging, and other stuff with computer.

I decided to have fun with God for more...I wanted to forget my life and enjoy the more time in His presence, meditate on His word ...there... where I found peace, joy, restoration.

I just understood then that God was trying to change my mind about life - Loving Him more and how to serve Him. One night I dream that I met an old man, he was filled with Spirit of God and talked to me, He said that I don't need trying hard to find happy life because God has provided to His children. One thing I need to know is how to serve God with all my heart.

I am not really sure about what my dream means but I keep seeking His face and delight Him with all I am. You know...the next day the unbelievable things happened, I felt God's moving in the atmosphere, I could feel Him really close as my close as my skin. After He changed my mind and heart then He started to change the situation.

Oh!! satan won't give up either, he has been trying to put me down...again and again. It makes me laughed so hard...I feel like he's stupid because once he knock me down once again I'm made stronger. Haha...but yeah..it was his job...stealing my peace and kicked me out from God. Praying and meditate on His word is my main guns for him.

So my friends, I am back now to be with you in the battle. Thank you for always being here for me.

Oh anyway, God has blessed me and I am now join the sewing course - I'm just happy working with sewing stuff, I have wanted since I was so young, but with the school stuff I was not able. God has blessed me to joing this course. And I am just happy to work with fabric, ornaments and my own creation, and imagination. Well, will see where God brings me next :)

~Thankful For You~

For Stephanie
You are such a sweet sister and friend. Thank you for encouraging me always in good and bad times. We always connected in Spirit. You're my inspiration too, and such a role model as wife and mother.

For Ceil
Thank you so much for the prayers during the hard times and always trying to connected with me. Thank you for asking when the volcano eruption. Praise Jesus we're safe though we got rain ashes. I always read your post in my email and I was just overwhelmed to respond it. Thank you for your ministry through blogging. You are just blessing to the ladies here.

For Karen
Thank you for the prayers and thank you for thinking of me. I have missed your pictures that bring peace to me.

For Mrs. Pam
Thank you for sharing me Proverbs 31 Ministries. It's my favorite blog now. I always love talking to you. Thank you for the encouragements words and prayers.

For Des
You are sweet friend :) thank you for thinking of me. And for the Sunshine Award. I feel honored and touched, I never expected before that you count on me. :) Guess what? I'm now in sewing course!!!! you are one of the ladies who inspired me to do this. Thank you for the amazing blog and sewing that you've ever shared to me.

For Princess Faith
You are truly the Princess of God. You are good friend. Sometimes I found we had similar things, I think we could be great friend if God allows me to meet you. Thank you for always come when I need support here. I love your BW pictures. :)

For Hilda
Thank you for being great friend and sister here. Thank you for always makes me smile and sometimes laugh with you posts. I still wanted to post my review of your book. I'm really sorry that I was not able. Your love to God and family really inspiring me.

For Olga
Thanks for being loyal friend here and always support me here. I missed so much your fashion style, and fashion of the world cultures.

For Elizabeth
Thank you Libby that mostly asking "how are you?" and talk in email :)
I havent tried the recipe that you shared but it always in my mind. Waiting for the good time to make it.

For Mrs. Terra
Mrs Terra thank you for your encouragement posts here. You're a blessing to me :)

For Mrs. Karen.
I have missed your inspiring blog posts. Your blessing stories, the pictures too, and Scriptures and prayers.

For Lizzie,
I'm sorry that I could not visit your blog. I watched the Winter's Tale trailer and thinking of you :) Have you heard that movie?

For Alex,
I missed your amazing pictures and inspiring vintage style. I adore your tutorial about the make up beauty that you've shared other day. I must say that you have many fans on Pinterets but some of you don't know you yet. How do I know it? hmm I have board about about and I have some friend who sometimes pinned your picture lol :D

For Ayu
Gimana skripsimu dek? ternyata ka eva belum bisa lanjut nulis karena kesibukan lain. :) keep praying for your thesis.

For Maryah,
I missed talking to you too, thank you for sharing your mission trip on Rep. Dominican. You are such a blesssing for them. I can see Christ shine through you.

And for other friends that I could not really mentioned you here. I really appreciate you.

You all in my prayers!

Much Love


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