Jesus..I need You..Jesus I need You!

Dear Lord Jesus,
It has been hard being here, I’m in confuses, I don’t know where the place I run to…
I keep daring my hear to believe in every promises You said, in every words You told me, please help me to stand on Your words. I know You very well, in every moment You never leave me, and my heart full of praises, praises of Your greatness.
I’m in trouble times…I’m in trouble times, You are only One that could help me…please come and relieve me. I need You Jesus! I need You Jesus! I need You Jesus.!
Thank for being awesome God, I love You so.

These are about my studies, my future, my family, and my love life…

This is the last years of my studies, I have struggled to be graduated soon on early 2012, and I did it! Thank you Jesus! Now for my internship and small thesis that I have to write for my graduation, oh I feel like school is killing me in the other side. I have rejected 6 times by the internship places with many reasons. Oh Lord, what’s happening with me? I don’t what I have to do, please open another door to me. I don’t know what I have to do right now *sobbing*

My future, I’m not knowing where I’ll go after this, but so many desires, desires to delight my Lord Jesus Christ. He put so many compassions in my heart for my country especially people who live in my hometown Halmahera. I’m too young with no experiences, what should I do before pray and encouraging people. Is that enough? NO! so many tears are there, it’s time to do something telling them that God will change their lives for good, and do helping them. They live in poverty but God uses the nature to entertain them. THAT’S AWESOME!  yeah…but they still need me… people who want to take them out from all these lives, and Jesus is the only way. ( that’s all about what I will do in the future but I am still not sure about that)

About my family…I thank God for each one of them, and they are my beautiful gift from God. They supporting me, and I always feel better with them, they complete my life. Its my turn to say thank you, I dont feel pretty enough to delight them, I will do everything for them… and the One could help me is Jesus.


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