In the Afternoon

God is always good 
His mercy endures forever

I've been saying this in my heart as a song and let my mind speaks His loving kindness in the past. I got the power of these words to encourage me. :) So today, I got new bike, and I'm so happy that my mom gifted me as a present that I have finished writing my thesis after a year, "I'll let you breath the fresh air after you worked in the front of computer" Thank you Mama! 

I went out this afternoon with two beautiful girls who are also my best friends when I'm home. Well, they are 9 years younger than me, but when we walk together we look in the same ages hahaha. I always fun being around them. 
Aling is 14 years old and Betris is 16 years old. Aling will go to fashion High School this July because her passion and talent are there and Betris will go to Senior High School. So enjoy the pictures of us.

Picked up the wildflowers

with my favorite book

She is Betris


oh well, they always look like sisters

This one is so much fun

I saw something up there
Aling reading book

Betris, yes you are lovely in that dress

you always look nice in the picture

So I think I will repaint this bike and need to work on this look! 

Have a blessed day my dear friends.


God writes my love story to glorify His name

Dear friends,

via Pinterest

Thank you so much for every pray that you bring in the presence of God. It all brings me hope, strength, peace and let me learn to surrender more. I know He always walks with me through tears and joy :)
How much I appreciate your kindness and please keep us in your prayers. Thank you for the friendship as well.

This time I want to share you that God has been using my "love story" to glorify His name, and I'm glad that some people are inspired by this story though God has not finished yet with this.
So I've been with my boyfriend more than 5 years, the first year was we built friendship and second year we started to date till now. You know, girls are dreaming of perfect prince just like in the fairy tales. I've been praying for my future husband since I was 16. Well, too early? :) and I let God to write one for me.

So other day, Skype manager contacted me via email.

Hope you're well.
I'd like to introduce you to Moment Makers, Skype's newly launched program that celebrate all moments, big or small, that can be done using Skype. We came across your "Skype Love Story" blog post and thought it was incredible how you showed love from afar is possible with Skype. This would be absolutely perfect to feature in our Story Bank on skypemoments.com. We would of course credit you and your blog. Let me know if that's alright!
Hope to speak soon!

I'm so incredible blessed that God uses me through this story to glorify His name to people around the world, and someday when God brings us together. I want to make this story in a book for encouraging all people around the world to centered God in relationships. I never be strong enough through this hard relationship but God is there for us, and lifted me up.

I wrote this post on February 2012

Story of Mine on Skype



Dear Lord Jesus,

I come to you with humble, and desperate soul.
I know well that I'm nothing without You and You are my very presence in time of need.
I have so many things about myself  to be mentioned in this prayer.
But there are 13 brothers and sister that more need You than me for now. I know You hold everyone's future and so these 13 kids who will continue their studies but there's no hope out there.
I know You well, I know you have more compassion heart than me and You best in it.
I have nothing but You my Jesus...and You have me completely.
I'm begging You please Jesus...
Please help them, please open the way, 
Please send people that could help them.
and...please calm and pour out heaven peace to my parents' hearts.
Forgive me if I always asking You too much...but this is my life. As always need You and want You here.
Thank You Jesus
Let Your name be glorified.


DIY S.O.A.P ( Your journal book with God)

I'm sorry if you're wondering what is this about...but I like to make people curious :)

Before I start this DIY, I want to share you a bit of my story when God asked me to this.
On January, I found myself in stressful and desperate, thought I know so many excited things in this year but they are that made me stressful and desperate. I felt nothing at all, no answers, and I felt God was silent for me...until I gave up and said "fine! I give up with all my dreams, and desires and I give it back to You. Take it O Lord. Better or worse it doesn't matter as long as I walk with You. I have so many things that You need to fix it but let Your will be done". I stop focus to myself that made me more desperate instead I praying a lot for other people and being closer to Him. One day God gave me idea, it's been long time but I delayed it and ignored it...He wanted me to have Journal Book and after these all He reminded again. So I was thinking probably God wants me to write details what He is going to do, and He has done to me and make it like a journal...but I was not sure how it will look like, Agenda? Diary?Journal? or kinda list to do?. Well, the first thing I need is a book! Special one! something that makes me always want to touch it and write on it. So almost a month I've looking for in book stores, but nothing look good for me. I was thinking how could I have one but after a week. I got package from a friend from Oklahoma after a month she sent me finally I got it...I opened it up and

  "surprise...surprise...it's a beautiful book of journal, I love it so much because it's design and color and inside full of beautiful different scriptures, in every page of that book" So I know God gave me this book to this...and I started 

  • Write the highlights verse from the daily scripture ( I use Bible YouVersion App for my daily scripture)
  •  Write what I think from the scripture I read. I'm sure Holy Spirit will guide you to understand and write what you get after read it.
  • Praying : write name of people that God reminds you to pray at the time. 
  • Write what God wants you to do ( learning to familiar with His voice)

Then do it as you can! Remember to always ask His guidance in everyday life so you focus to your meditation time with Him.  Try Him! :)

I've been doing it for a month but after my first presentation of thesis and I got distraction because of getting tired and I ignored it. On March my family had to dealing with circumstances, and God was trying to reminded me to do the journal...but I was not sure. 2 days after it I talked to my best friend about things that happened to me and my family and he showed me SOAP I was wondering what was that but when I read it then I just realized God wanted me to do it. It was exactly with what I had done before! woohoo God is amazing! He draw me close to Him through this way, He loves me and He wont let me go. How precious I am" I'm back for this...I do this at nights before sleep, thinking of Him what I've done for Him in through the whole day, praying...read the Bible ( full of promises) and write in a journal it all I call Mediation Time.

If you don't have one, I have idea to help you to have one. I hope this could help you.
wrapping paper/fabric, papers, pens, decorating ornaments 

Hard cover

cover it wit wrapping paper or fabric
 Now I decorate it with lace on the bottom and top

write your favorite verse

Use clip just in case if you will put more papers :)
The Journal book will help you to understand more how God is, will help you to be closer to God and focus to Him, to memorize His scripture in time of need I'm sure God will remind you His scripture that strengthen you. Help people in praying....to help you walk in His track. and Help you to familiar with His voice.

Does this work to me? YES!!! God answered my prayers. Help me to walk in His track every single day.

Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son
~John 14:13~


~A Rainbow After The Rain~

~Like a rainbow after the rain that God's faithful promise ~

It's rain outside, the cold embraced me tonight, hear the thunders over my house, and see lightning through my window flashy the yard outside. I feel the same thing inside me that there is a battle between my spirit and my flesh.

via pinterest
"You can Eva"
"No, you can't"
"You just need the time and hope"   
"No, you did and you lost the hope. Remember many times what you expected didn't go as your will?"

There's a crying inside me Oh God help me,  I am not able to do this and that, I never even before and always. That's why I won't stop praying but sometimes it's tiring thing for me to do so I won't praying in my bad mood...I feel nothing after pray. I wish, I have power and rich...I can do whatever I want, I can order people to stop hurting my family. They have anything, they can do whatever they want and me? praying and praying, and praying without see something happens.

"Who says nothing happens? It's just need a time for Me to fix. Trust Me. That's all I want"

I want now, that's what You always say my Lord. I'm sick of these things, it's just again and again

"Open your eyes for what I have done for you and your family in past. I never left you nor forsake you"

Yes my Lord, I just need You to set my mind to always understand Your ways

"You don't need to understand My ways My dear...you need to trust Me. There's a beautiful rainbow after the rain. That's my promise, and that's how I work"

This is how we live in this world that we always need God. Seek His face and trusting Him all the times, even when we're in the deep valley. This is the battle inside me everyday when the circumstances hit me more and more trying to put my faith down but He is faithful God. I'm worried to much that things are going to changes in the future. Always, everyday when I'm alone and every night when I'm laying on my bed. Worries never stop haunting me

What happen if..., how about..., what if...,

Life is hard, I wish I could always smile all the times but smile and happy would not change everything. I need "trust" it changes everything for good no matter how hard life is. 

It's God's promises that there's always a rainbow after the rain. There's always joy after weeping, There's always a harvest after sow, and there's hope after struggle.

My prayer for you who dealing with this everyday. The battle never end as long as we are here but God is faithful. 

For his anger lasts only a moment,
    but his favor lasts a lifetime;
weeping may stay for the night,
    but rejoicing comes in the morning.
(Psalm 30:5)

Much Love,



DIY Vintage Ornaments Necklace

Dear friends,
I think I've been updating this blog lately
to God be the glory He has helped me when I was working for my thesis about a year.
So I have decided that I will update this blog once I done.
My presentation will be on 17th July then I finish my studies from University.
I would love to share my thesis here :)
I know it probably not such a fun stuff but very important to be known in this century.

Today, I made a necklace from vintage ornaments.
probably some of you already saw this idea on Pinterest
but I want to try on my own.

So this is how I made
ornaments,  hard fabric, glue, scissors, and a paper  

now arrange them with your own creation and stick them on the paper

Add caption

will be easy to shape it :)

cut it

cut the fabric with the shape that you have made with paper

glue each ornament and put it on fabric

 Sorry about my English but I hope you understand by seeing these pictures.

Let's have fun with the necklace.

Thank you for coming and visit my blog :)

Blessing to you!



DIY Girly Bow and How I style the bows

I've been obsessed with bows since I was little girl,
I have some of my collection.
One day
there are so many DIYs of bows out there,
so other day I decided to make mine

So this is how do I do it and how do I style it

This the tutorial 

 Have fun with these bows

On my lace blouse

Put on  the outfit that look big on you :)

and I put on my hair

Though I didnt use my camera but camera from my phone worked well on them :)



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