Mason Jar for Decorating Christmas

Me and my mom has set the plan that next week we both are going to decorating home for Christmas, hopefully it's good and probably going to capture it and share it here. and also I am chosen as person who help decorate the stage for Christmas in my mom's church which is also my local church. There are so many mason jars that useless and I see some ideas for using mason jar and I got idea to apply for Christmas  as candle holder.

                                                                              Source: etsy.com via Delvalina on Pinterest

and so what I'm gonna do with this? is I'm going to secure it from the top, and I must make a sure that when I hang it, it looks balanced. I will use transparent strings to hang them, and hang them in the stage. Maybe it looks like this

                                                                       Source: google.com via Delvalina on Pinterest

and also you can put on table for Christmas dinner, or in your room, or anywhere that you thing it could be beautiful :) I might be put in our living room or hanging them in my room :)

                                                          Source: iheartnaptime.net via Delvalina on Pinterest

and aslo don't forget to put in candle in it.

~you can make the little things beautiful when it comes from your heart~


The Liebster Award

I met this awesome, beautiful inside-out sister and friend like a month ago,
and I always be blessed and encouraged when I talk with her.
I am so grateful for her.
I tell my mom about her like almost.
So thank you for this LIEBSTER award 

At first I didn't understand this award, I even don't know why some people do it for each other just maybe they are encouraged by some blogs they followed :D So what is the LIEBSTER award?
LIEBSTER award is given by seasoned blogger to a newbies blog with 200 followers or less and I am very newest here :D I already have this blog like two years ago but because I didnt know to use it and I leave it, and because i love to write the I decide to taking care of this blog :D

Here are the rules :
1. You must post 11 random things about yourself
2. You must answer the questions that the nominator set for you
3. You must create 11 questions for the people that you nominate.
4. You must choose 11 blogs that you love
5. Not tag back

11 Random Things about me
  1.  I am small girl, and even people that I met first time always though that I am 14 though I am 22 :)
  2.  I don't like wearing jeans trousers or short pants because I dont feel comfort on it, and so I have many skirts and dress in my wardrobe.
  3.  I hate listen to broken heart songs, rude songs or watch the movie of it, I feel like this song will bring me to the situation that the song says. 
  4. I played guitar when I was 8, my dad taught me because he gifted me a medium acoustic  guitar when on my birthday.
  5. I met Jesus when I was 9 years old and He makes me falling in love with Him everyday :)
  6. I dont feel hungry if I am too happy and I am not in mood if I am too sad, so maybe you can see that I am skinny girl haha
  7. I dreamed that I met Jesus 3 times :) 
  8. I have prayed for my future husband when I was 13 and asking God to show me and my first dating on 18 and pray and I've been praying that God keep writing my beautiful love story :)
  9. I love long, black and shiny hair. 
  10. I am better in writing than talk.
  11. I spend more than 8 litters of water per day, and I hate black coffee!
Questions from The Enchanting Rose
  1. What is your favorite Bible Verse and why? I have a lot of my favorite Bible verses, if you ask me to mention them maybe I will forget one or two or more but in specific times it comes across my mind and speak into my heart.My most fave verses are Psalm 73:25 God is the only One I most love and want, there's nothing I live my life for but Him, I am falling in love with Him. and also 2 Chronicles 19 : 6  I know when I seek Him, and He never leave me nor forsake me in every circumstances. 
  2.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? If I could be anywhere, then i want to travel the world and see the greatness of God through it all but if I could live anywhere, then I only want to live in "Home" where I can find love and hope.
  3. What do you like to do with your free time? I have many hobbies so I'll do one of them but most of them is go out with my mom who is my very best friend.
  4. What is your favorite food? Coto Makasar I don't care if I am not in mood to eat anything or I am full when I see a bowl of Coto Makasar it's always looks yummy, good and satisfying for me hehe. You may google it if you don't know that is one of Indonesian traditional foods. It's hard to make it because it has specific ingredients that comes from Makasar. So I must buy it.
  5. If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you want with you? Bible, water, and, kinfe. Does it make sense? :)
  6. Do you have a favorite book? Yes I do! Redeeming Love by Francine River you may see in the side of my blog. I can't imagine how this life without God's love.
  7.  Do you play a musical instrument? I play guitar and piano and lil of drumm...
  8. What one word describes you best? Unadorned! :)
  9. What is one of your favorite memories? I was 9 when in worship and God whisper to me, from that moment my life totally changed!
  10. If you could choose when you were born, which decade/century would you want to be born in? In Jesus' age I REALLY WANT TO MEET HIM IN PERSON and WALK WITH HIM AROUND in this world :D 
  11. What is your goal in life? I want to be what God wants me to be, I want to live this life only for His glory, I want He finds me as His most beautiful bride when He comes back.
My Nominees For The Award Goes To...

I nominate these blogs because I felt encouraged by some of your posts  and comments 
and inspired by your ideas recipes,
and likes your photographs.

Questions for nominated 
and anyone can pick one question you want to answer

  1.  Who is the most person who inspire you in this world and why?
  2.  Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night which one that you most like, why?
  3.  When you have quality time with God and worship Him, what song that always come across your mind?
  4. When the first time you met God ?
  5. Who is your favorite figure in Bible beside Jesus, why?
  6.  What the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
  7.  Do you know Indonesia ? ;)
  8.  If you have crumples 10 dollars and nice 5 dollars, which one that you will give to God, why?
  9.  If you could be anything, what you want to be?
  10.  The best person you ever met?
  11.  Do you comment a friend's blogs because you appreciate them as a good friend even though you dont know what should you put in comment in ? or you do it because you feel encouraged with that post? :)

Take your time to do this my friends :)

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.
Ephesians 3.20



~Sentuh Hatiku~

I worked on my thesis this morning, and played some songs on my laptop, I put random songs of worship song I didnt know that this song "Sentuh Hatiku* would come over. This is one of my favorite worship songs, because this song makes easy to get into God's presence in worship, and sometime when I worship God with this song bring tears for my eyes just because the lyric and music that collide and God has anointed this song :)

I remember a drama series in Christmas like 3 years ago in one of a popular channel in Indonesia, and I was glad when it came in that channel, you know Indonesia is not a other countries that almost population with christian people  and familiar with Christians stuff only for specific times like Christmas. This drama called "Sentuh Hatiku which is same with the soundtrack of this song and this song means in English is ~Touch my heart~.  But this morning God reminded me of the plot of this movie...it's about
Young lady who fights for cancer but God showed her that  there is a (her best friend's family) who struggle for life. God told her that she must be there for them and tell them  that God is with them. when her friend's dad died then  young lady realized that this  family needs more of God than she needs God to fight her cancer. So she came to  church and prayed begging to God to more strengthen her  to encourage that family that because she is facing a cancer but there's people out there who dont know God  when they face the reality of life, is better for her in  cancer but know the power of God, God's plans than  people who dont who God is. So she stands on her faith in  cancer and keep encourage people who need God.

Here I put a part of this song, that I translated in English

O Father God, please touch my heart
and change my life to be new  and as the pure gold you shape my heart.
O Father God, please show me about a love that always giving
like a river that never cease flowing 

Play this to listen the song and watch the sneak peek of this movie.

Sometimes this happens to us...when we are in hard times...we need God more, we need God's mercy, and grace for us...in the same moment God allows us to encourage people when they're feeling down even we in the deep valley, God allows us to bless people when we are in need. Then why?
Because we will get more of God in our darkest times.
I found this picture on tumblr

But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.
(2 Corinthians 12:9-10 ESV)

A lesson for me today, that in my weakness I am only ask people to pray for me many times/ a lot but God need me to encourage people, keep blessing, strengthen them when they need it.

Special thanks to Stephanie who keep courage me, I know that God has shown me a lot of things through you. You are dearly loved!

Thank you Jesus for today! Hope this post bless you my friend. Devils is working hardly to push us down in hard times but by this way, they defeated in Jesus! :D

Much Love,


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