~Heavenly Invitation~

I got an email yesterday. It was an invitation from Pinterest and it says  "Welcome to the club of top Pinner from Indonesia, you're invited to our group called Indonesian Pinfluencer". Some people maybe just so proud and excited but it made me feel weird because of  a reward for my addiction of pinterest but it feels good they counted me too.


~Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven~
Matt 7:21

I just imagine when the Day of the Lord comes, I'm sure He has special invitation for the top of His servants. There will be big heavenly party and reward for each on of us who works to extend His kingdom on earth.  Then this thought brought myself oh how about me? Do I work enough for Him? How could I work well for Him? I never been in a mission trip before that I have wanted since a long time, I noticed of things that some friends on facebook or blog they updating every little thing what they have done and travel the world for missionary things , and the coolest thing with pictures that make me say "Oh God must be proud of them" and me...I am here, a little, in corner of this earth, like no body counts on me.It just made me feel bad.... but,..."Oh Come On Eva!" it's a voice inside me but then that voice reminds me that "offer the best that I have" pleasing God's heart and God counts it from above.

Then God reminds me of some people in the Bible, they had nothing at all but they could bring the best offering to God. The widow's offering, a sinful woman who wiped Jesus' feet with hair and ointment, Hannah gave Samuel to the Lord, and more.

the best that can please Him is my offering, now I am thinking how can I please Him all the time? :D I might not really well to this and that but as I do His will and it comes from my heart, I believe He will send me heavenly invitation.


We Made Circle Skirt :)

Skirt is one of my favorite outfit. I just feel comfort and free, and it dressed me well. There are so many  DIY Circkle Skirt|Youtube and I just wanted to try other day, because I don't have the black one and  I also put lace addition on the bottom of the skirt :). Actually, my closesr friend and sister in the orphanage helped me to sew with machine. She is Jin Hee Ling 15 years old and she goes to fashion designer school. This just her first year, but I'm glad to see she makes a good progress.

Here I want to post some pictures of  the process of making it.

Here's the result of our project





Thanks for stopping by my friends :)

I hope this could inspire you too.


~Future ♥~

"Future" a word that could bring smile to my face and sometimes frighten my life for now.
I love spending time in pinterest, it just an escape for me to my future dream. Almost all boards I have it's just like things I want to do, and have in the future.

But when through the hard times it's just so easy turn my mind. The future is a mystery and sometimes I'm scared of things changing and goes wrong for my future.

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I really wanted to cry loudly to God because there's no better place than Him. It just makes me feel better when I cry and tell Him everything, but so hard for me that sometimes i dont get a time to take a moment and praying. I sleep with the girls here in orphanage and time for me to pray is only at mid night.

 I just want to run to Him escaping this world  and sleep in His arms but I was reminded tonight of my dream that I met Jesus and He said about my future and I reminded about these scripture.

 ~“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."~ Jesus

  “~I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”."~ Jesus

No matter how my future is, I just want to glorify His name there. I take this attitude so I won't worried of my future.

I want to share that I have new flowers on my desk and it just makes me happy and reminds me that life is beautiful no matter what :)


~Birdcage Lamp~

I think I've been obsessed with birdcage recently. I have found some of lovely white birdcage through some of your blog and pinterest, sometimes with the candles inside and lamp and it gave me idea to change my desk lamp.

 I have a close neighbor here, and her husband' job is to make the birdcage and sell it so I have asked him other day if he could make me one but I just need to know if you could share your opinion which one that you like, probably it can help me to decide it :) 

These pictures source by Pinterest

I really love the design of this birdcage it looks like church, doesnt it?

I just love the detail of the leaves 
This is just so girly and sparkle :)
I think it will a beautiful touch for the light
Simply beautiful - the lamp inside just adorable

this just simple and beautiful and I love to see that it's hanging
This is just adorable with a thin fabric

So tell me which one that you like?

I hope that everyone has wonderful week and sorry to hear that many people get sick lately (I think the climate change). I hope  feel better soon.




~More, more and more~

Welcome back to normal life... I almost forgot that I have a blog. It's 2014 already, what's in your head when you're almost 2014? 

It all is countless in my head. What I want, what I wish; what I'm going to do, I will do this and that; I need this and that; I will try be better than last years.

But I'm tired to thinking too much of life, can I just forget it all and live happily ever after?

There's no answer for that as long as I live in this world but I have another way that make rejoice everyday, it is when I decided to choose joy and grateful heart, do it all in love.

I'm tired to arrange things in life, I know it's good too but I feel overwhelmed and no clues. I will do what I can do and let God do His part. I want to leave it to Him.

Most of all,

I want to be more closer to Him everyday,
I want to be more thinking of Him,
I want to be more of hungry and thirsty of His presence,
I want to be more telling people about Jesus through the way I live,
I want to be more in love with Him.


Dear Lord Jesus,
Please help me to do this, I just need You everyday 

So glad that not much things to do I need to finish reading some books that I have left it before Christmas. I have missed each one of you please allow me to say this though it's late.

Happy new year for each one of you, may your days filled with His mercy :)

Headed to check on you.


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