Renovate My ♥ Shirt

This afternoon mom and I were going to find a shirt for me for my presentation day. Well the shirt must has collar "normal collar" and black skirt which is mean the outfit must be formal...

but it looks boring for me and need a little touch from Miss Eva 
 Hmmm very well...
I think I only need needle, thread of course lace and pearls.
 Let's rocking the shirt! :D

put the lace on both of two sides of the collar

put the pearls and sewing them  :)

now how it looks

So that's all. It's simple and easy :)

I hope this post inspiring you to renovate your old/boring shirt :)

new look will make me more confidence.

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Graduation Giveaway! ♥

Dear my beloved friends,

I've been very busy to prepare my presentation of my thesis on 24th July. I'm a little bit nervous please keep me in your prayers. If you're wondering what my thesis about...it's about "U.S. Policy toward Cyberwarfare" This has been a hot issue in the international political security. I still thinking how could I share about it in my blog hehe... :D Well,, I have finished it in a year and it means I accomplished my studies in University. Praise Jesus! So...I can't wait till October which is my graduation day, and I have to wait for like 2 months. And my friends, I would not be able to do these whole things without Him. Thank you Jesus!♥

Let's talk about Giveaway!


This giveaway started since this post published and it will be announced on my Graduation day :)
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I make this way because I have friends who are glorious mothers/wife and also lovely young ladies :)

Thank you for being family in Christ.

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Delvalina's Giveaway
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Though the fig tree should not blossom,
    nor fruit be on the vines,
the produce of the olive fail
    and the fields yield no food,
the flock be cut off from the fold
    and there be no herd in the stalls,
 yet I will rejoice in the Lord;
    I will take joy in the God of my salvation.
-Habakkuk 3:17-18-



~Thank you Jesus ♥~

Dear my beloved friends. Thank you so much for each prayer that you sent for the orphans here who are figure out their futures. Some of them get sponsors finally, and some of them get jobs, and some of them is learning to waiting on God and keep believing. What about me? I'm overwhelmed and learn more things that God has been teaching me. It's hard though...yet is beautiful so let's say "Thank  you Jesus"

Thank you Lord for all You have done in my past, that it keeps remind me to always trust You both now in my circumstances and my future mystery.  
Thank you Jesus, today I am poor and it always brings me to understand how rich You are in me. 
Thank you Jesus that you allow  my family to live in the orphanage with under pressures sometimes 
and it let me see that You are there  covering us. You are there sending us more beautiful strangers to help us.
You are there and never late to feed us,
dressing us,
and taking care of us when no one caring for us.
I'm learning and see that You are so real.
Thank you. 
Thank you that you allow me to live with bunch of brothers and sisters.
It reminds me everyday that Life is about to sharing.
Sharing burdens, happiness, joy, and love.
It never allows me to be ego and has created me to be compassion just like You. 
Thank you Jesus
that You have given me such beautiful Mama and Papa.
I'm learning so much things from them by all ministries that You have trusted them.
Thank you that I have learned "Patience" from Mama when she has to dealing with children.
Thank you that I have learned " to be still and trust You" from Papa when he has to face some people.
Thank you that You have showed me how strong they are in You.
and I know that I shouldn't be afraid of my life.

Thank you Jesus...that I am so different than my friends in many ways.
You really make different and show it to me :)
Thank for who I am in You. 
thank you that I am weak and  I will need You always in my life. 
and thank you for my best friends that You've sent for me 
to always remind me that You there for me. 
Thank you for my beautiful blogging friends that I never meet.
They're praying for me
and it's beautiful.  
Thank you Jesus for beautiful morning sunshine
always reminds me that there is a hope for today.
Thank you Jesus.



Enamorarme mas de Ti - En Tu Presencia

yo quiero enamorarme mas de ti
ensename a amarte y a vivir
conforme a tu justicia y tu verdad
con mi vida quiero adorar
todo lo que tengo y lo que soy
todo lo que he sido te lo doy
que mi vida sea para ti
como un perfume a tus pies

This is one of my favorite songs of worship but it's in Spanish, I love Spanish as well. So it's perfect thing to the I love God, love to worship Him , and I love Spanish it's just perfect that collided into  music.

Singing is my favorite thing in good and bad times, my mood always brings me to sing, especially singing to the Lord. It brings comfort to my soul, it brings joy and makes me wanna dance :)

I love this song because it really represents my life to Him. It's a treasure for me when I am falling in love with Jesus. I would never stop thinking of Him, and wonder at all His works in my life. At the moment I feel He loves so much and I just want to love Him and love people just like what He has loved me.

All I am...I want to give all I am only for Him, and as a lady who came and pour out her perfume at His feet as worship.

Gloria a Dios.



~DIY Flower Garden Crown~

Keep your head up princess
the crown will fall

Most of flower crowns are made with fake flowers and wires. I made it once on the last December. But real flower crown was my stuff when I was little girl...if you had barbies or dolls at house, then I had nature at the time. Rainy day was my favorite time to play out with my friends though I had to sneak out from house :D and got cold after that.
So that day reminded me of my childhood. It was afternoon after rain outside, I went out and grabbed the flowers outside with friends. We made some flowers and had laughs under the tree and sat on the wet grass.
This crown would be perfect with daisy flowers, I wish I had one here :)

How I made it

 Cross one flower over the other

take the footstalk of one flower and wrap it between the two  flowers

so it will look like this and hold the all foot-stalks 

add the flowers in different side and do like the step 1

Now keep continue to do this. 

Simple right?

Once you get done then secure it :)

Take selfie pictures 


oh oops!
I hope this will help you to make one easily 

and I would love to share here what my thesis about, hoping to give you more information a little about our world

Have a glorious day everyone 


When America Placed in My Heart

Happy 4th July my American friends and family!
via pinterest

Here in Indonesia officially 4th July :) 

I am just an ordinary Indonesian lady but America is the most special to me since God has placed in my heart. How so? Well, it such a long story but before long time a go God has started to show me about this country more clearly. Even some of you my friends, put more beautiful colors into this. I hope I could share about this someday in this blog or other place.

It's been many years I have prayed about coming to States,
I applied my visa once but I was rejected even when I saw my mom was stand away from the U.S Embassy under the rail way. it hurts though.
I might be like Hannah the Mother of Samuel who never stopped crying out to God's presence and asked for Samuel, even Penninah many times hurt her. But she was such a strong woman full of patience waiting on His perfect time. So do I, I won't stop begging of coming to see this country. 

I am not  a big fan of beautiful cities in U.S. even I am not interested of the fancy things of this country, and I know some scandals political of this country...but I have another reason to love this country.

My prayer is God continue use this country to bless people around the world 

So happy 4th July my friends.


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