~Thank you! & Mother's day~

Thank you my friends, for all your prayers last week to my family. It's prevailed! PREVAILED!
and I'm so proud to have our beautiful God. He really comforted my soul. He came through my dream and through the song that I sang in my heart.

So today, I went to post office and sent a card and gift for my America mom. Well, not officially yet but... I feel closer if I don't call her by name. This package is for Mother's Day, and actually it takes two weeks to get to U.S. so I sent it today, and I can't wait till the day she gets it :). I didn't make one for my mother because our Mother's day on 22nd December, hehe :)

So here is the gift that I made it for her, actually my mom helped me to sewing this because I don't really have time to do this. So thank you mama! :)
This is a handkerchief that my mom helped me to sew it

What's your plan for Mother's day? :)

I would love to thank you for some friends that made my day, thank you for you prayers. It means world to me, and thank you for being beautiful friends in this blog. I'm praying that someday I could meet you, in this world or in heaven.


I'll be back to you soon!




~I dream I met Jesus~

Here's morning at 8.05 am when I starting to write after got up from my bed and from my dream. I think I need to share you all, and I hope it brings you a blessing.

Up all night, I couldn't sleep. I started to sleep like 11 PM but about 2 hours, then I wanted to wake up and prayed but I got a message from my sister she said "hey check out the facebook, they booing our parents on facebook" then saw it from my phone and I was shocked.

Friends, it's like almost a month my family been in troubles. It comes day by day with any kinds of hurt. I saw many timer my parents got hurt...hurt...and louder and louder. I know the devil hates so much my family since we have family fellowship that we called family altar every Thursday, because that's where God's protection comes to us.

My parents has two ministries here. They have become parents for the orphans like 13 years and since several months a go they started to church planting. They're such a blessing, big inspiration in my life. 

A month ago my parents have to deal with some people who look so kind and lovely in the front  of us, they raised money through this orphanage but they never give it to us. It many times we have to deal with this they come and capture our building and children then said we want to help this orphanage but then, they go forever.

Three weeks ago, some people slander my family just because wanted to replaced my parents position in this orphanage. They told me the bad things about us to our sponsor which are not true, and for this it left scars in my mom's heart.

Two weeks ago, my dad's friend texting my my dad and said that he don't want have to be a part of this church again we have some problems in our church here.

And my parents have a problem inside this orphanage that they have to deal with our teenagers here. You know how the young people are. They're labile, full of emotion and they behavior changing and my parents have to deal with it. Before some of them broke the rules here, they went out with their friends without asking permission and get home at nights. Once my parents reminded them but then they did it again and my parents asked them to stop friend with them if they give bad influence in their behavior. They are now rebel for more and talk booing on facebook and twitter about my parents and even they talked about my parents problem in our church planting) which is  should not be talked on social networking. So it ended up last night when I saw what's going on there. I got my body in weakness and I started to cry.

But, I take an attitude that God is bigger to deal with devil. Devil has been trying hardly to playing with my family. The good news is Our God is stronger, and my heart won't stop praising Him. So in my heart there's a song that I've been singing since last night...a song that I never sing before but with this words

"weeping may up all night but joy comes in the morning" My heart kept sing this song...as I laid on my bad and teary and talked about these all to God. then I fell asleep.

~I dream I met Jesus~

For his anger is but for a moment,
and his favor is for a lifetime.
Weeping may tarry for the night,
but joy comes with the morning. 
(Psalm 30:5, ESV)

I was walking outside, I passed a road and I saw a family ( Daddy, Mom, son and daughter with a dog) they were playing outside together. I saw  happiness on their faces and I tried to move closer to them, because I wanted they shared me their happiness to me. Then I saw delicious food and a lot of money in a big can which is over flowed and I found laughing. Then the Daddy said to me

" Hey, you can buy this all with this money  only be strong and very courageous " as he gave it to me and the little empty can.
"Thank you"

I left them then I went home, I met my parents and I told them that I can buy it all that makes them look happy with this cent of money. At the time we all and some people were about to go out to have fellowship.
We all got into the same transport, the we stopped in somewhere, everyone get down and I turned my way because I was thinking if I could use this money for buying something.
In all the way I found something that I wanted to buy but then each time  I touch it, it hurts my hand. and I left it. I was thinking that maybe that family lied to me with this money, I even get hurt with this. I kept walking a long the road and in a somewhere I met a big guy he had guns in her hands and he pointed to me. I was so afraid that I don't want to die, and he shot me and I fell down to the ground I felt so much hurt in my hands. As I lifted my head I saw someone looked like Jesus beside that man and I said in my heart that why don't you help me? why you standing there beside him and do nothing? 

It seems like he listened when I said it in my heart and I hear a voice that comes from that man

"only be strong and very courageous" and that man disappear.

I thought I was die but no I still alive, I got up and kept walking and I remembered the words "only be strong and very courageous" and I saw the money that a Daddy gave me...and I said

"God, I can't even buy anything with this money and it brings so much pain for me, maybe they lied to me. They just want to got me in trouble"

Once I arrived at the place where we will have fellowship. I get into a house, I saw many people there, and I found a sit, then I sit among people but then a girl who sits besides me exploded and her eyes to me, she moved but after several minutes she started to fighting me, she's possessed with evil spirit and so I have to faced her with God's spirit inside me. I remember the words " be strong and courageous" so I kept fighting with her till she fell down. I didn't feel any hurts or injury after fighting but I got my tiring body and soul.

 Then I went home with crying and and I got into a place that I saw a lot of many in thousands cans everywhere. I still thought if they're stole the money, I couldn't believe if they're nice to me. But I still remember the words that they told me about be strong, that made me won to fight that girl.

I kept walking home, and finally made it home. I get into my house, I still see the can on the table, I took that money from my pocket and put inside the can, it I saw one fall down from above, and the other one, and again...again...and again..till it overflowed. and I saw each money there's written fruit of God.

and I looked outside through the window, and I saw that family when I first time met them, they smiled at me, and I realized that I just met Jesus, and He released His power to me when I got shot with the guns, and I could be strong to fighting the evil spirit.


and I woke up about 7.45 am, I felt God's presence and crying, I felt how good is our Lord. and I still hear my heart sings weeping may up all night but joy comes in the morning, and God reminds me that the words in Psalm but I forget what chapter, and I googling it, and this morning before I write on my blog I read Psalm 30 which is very strong verses, it's all exact with what I have needed. I felt God's presence is comforting me. I felt good because I just met Him in my dream and said very important words.

Thank you Lord....You are glorious...You are glorious!!

Please my friends keep my family and the children here in your prayers. Thank you for the beautiful comment before, it also strengthen me.


~Me Singing At The Cross~

Dear friends,

I was singing this song this evening, when the rain falling down. As I remembered that God's heart is broken because of this world is falling down. I hear people talk about this and that in this place and out there and it shocking the whole world. It's like God calling us to bow down and praying much. So no matter what we're doing and where we are let our heart always connected with Him.

I hope this singing blessing you all...

My prayer for those who needs God today...
My prayer for those who seeks God today..

And when the earth fades 
Falls from my eyes 
And You stand before me 
I know You love me 
I know You love me 


Chat with Jesus

Hello blog, I'm coming back

Since, I did my first presentation to thesis. I've been busy working hard to my thesis to get my graduation this 6th July. I know this year gonna be fantastic. I make list of things after graduation ( I'm gonna exchange to Poland, I'm going to have a job saving and help my parents' ministries and save to come to States, I will go to have mission trip with Angie next year and bla bla) those things has been in my mind lately and pump me to work hard to my thesis, because I really can't wait to graduate...I even get home at night because the distance from my Uni to my home about 2 hours....so it all releases me tiring body and mind because a lot of those stuff. I even forget my quality time with Jesus every night because of tired and I even ignore my fasting Friday...and when all worries come to me because of the things I have listed. I'm worried if it all doesnt work, and ended up with myself looks stupid sit on the floor and crying sometimes. It looks so dramatic but it's all that I can said.

Troubles came..it swept me away, and today not I'm only having  tiring body and mind but also I'm having tiring heart. I laid down myself on my bed, and my tears flowing down on my face...and my heart saying..

"Jesus...I just want to leave this world and go with You somewhere...somewhere that only two of us"
 "Why do you focus to those things?" He said. 
"Why you ask me that questions, aren't those things that I will do for the glory of Your name?" 
"Focus to me Eva...you will do the good things in the future but you ignore Me" 
"Oh yes Lord, It's been 2 weeks I don't meet you in person, and I ignored my fasting Friday" 
" Not those things My dear..."
I silent and wondering 
"Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven"
"On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’  And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness..."
"oh..that scared me oh Lord Jesus...I always excited when I talk about you to people, I help my parents' ministries, I obey the words in Bible, because I love You Lord" 
He's smiling " that is all good dear, but you're getting tired with it all"
"What did You mean my Lord?" 
 " My dear, It's like when your mom asks you to chores, she has not finished yet to mention the things that you should do, but you get already yourself busy without knowing exactly what your mom wants you to do for her. " 
" oh yeah, she will grumble at me" I said 
" Yes, it's just the same when You want to do the things for Me or you want to delight yourself" 
"then what should I do?" 
" Get closer to Me each day, because I want to be closer to you. You will know what I want you to do and you soul will be delight in Me"

That's all I have today my friend, He reminds me to more be with Him. I know I need focus to my future bu He is my priority. I know though this world will let me down but He is still God that I know since the first time.

I hope this post bring you blessing my friends, and sorry for not talking to you for such long time..you all are remembered by me.



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