Dear Lord Jesus

Dear Lord Jesus,

How are you my dear Jesus? I'm sure you there are always great thought sometimes your eyes teary when you look at down here, but I know who You are, the One who always faithful for every creatures in this world. Here I am writing you in my business doing things that I should do, and also busy mind and busy heart that a lot of worries, questions. I apologize for the things I've made, getting busy and getting tired and sometimes I forget and I ignore to meet You face to face though I know You more missed me than I do. 

I look around here to find ones can be trusted and never change but no one. I look around  to find any hand I can hold onto but nothing, I look around to find any eyes to understand my struggle again nothing, and no one could understand me. Now I'm getting myself in loneliness feeling. You know me well oh Lord that these feelings always haunting me. I am probably the One who always hurt You and fail You, but I see You there still working for me. You still the same the One that I love for the first time. 

Sometimes I wasting my time thinking of how do I work for my futures and plans, but if I get them someday without You they are nothing! then whom shall I fear? and what should I worried about? I have You Jesus, yes I have You. This world may let me down but please never let me go. Keep in Your heart hiding me in the shadow of Your wings.

I am not smart one who can faces this world but I've been walking with You. 
Please come and speak to me, please come and comfort me, please come and steady my heart.
I just want to leave my burdens and be with You. 

Thank you for being great God in my life, thank you for being there to me.
This heart for You. ♥


Your Bride


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