Dear Friends

My Dear friend,

I want to apologize before for not being here in such a long time. I thought that I will have a time for here, but I was not able to make it. So I will be break from this blog. Not sure until when, and actually not only for this blog but also for some social media that I'have been.
I need to more focus and concern, and I feel I'm lost and do not what to do, just maybe God is calling me to be more closer to Him, and I might change this blog name that God has revealed for me and I think that I will do this, and I need more time to be with Him and want to listen what He wants talk to me.

I will remember any of you in my every prayer dear friends. and please praying for me.

Thank you so much for being family for me here. Hopefully to be back soon and talk to you all.




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