I Was A Martha


When you heard name "Martha" then what is in your mind? "A busy lady?"
remember what I posted before that I was doing a lot of things during the Easter. I was a little bit upset that I felt I worked alone, everyone has their own business but I talked about this to my friend Sean but then he just responded with a simple words "Don't Be A Martha" well I felt like that words punch in my face and I was in silent - my head stopped to thinking, and I sat down.

I wondering did Jesus know what's in Martha heart and mind? and I talked about it to God, that I'm doing this, I work this because I love Him, and I just want to see the best in the Easter. 

I wonder and wonder - I opened my Bible and read the story again... I know Martha loved Jesus and her sister - she wanted to do the best too, and she tried...tried with her own way, but it ended with full of worries and tiring then she was found with grumbling. Oh I was like her maybe...

Both Mary and Martha loved Jesus - but it was in different way. Jesus definitely knew that Martha loved Him too but Mary was doing much way better than Martha. Mary was waiting and listening, seated at  the feet of Jesus.  Martha did love the Lord but she was worried at the first time, she wont this and that could happen if she doesnt work.

The key words are waiting and listening...
Stop worrying Eva...sit, waiting and listening. Let your words be few.

Sometimes, living in this crazy world to many things to be worried, to many things that frighten us and we could forget to waiting and listen.

 What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ

Philippians 3:8


My Second Project

~If what ahead scares me and what's behind hurts me then please lift up my head O Lord, let me see you as the only one I trust. ~

Take me home today
take me on my way
take me back into the sweet sweet melody
- Katie Sky-

Hello My Dear Friends,

I'm sorry that I'm always bad on blogging, I feel guilty if you have come here and I didn't visit you. I have tried on my phone and it's little hard. I thought I am free after Easter but I got alot of things to be done. 
Thank you so much for your encourage comments, I wish I could hug each one of you. And some of your emails that I haven't replied yet - I'll be back soon for that. I use to pour out all my heart in this blog, and sorry if I always shared my heart sorrow here, I decided to have this blog at first time because it makes me feel better once I released in writing but I also want to encourage the visitors of this blog through the hard times. I'm sorry for that, and sorry that I have so many sorry(s) :)

Here's my second project - I am not sure how to put name on this dress, but this dress was inspired by Kate Middleton's fashion. I'm dying to her style and she is my role model in fashion ;) 

Please take your time 

Here is the overall look - it's not so perfect but I love seeing this.

I put the lace on the collar 

Then, how I style it I wear the brown belt


It supposed to wearing with tights because I dont feel comfort when it's short :) but my thight has a little whole - I just need to buy the new one. What perfect color to be paired with this dress? any idea? :)




I want to say thank you so much to Mrs. Karen from Beatrice Euphemie Vintage Cottage Style

For donating to Sean's Cambodia Project, I never asked you in person but you just did it - I thanked God that He moved you heart to do this - thank you that you made my day and you have special place in my heart as friend thank you for being sweet friend in blogging. As my reward I sent you my Mother's gift and I hope you like my handmade gift :)
I hope you enjoy Sean's reward to you!

also thanks for everyone who praying for this. Maybe someday I can share here :)

if you're wondering what I've been doing since I was not blogging
check here a video from some students of the orphanage in Easter

I made this to our Canadian sponsor that has supported our Easter

besides this, I helped my Dad doing his final task and and help some students to fill the scholarship forms.
and now I'm working on my third project

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Decided To Be Bold Today!

I'm back - I supposed to continue make souvenirs for our Easter program but I kind of feel down since last night. My head wont stop thinking alot of things and again the enemy frighten me again. Oh my fears why do you come again?

I've been worried about Easter program here it seems that I'm the only one who works for this.

I've been worried about my brothers, my sister and mylife ( sometimes I feel people judging my faith in Him)

 " I'm sorry, I wish I could have faith like you can sense what God wants for more and life will turn better"

I almost wanted to close this blog - but not this blog someday will bring a great testimony of my life story. I want people find God in this blog.

Let's be bold today, don't let your fears destroy you. just stop worrying about what can go wrong and get excited about what can go right  

Grab your Bible, praying and stop worrying about what people saying. Do what can you do and ask God to put peace in your heart is He willing me to do this and that.

those words that I tried to put in my head.
Promise to myself to not be weak and continue to work!.

 I remember last week! 
I talked with a lady that I met last year, she said there's no fear in love, love cover things
I decided to be bold in all that I do, I won't be afraid again.
it comes at a price
I want to enjoy it with grateful heart. 

Anyway, today the my package from Desrae came this morning - I'm just happy that I could win her giveaway blogversary last month...I never guessed before that I would have these amazing vintage pattern.

Thank you so much Desrae! I just love them all and your sweet words.

Here's my mom she is working on her cross stitch 

This will be a gift to Sean's mom once he comes here after Cambodia trip. This has been my family prayer since  he tried to come . 
Cambodia is near with Indonesia and I know he will come.
He will have project in Cambodia this summer and he will make a trip there on June. He never asked me to help but I want to help him to spread out what he is concerning of the fund raising.

Please take a look what he is saying there
It will mean world to me.

hank you for the prayers to Stephanie & Mrs. Debbie. your words are wisdom to me :)

Thank you so much 

and Happy Easter!


A Work in His hands

As I am the part of His works, and so are you! if you don't understand what I mean here. I'm praying that He will find you someday. :)

I was working hard on my second project. I needed to finish it before next week that I get started to help my team working to prepare our Easter program here.  At first, I designed it but then once I bought the fabric it's not enough so I need to cut the sleeves for shorter.

It's almost done

I want to do something challenging than before, I tried something with collar. Then I started to make it...it took 2 weeks for me.

I sewed the pattern, I looked it's doesnt look nice then I opened the threads.

I sewed it again, oh this time it looks good,  I fittin that clothes but I didn't feel comfort then again I opened the threads, and sewed till it looks good and comfort for me.

I saw the fabric, it got little damage and I was having sad face but this is in my mind when I looked at to that damage.

" I'm sorry dear fabric, you hurt so much but I have picked you that you look the best to me when I was in the fabric shop, but once you finished, I will wear you, you will satisfy me, I will like you and everyone who see you perfectly fit on me they must like you and they praise my work." 

but suddenly a little voice in my heart spoke to me.

Ohhh Eva! Aren't you this damage fabric? the different is you know that you're in a Master's Hands and that fabric doesn't know that thing.

Dear Lord Jesus,

For all my friends who don't know You, I pray that You would save them too.


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