If I could make a call to You

Dear Lord Jesus,

You know I am here,
You see the depth of my heart,
You see my tiring soul.

I need you tonight,
I need Your wishper to calm my heart.
What could I do without You.

You see? I need You all the times.
I want You here...
Now and tomorrow...

If i could make a call to you, l would have sweet chat with You . I'm hunger and thirsty of You.
I love You

Your beloved princess,


~ A Prayer~

Heavenly Father,
Thank you that I can learn just what it means to walk in step with You along Your path.
I want to learn to know myself better and accept myself once more,
and in the process discover how well You know me, how much You love me.
From now on I want to follow in Your footsteps and become quiet in Your presence.
I am willing to give up my own agenda, obey Your will and be Your witness.
I praise You that You are always in control,
also when things sometimes get out of hand.
Make me absolutely dependent on You and willing to place my whole life on the Spirit's control. Please warn me against dangerous distraction, because Lord, You know I am all yours! I want to practice all living a life dedicated to fetch me. Teach me to choose Your road every day and to keep my eyes on Jesus when I become tired and lose heart. Determine my path in life and help me up with all my heart. Thank you that I may count on the sunshine of Your goodness even while climbing the steepest hill.
I look forward with great longing to the day that I will meet You face to face,
when my road in life will end in heaven



Hello my dear friends,

Finally I'm back here, I got 11 days of holidays and today is the last day. I always get distraction for Christmas holidays and even I have no computer/laptop now so I don't much to be online except with my phone, you know I am bad to blogging with my phone. I got some messages, email, texting and some of you missing me and my blog posts. I am really sorry over that. I might not so often to be here until I have my own computer. But I'm praying for you each time I remember you.

I've been doing well and I'm still working as a tutor for English. I've been watching things that God has been working for me there, if you my last posts then you know that I almost lose my hope to work there but there I can see how God's hands working in me for His glory. 

So many plans that I have for next couple years, sometimes I'm getting scared of it all and so I decided to not thinking of that instead I give it all to God, and I want to thinking more of my relationship with Jesus, dedicate mylife for more to His glory.

My daily life for now only  Jesus and jobs hehe that sound ridiculous, I really miss time being at home and doing  things at home. But I'm so glad this Christmas holiday, I've spent much time with them, as morning  comes I have a  sweet companion for my morning devotion... actually this's my birthday gift that Sean's mom got for me :) ( wondering if any of you have this, it's great devotion book)


Also I've been reading You and Me FOREVER. It's a Christmas gift that Sean got for me. We've been reading this book and sharing our thoughts together 


It's a great book and it's a marriage book - but  actually I can capture from Francis and Lisa that all your life you have it's centered  with your relationship with God, I just loved how they talk about our marriage with God. Church as the Bride and Jesus as the Groom. oh how beautifu and how He loves us! I just cant wait for that moment, I'm getting excited each time I'm thinking of that moment :)

So far it's from me and I hope to be back here soon.

~Here's my scripture of the year that I can share for you~

May he grant you your heart's desire
    and fulfill all your plans!
-Psalm 20:5-


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