7 Days till Dressember!

 ~ For her price is  far above rubies ~
Proverbs 31

Via Mercy Ministries

It's 7 days till Dressember !!! ( you can click the link) 

When the first time I heard about Dressember in my is dress in December ( wearing dress during December) I though it's about proper look for women but when I found out it's all about campaign to save women and children from human trafficking. It started from a heart of Blythe Hill you can watch her story here.

Why I wanted to take a part ?
I adore things about womanhood - my grandmas and my mom showed me how the woman should be, and the power inside ( virtous and dignity) it always started from family ;) and women in Bible stories, & R.A. Kartini, I still have more favorite of women around the world.

I love to see how mothers lead their children to Jesus 
I love how the wives respect their husbands and empowering them in life.

I love to see women change the world.

But then destroyer came and has been using this part to reversed the truth of humanity  then my heart breaks for the ladies in slavery. 

and I love wearing dress and skirt ( some of you know it) I just feel empowered by being virtous one.

Things we can do : (Ask God  that we can do these things)

Praying (it's an investment & changes things). 
let God uses us wherever we are and whatever we do.
Spread the word (break the silence of darkness) using social media, the more people know, the more we make it less.
Take a part in campaign, and here are my favorites: 

A21 this organization run by Christine Cain 
This organization more to rescue the people in slavery.
Christine Cain is one of my favorite speakers, I never see her live but I love visiting youtube to watch her.
Mercy Multiplied this organization run by Nancy Alcorn
I knew this organization  when I was really young - I ever had dream to work as volunteer here. This organization more to help ladies for the restoration. Before this organization called Mercy Ministries but then they changed the name on October 2015 because their expanded outreach to help the ladies build their lives after saving their lives. If you see my whole blog you always see Mercy podcast :)

Dressember this campaign run by Blythe Hill.

END IT is a Coalition of the leading organizations in the world in the fight for FREEDOM. Our amazing Coalition Partners are doing the work, on the ground, everyday, to bring AWARENESS, PREVENTION, RESCUE, and RESTORATION. Each of them is focused on a different step of the journey.


So ladies, I think it will be fun to wear dress during this December and spread the word. 
Are you in? 


~ The Mara ~

 She said to them, “Do not call me Naomi; call me Mara,for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me.
Ruth 1:20

As I read the The book of Ruth, I couldn't imagine how was Naomi at the moment though she was Mara but she still trusted Him. It's hard when things are not going as we expected. She has lost her husband now she lost the two sons. Then she asked Orpa and Ruth to leave her. She didn't want them to be a part of her sorrow but Ruth she knew Naomi well , she still wanted to be with her, be a part of her sorrow because she knew there would a good thing to be with Naomi .I believe there must be a desire as a virtuous woman to be  good wife and mother or even a grandmother. Oh poor Naomi...

But, the good thing is Naomi knew that God had a plan for her. He turns everything for good. At the end by owning the name of Mara she could see the beautiful work of God. She had grandson called Obed  and there would come the Savior of the world. Not only her who could see but also people at Moab could see that the Lord truly has a great plan through the hard times for those who trust in Him (thats where I see Beautiful in bitterness).

Those who fear you shall see me and rejoice, because I have hoped in your word.

Psalm 119:74

As we are strangers in this world there's a season where we are Mara(s) and as I write this to encourage you, also encouraging myself.  I am easily person who worry at times but my heart grateful that Jesus has paid my worries at the cross. Trust in the Lord all in good or bad times that He has a great plan. 

The morning woman of God who has hoped in the LORD.
The broken and dark inside but the Light has found you.
The beauty in the weakness.
The strength is a part of your soul.
The woman that goes through the rivers but it shall not overflow her.
The woman that walks through the fire but she shall not be burned.
The bruised  reed that He will not break.
The smoking flax that He will not quench.
The molded porcelain.
You're bitter but beautiful.

We might be Mara, a small bitter in this world but the Lord will remember us
He is just full of mercy.
Thank you sweet Jesus!


~Dancing in God's Style~

Style :
A particular way in the which something is done, created, or perform
A particular form or design of something
A way of behaving or of doing things

via: Pinterest

I love how people could recognize my favorite things to use, to wear, to read, to eat, & what I like to do, what should I like it to be, and how I want it looks like... My family and my close friends wont object me of my idea sometimes because they know it's my thing. There's a little pride in me when I love myself and everything about me. There's nothing wrong with that I mean being confidence. But I wont it grows up, let me dancing in it  and kills me - I should kill it first. 

Let me stop think about me, put myself as how other people would  think of me. By knowing people by what's their styles we could please them. I hope it makes sense ;)

I love pinning - it's another world that could help to improve my style - haha! but then I was pinning lot of stuff during midday. Then the voice in my heart stopped me " Eva! It would be awesome if you could pin  His style, " Oh yes! The only question is "Do I know His style?"

I wonder how many of us know God's style. If you do, how did you dig it? I think the only way is being close with Him as always and experiencing life with Him. I probably the person who not knowing His style alot - I mean He is perfect in His way. The way how He shows love, the way He works on things, the way He dresses Himself so He could show the world His majestic yet it's still humbly and simplicity.  If God is on pinterest - I bet pinterest couldn't define it. It's too Majestic, isn't it?

Everyday - you, I we, our friends, our kids, our parents, church struggling to stand till He comes back. It's not easy right? God's style that will lead us to stand.  We could know how to please Him, we even be wise and  conscious during the battle. We help our friends who almost lost in battle and we wouldnt do it if we don't know God's style.  Lets dance in His style! 

"While pinterest could help us to define our style I think faith  will help us to define God's style - dancing in it"

As I am writing this, I am praying that God reveal Himself  and we all can dance all days.

Any words could define His style?
I don't think I have - it could be described
but maybe these : majestic, humbly, simplicity

Do you have?

I will give them a heart to know that I am the LORD, and they shall be my people and I will be their God, for they shall return to me with their whole heart
Jeremiah 24:7


~ The Day I Renovated My Bible ~

This is a story about a friend of mine.
We have been friend for 10 years.
Comforts me
Telling me God's promises
Help me to know more about God.
Telling me the ways of life.

I bet you have one too...


So I decided to renovated my Bible - I will share the pictures here and telling you about my relationship with it :)

I decided to read Bible everyday when I was 9 when I met Jesus at the first time.
I have 2 Bibles, the one I had before it is now with my fiance. I sent it couple years ago since he wanted to learn Indonesian :) 
and the second one I have now has been 10 years with me.

It looks worn out

It has been one of my habit that I cant hold my hand to write on it once I get clicked of what God is telling me. I put the date and write there...so sometimes it looks like diary.
But i messed up.
The pages worn out.

and little break for the cover

Years to years I've been reading, it always new to me though I read the same thing like before.
But there's a moment when you read it and you don't understand. Mostly I find it in old testament 

I wondered why...
Oh I am in rush to read it, I caught in a daily routine.
" I want read my Bible first. then I am going to do this, and this"
That's in my mind when I was reading - it wont help me to understand. 
He is a friend, He is alive, you need to focus when you spend time together - then He will make you understand.

it's always on my desk - where I love to do things here


There is a moment when your mind is full of so much things you even are mad or upset of the situation. I was in there many times - but I really struggling my self to keep reading.
this how I secure it :)

It's like a battle at that time.
There is a you who are tired, full of things in your head and there is a you who wants to discipline yourself to honor God.  
My bible still opened but I stopped to read because I got nothing I just looked at it and started to talk with God...pour out all in my head and heart to Him.
Then I continue to read it.

One Day,

You are in rush hours, you may forget what you read that morning, or last night, or what the Pastor talked in Sunday service. 
But when He moves - the Word just splashed to your face, or whisper with tender voice.
It even CAN STOP your move at the moment.
to remind you
to strengthen you
to comfort you
to delight you

I've been there my friends....it's just powerful and I can feel the moves.

We don't have a power to memorize things inside it but the Spirit help us because we have seen the Word before.  

The other book that I've been  reading :)

So I've been reading my bible the more I read the more I know who Himself is.
He is just full of love and sweetness for us. 

The more I love Him, the more I read the Bible, the more I am in love with Him, the more I want to read the Bible.

which one comes first?

I would love to hear the story about you and your Bible :)


~Feel His Heart Beat~

I want to sit at your feet
Drink from the cup in your hand.
Lay back against you and breathe, feel your heart beat
This love is so deep, its more than I can stand
I melt in your peace, its overwhelming
-The More I Seek You by Kari Jobe

drawing - where I can pour out my soul or it shows exactly what my heart wants.

I love the moment when I can find Jesus I mean where your heart and His heart connected then you started to have a sweet conversation with Him.
 But it is easily found when I am in searching of my heart-comforter because He is close to the brokenhearted. 

and a sweet conversation started...

 "Oh Jesus, I wonder and wonder that it must be wonderful feeling when it's real that I lay back on You and I can feel Your heart beats"

then the answer just simply came to my heart
"My heart beat for the lost dear Eva, the time is coming soon"

but my dear friends, I was in busy days this week I didn't really click of what He said until tonight. I know my heart speaks the whole week from days to days, even when I was doing something - and tonight I just understood. 
 "Oh Jesus, forgive me..."
 " My dear, it's always wonderful to have you laying back against Me and feel My heart beat"

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank you for being here with me and You love to have conversation with me.
I am praying that Your spirit continually lead me to stand and to help the lost to stand. I know it's not easy. I know it well. I know how I am struggling so hard to stand then when You back You find me still standing but then I realized that it's not enough, I am here not for myself but for You so please guide me that I can help people stand.
I am unworthy but You love me and You confide in me to do this. Thank you for that.
Thank you Lord Jesus. 




~ Veggie & Meat into a Cooking from the Heart~

~ Veggie & Meat into a Cooking from the Heart~
what a long title, huh? :D

It's Friday evening where mom and I decided to go traditional market.
One of my favorite things I love seeing basket or wood container full of vegetables and fruits.
I just love to smell the fresh of it all and dreaming if someday I could have garden of veggies around my future house:)
We stopped to buy some vegetables and ingredient, and I wanted to.

I remembered we have some meat in the refrigerator.
I was wondering if I could try to cook something with these all things. 

Yes, I finally tried, at first I looked some recipe ideas of beef and I was almost tempted to cook beef teriyaki

 but then in ewile I was cooking something changed my heart to not go with the rules of recipe hehe. Well, decided to do with my own as I enjoyed cooking them all.


lets see how it turns :D

for the recipe there's no boiling the meat but I did that I wanted the the flavor permeated before I saute.


and this how it turns

My mom said it's good but too salty
My sister said perfect
for me it tasted good though


The recipe just came from my heart well, I dont know how to name it half of beef teriyaki recipe and half from m heart . 

I always remember what my mom said thing that we do from the depth of our hearts it always comes beautiful :)

Let all that you do 
be done in Love
1 Chorinthians 16:14

Hope you enjoy your day everyone!




Wrapped Monogram Wreath

Dear friends,
I should apologize for not blogging ( visiting you) using my phone it's sometimes doesn't work for me.  I used to blogging with my dad's computer. Now he is not at home because of doing teaching for few weeks, and I should borrow a computer to write here.

So I tried Wrapped Monogram Wreath. It has been popular on Pinterest and blogging. 
I decided to give it try but without wood instead  cardboard :)
I needed to print the letter first then it will be easy for me to cut the cardboard, knitting threads and some accessories like flowers depends on what you like.


this is just easy peasy  :)

This is one of some projects that I'll use for engagement decoration.

I have started work things for our celebration here. 
Still need two letters more :)

The season changing soon. I think this will be perfect idea to decorate your house :)

Sorry for the pictures - I used my phone to take these and the result not so good to be viewed here.

I hope everyone have a wonderful week!



~Into The Father's Plan~

"My dear Eva, it's not about what you have and what you don't have but it's about who I am and what I'm going to do"

Dear friends, as you want to read this please grab your chair, relax and read this :)

My dream about wedding it's almost there but it's not still easy.  We have decided to getting married in US that it will be easier for me to move to US. I mean it's not as easy as what you think but Indonesia is one of the countries that hard to step on the land of Uncle Sam.

There are so many things in my head about the wedding - I don't know much about wedding in US. I tried to compare before and there are so many different things about wedding here and there, Plus, probably I have no guest that could come...I only have blog friends, and some people in Canada (if they come)that the know me well. So we'll have celebration in Indonesia in December too, that my family and friends are able to come and see me before I move. 

"and now... probably my parents will be not there in my big day. I'll be fine" 

I said I'll be fine that I am trying to make it fine for me. I know my parents couldn't afford the ticket. So our family decided that my dad the only one who will come. 

"Oh papa, are you going to come?"
"Yes, I want to see you there."
"Do you think you can afford it?" 
"I can afford it with my faith?"

and mom... I looked at her 

" I'll be fine and I'm still happy that your dad will be able come to see you there" 
"Okay :)" 
I know that deep deep inside her heart she wants to come and see me in the ceremony but she still looks happy about me getting married.
"We'll pray about it"


In my mind - I only know that my dad who is trying to come. What ever is going to happen, I will still love You oh Lord.That's all.

"That's all?" 

"Yes Lord,...I surrender my life to You"

"Remember Sarah?"
"Look to Abraham your father and to Sarah who bore you; For I called him alone, And blessed him and increased him. For the I will comfort Zion, I will comfort all her waste places; I will make her wilderness like Eden and her desert like the garden of the Lord" (Isaiah 51:2-3)
"Eva, Joy and gladness will be found there, thanksgiving and the voice of melody. It's My plan. Stretch your faith"

One day, after I posting my engagement pictures here and a friend in Canada ( She was an English teacher in our orphanage for several months in 2004)  just read that and she said .

" Oh beautiful lady. I was just reading your blog. Wow. I didn't know but oh my goodness... amazing! I love how God ordains our steps and loves to give good gifts to His children. Looking forward to meeting Sean someday." 

I was thinking that it will be perfect if I tell her that I'll be getting married in US. Who knows she'll come. It's been long time I haven't met her since I was 14. Then I did she was like "Where in Florida? Are your parents coming?" and I said "probably only my dad" so I told her that I asked Pastor Gerry and his wife to be my parents in my wedding day if my parents can't come. And she replied " why not your mom come too? Let's praying that both will be able to come Eva. Seriously! I want to come to your wedding" 

"Oh you little faith, why did you doubt?"
"Stretch your faith Eva..."

"Oh dear Lord Jesus, I have no idea how to stretch my faith... it's just because I don't want to have high expectation of things in my life - I'm afraid it hat it hurts me. But I will look to You and pray, and put my hope in You and if it doesn't come as what I want to see then I wan to trust You though it hurts"

I talked with my fiancee other day and he said that Rebecca ( She's wife of a pastor in Journey church where Sean goes) planned to raise money for my parents to come.  Then I was like " Oh God,..is this what you meant?" my tears started to drop and *sigh* 

" You see My dear?..."
"Your mind can't reach My plans to you"
" Though your life seems nothing's gonna happen but as you walk with Me, My desires becomes your desires"
"Trust in Me"

I am just amazed of how our minds connected though I didnt tell anyone about what's my burden but in Christ we all just connected. Through our faith, prayers, and hope in Him. It's just so beautiful. On Sunday morning I woke up and I saw that Rebecca and Brenda shared a the link.. I tried to see that and..there...I couldn't stop crying again.

"Oh Lord, why did You do this for me?"

"My dear Eva, it's not about what you have and what you don't have but it's about who I am and what I'm going to do"

So my dear friends, I really need your prayers about my parents to come to US for my wedding day. 
I know that when our knees hit the ground we'll see His power.
and here is the link if you want to share it.

Thank you for Rebecca Sellers and some of  beautiful people at Journey. Though I haven't met you yet but you all really meant to me. I really appreciated all of you. For being so kind to me and sent the gifts for my birthday, and wishes and especially your prayers for me and Sean.

and for all of this I dedicate this post to my parents for their anniversary in this month.
30 years of marriage it's not easy...but your faith, hearts to serve God in marriage life just so beautiful and  always encourage me to love God



~ Engagement Pictures ~

My beloved is mine and I am his
~Song of Solomon ~

It's on August 22th 2015 at night I cried a lot in my room.
Maybe no one heard that - it was funny because each time I looked at my finger I cried :D...I cried because the struggles for many years and I've paid it all  at that day (Thank you Jesus for strengthen me). I cried because God is just so beautiful how He brought me through this track for many years and now that ring on my finger. That's such a sweetest thing the God ever made in my life to bring us together.


It was not easy for me to date someone I never met in person for so many years. Then your question is " How could it be?"  It's because we worship and we dedicate our lives to the exact same God.
Our faith in Him that draw us close each other though we're miles apart, and I don't know how strong I was... well, God played His part for us like an author of a story.


My favorite thing  of this man is his relationship with Jesus. How he sees the Lord in everything.
His heart moves for injustice, and his love for Haitian people, and he always lift up my head to the Lord through the hard times. Thank you for waiting on His perfect time.

My heart knows the Master - so I really waited for many years and let Him write my romance. I knew He would paint a true beauty, and He brought you. It was beautiful in my first dating with you that Jesus was there too. 

I've waited for my first kiss ever with the man who'll be my husband. Thank you Jesus that You made it beautiful. 


This  was a beautiful dream for many years. Now, it's a beautiful season for me that God has made

How abundant are the good things that You have stored up for Reviews those who fear You, that You bestow in the sight of all, on Reviews those who take refuge in You.
- Psalm 31:19-

I look like my mom here :)

Thank you for family and friends who prayed for us  for many years . Now we are here :)

I was wondering why God allowed me to be apart from him for years. But after all I've learned so many things. Jesus, He is always be a perfect teacher. Dear Lord Jesus, I hope I made a good score for this lesson :)

Funny story
One day I missed him  and I prayed and read my Bible. Seek His presence at the moment.  It was not in purpose that I read in Philemon 1 and it went to verse 5

"For this perhaps is why he was parted from you for a while, that you might have him back forever"

I was like " God, are you trying to make me laugh?" I laughed little. Felt like He tried to entertain me :D
and I was entertained in His presence.



Once again...
Thank you Jesus that You chose us and put us in Your amazing work.

Now, I'm ready for next adventure with Jesus and you ( and our kids someday) :)

These pictures taken by our amazing photographer Iztho Liufeto 


~ His Beautiful Bride ~

Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory,
(1 Peter 1:8) esv

My dear friends,

I'm back here again to this blogland where I can meet all Godly women where we share our lives, faith , and our favorite things. It's such a privilege. So I already resigned from my job last month and  since I have to prepare myself for a new chapter with my beloved man :)
and I have more time though I have few students.

This is one of our engagement pictures :) ( I love how he picked pearls and gem to me )

My mind couldn't reach the work of our Master.
How He worked beautiful things in time.
Soon. I'll be bride and a wife for the man I love.
I keep wondering. wonder and wonder.
I wonder how can I be a perfect wife for him and mother for our kids.
How can I cook the best for our family
I wonder how will I always encourage him when the stress comes.

and more for his relationship with God.

So many wonders...

I'm full of gladness and nervous though...

I think too much of these

but these all just in a moment

there will be a huge moment for me as His beautiful bride

again when the wedding bells come and the Groom is coming, 

Am I ready to be His wife in eternal life?

Am I ready to play a beautiful part in the aftermath with Him?

It will be beautiful lifetime. 

Soon it's coming! My prayer that we are ready to be His beautiful bride till the time comes.


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