~Into The Father's Plan~

"My dear Eva, it's not about what you have and what you don't have but it's about who I am and what I'm going to do"

Dear friends, as you want to read this please grab your chair, relax and read this :)

My dream about wedding it's almost there but it's not still easy.  We have decided to getting married in US that it will be easier for me to move to US. I mean it's not as easy as what you think but Indonesia is one of the countries that hard to step on the land of Uncle Sam.

There are so many things in my head about the wedding - I don't know much about wedding in US. I tried to compare before and there are so many different things about wedding here and there, Plus, probably I have no guest that could come...I only have blog friends, and some people in Canada (if they come)that the know me well. So we'll have celebration in Indonesia in December too, that my family and friends are able to come and see me before I move. 

"and now... probably my parents will be not there in my big day. I'll be fine" 

I said I'll be fine that I am trying to make it fine for me. I know my parents couldn't afford the ticket. So our family decided that my dad the only one who will come. 

"Oh papa, are you going to come?"
"Yes, I want to see you there."
"Do you think you can afford it?" 
"I can afford it with my faith?"

and mom... I looked at her 

" I'll be fine and I'm still happy that your dad will be able come to see you there" 
"Okay :)" 
I know that deep deep inside her heart she wants to come and see me in the ceremony but she still looks happy about me getting married.
"We'll pray about it"


In my mind - I only know that my dad who is trying to come. What ever is going to happen, I will still love You oh Lord.That's all.

"That's all?" 

"Yes Lord,...I surrender my life to You"

"Remember Sarah?"
"Look to Abraham your father and to Sarah who bore you; For I called him alone, And blessed him and increased him. For the I will comfort Zion, I will comfort all her waste places; I will make her wilderness like Eden and her desert like the garden of the Lord" (Isaiah 51:2-3)
"Eva, Joy and gladness will be found there, thanksgiving and the voice of melody. It's My plan. Stretch your faith"

One day, after I posting my engagement pictures here and a friend in Canada ( She was an English teacher in our orphanage for several months in 2004)  just read that and she said .

" Oh beautiful lady. I was just reading your blog. Wow. I didn't know but oh my goodness... amazing! I love how God ordains our steps and loves to give good gifts to His children. Looking forward to meeting Sean someday." 

I was thinking that it will be perfect if I tell her that I'll be getting married in US. Who knows she'll come. It's been long time I haven't met her since I was 14. Then I did she was like "Where in Florida? Are your parents coming?" and I said "probably only my dad" so I told her that I asked Pastor Gerry and his wife to be my parents in my wedding day if my parents can't come. And she replied " why not your mom come too? Let's praying that both will be able to come Eva. Seriously! I want to come to your wedding" 

"Oh you little faith, why did you doubt?"
"Stretch your faith Eva..."

"Oh dear Lord Jesus, I have no idea how to stretch my faith... it's just because I don't want to have high expectation of things in my life - I'm afraid it hat it hurts me. But I will look to You and pray, and put my hope in You and if it doesn't come as what I want to see then I wan to trust You though it hurts"

I talked with my fiancee other day and he said that Rebecca ( She's wife of a pastor in Journey church where Sean goes) planned to raise money for my parents to come.  Then I was like " Oh God,..is this what you meant?" my tears started to drop and *sigh* 

" You see My dear?..."
"Your mind can't reach My plans to you"
" Though your life seems nothing's gonna happen but as you walk with Me, My desires becomes your desires"
"Trust in Me"

I am just amazed of how our minds connected though I didnt tell anyone about what's my burden but in Christ we all just connected. Through our faith, prayers, and hope in Him. It's just so beautiful. On Sunday morning I woke up and I saw that Rebecca and Brenda shared a the link.. I tried to see that and..there...I couldn't stop crying again.

"Oh Lord, why did You do this for me?"

"My dear Eva, it's not about what you have and what you don't have but it's about who I am and what I'm going to do"

So my dear friends, I really need your prayers about my parents to come to US for my wedding day. 
I know that when our knees hit the ground we'll see His power.
and here is the link if you want to share it.

Thank you for Rebecca Sellers and some of  beautiful people at Journey. Though I haven't met you yet but you all really meant to me. I really appreciated all of you. For being so kind to me and sent the gifts for my birthday, and wishes and especially your prayers for me and Sean.

and for all of this I dedicate this post to my parents for their anniversary in this month.
30 years of marriage it's not easy...but your faith, hearts to serve God in marriage life just so beautiful and  always encourage me to love God



Ceil said...

HI Delvalina! Of course I will keep you and your parents in my prayers. I so hope that the pastor will be able to raise the money so that both your parents can come to the wedding. I know your mom would love to be with you if possible, and you would want her there too.

God has a plan, and you have such wonderful friends to help you keep the faith. May you be richly blessed with His kindness and mercy, with a happy outcome for everyone.

Debbie Harris said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to your dear parents, Delvalina. 30 years is quite an accomplishment.

Your story is quite beautiful and heart warming.
The Lord is good to His own and He cares about every little detail in the lives of His children. He will take care of all the details as you prepare to marry.
Rest in His promises and continue looking to Him in your faith. He loves you all.

My prayers continue to be with each one of you for these days ahead.

God bless you~ Debbie


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