~Dancing in God's Style~

Style :
A particular way in the which something is done, created, or perform
A particular form or design of something
A way of behaving or of doing things

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I love how people could recognize my favorite things to use, to wear, to read, to eat, & what I like to do, what should I like it to be, and how I want it looks like... My family and my close friends wont object me of my idea sometimes because they know it's my thing. There's a little pride in me when I love myself and everything about me. There's nothing wrong with that I mean being confidence. But I wont it grows up, let me dancing in it  and kills me - I should kill it first. 

Let me stop think about me, put myself as how other people would  think of me. By knowing people by what's their styles we could please them. I hope it makes sense ;)

I love pinning - it's another world that could help to improve my style - haha! but then I was pinning lot of stuff during midday. Then the voice in my heart stopped me " Eva! It would be awesome if you could pin  His style, " Oh yes! The only question is "Do I know His style?"

I wonder how many of us know God's style. If you do, how did you dig it? I think the only way is being close with Him as always and experiencing life with Him. I probably the person who not knowing His style alot - I mean He is perfect in His way. The way how He shows love, the way He works on things, the way He dresses Himself so He could show the world His majestic yet it's still humbly and simplicity.  If God is on pinterest - I bet pinterest couldn't define it. It's too Majestic, isn't it?

Everyday - you, I we, our friends, our kids, our parents, church struggling to stand till He comes back. It's not easy right? God's style that will lead us to stand.  We could know how to please Him, we even be wise and  conscious during the battle. We help our friends who almost lost in battle and we wouldnt do it if we don't know God's style.  Lets dance in His style! 

"While pinterest could help us to define our style I think faith  will help us to define God's style - dancing in it"

As I am writing this, I am praying that God reveal Himself  and we all can dance all days.

Any words could define His style?
I don't think I have - it could be described
but maybe these : majestic, humbly, simplicity

Do you have?

I will give them a heart to know that I am the LORD, and they shall be my people and I will be their God, for they shall return to me with their whole heart
Jeremiah 24:7


Pam Williams said...

very thought-inspiring post, Delvalina! I would describe God's style as comfy, subtle, enduring!

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! I love the idea of pinning the 'style' of Jesus! What an inventive idea! We know very well what we like...what about Our Lord?

I agree with your list. And above it all, I would say 'love' for sure. He is love, all the time.
And I loved this post :)

Terra said...

Beautiful idea Delvalina, to pin and post and live in His style.

Maryah said...

LOVED this. I would add that God's style is captivating, extravagant (and simple), and generous. <3

alp said...

Preciosa imagen..un beso desde Murcia...

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Beautiful post Delvalina, So thoughtful and filled with love. Yes, God planted within us our style before the dawn of time. However the great joy is to find our way among HIS direction within our style of dance!!
Blessings, cm


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