Wrapped Monogram Wreath

Dear friends,
I should apologize for not blogging ( visiting you) using my phone it's sometimes doesn't work for me.  I used to blogging with my dad's computer. Now he is not at home because of doing teaching for few weeks, and I should borrow a computer to write here.

So I tried Wrapped Monogram Wreath. It has been popular on Pinterest and blogging. 
I decided to give it try but without wood instead  cardboard :)
I needed to print the letter first then it will be easy for me to cut the cardboard, knitting threads and some accessories like flowers depends on what you like.


this is just easy peasy  :)

This is one of some projects that I'll use for engagement decoration.

I have started work things for our celebration here. 
Still need two letters more :)

The season changing soon. I think this will be perfect idea to decorate your house :)

Sorry for the pictures - I used my phone to take these and the result not so good to be viewed here.

I hope everyone have a wonderful week!



Regine Karpel said...


Beatrice Euphemie said...

Very pretty and I love that you are going to use them for your engagement, too! Have a lovely and blessed week, my Dear. Hugs xo Karen

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

Well, this turned out beautifully - I love how easy it looks to put together. I might have to make one for us. Now where to put it....

Wishing you a lovely day.

Debbie Harris said...

That is beautiful, Delvalina.
What a great idea to use it for your engagement celebration.

Thank you for visiting and leaving a sweet comment, it was good to see you.

Much love~ Mrs. Debbie

Olga Rani said...

It looks really nice Delvalina! I can imagine how excited you are about the whole engagement thing now!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Delvalina, what a wonderful project and how nice it looks in your display. Thank you for sharing and your steps to creating this craft.
Wishing you a special first day of fall.
Blessings to you, cm

Aritha said...

I love this project and I love it to see you photos. Really nice!
May the LORD bless you

Martha said...

That is a cool wreath -- I may have to make one!

Thanks for visiting Linderhof and your kind comments.

Mindy Whipple said...

It turned out very pretty! Our daughter used the letter of her first name and her (now) husband's first name on the doors of the church for their wedding. How fun for you to be planning yours!


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