~ The Day I Renovated My Bible ~

This is a story about a friend of mine.
We have been friend for 10 years.
Comforts me
Telling me God's promises
Help me to know more about God.
Telling me the ways of life.

I bet you have one too...


So I decided to renovated my Bible - I will share the pictures here and telling you about my relationship with it :)

I decided to read Bible everyday when I was 9 when I met Jesus at the first time.
I have 2 Bibles, the one I had before it is now with my fiance. I sent it couple years ago since he wanted to learn Indonesian :) 
and the second one I have now has been 10 years with me.

It looks worn out

It has been one of my habit that I cant hold my hand to write on it once I get clicked of what God is telling me. I put the date and write there...so sometimes it looks like diary.
But i messed up.
The pages worn out.

and little break for the cover

Years to years I've been reading, it always new to me though I read the same thing like before.
But there's a moment when you read it and you don't understand. Mostly I find it in old testament 

I wondered why...
Oh I am in rush to read it, I caught in a daily routine.
" I want read my Bible first. then I am going to do this, and this"
That's in my mind when I was reading - it wont help me to understand. 
He is a friend, He is alive, you need to focus when you spend time together - then He will make you understand.

it's always on my desk - where I love to do things here


There is a moment when your mind is full of so much things you even are mad or upset of the situation. I was in there many times - but I really struggling my self to keep reading.
this how I secure it :)

It's like a battle at that time.
There is a you who are tired, full of things in your head and there is a you who wants to discipline yourself to honor God.  
My bible still opened but I stopped to read because I got nothing I just looked at it and started to talk with God...pour out all in my head and heart to Him.
Then I continue to read it.

One Day,

You are in rush hours, you may forget what you read that morning, or last night, or what the Pastor talked in Sunday service. 
But when He moves - the Word just splashed to your face, or whisper with tender voice.
It even CAN STOP your move at the moment.
to remind you
to strengthen you
to comfort you
to delight you

I've been there my friends....it's just powerful and I can feel the moves.

We don't have a power to memorize things inside it but the Spirit help us because we have seen the Word before.  

The other book that I've been  reading :)

So I've been reading my bible the more I read the more I know who Himself is.
He is just full of love and sweetness for us. 

The more I love Him, the more I read the Bible, the more I am in love with Him, the more I want to read the Bible.

which one comes first?

I would love to hear the story about you and your Bible :)


Pam Williams said...

You have such a gift with fabric, Delvalina! The best part is that God's Word never wears out, even though our paper Bibles do! Blessings to you!

Terra said...

Your Bible with its new floral cover is so YOU and pretty. Now it will last longer with its protective cover.

Olga Rani said...

Your Bible tells a story, Delvalina. All those worn out pages and colourful marks tell a story about a girl who likes to read this book, who wants to understand it, who is eager to learn from it. Your newly created cover also tells much about you - with such love you chose the print, with such care you changed the old cover to this new one. And that little rose is such a touching detail too.

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! I love the way you just stopped and talked to God when you weren't feeling a message from Him. Something tells me that day, He just wanted to hear your own words.
Reading the bible often makes me reflect on my life, and let the message soak into the memories and the day ahead. Then I can talk to God about it.

I think He loves conversation as much as we do :)

Libby said...

Oh, Delvalina, I admire your spirit. I love your new Bible cover too. xoxo

Stephanie said...

Hello, sweet Sister. Oh, it's so good to stop in for a visit. I have missed you! I have emailed you several times...I hope you are receiving the letters :)

Your Bible cover is so lovely and so you! I might have to try this on my Bible - thank you for the beautiful inspiration.

Thinking of you! Much love and sweet hugs.


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