Sewing for my friend

Hey, it's me again. I just posted something about helping me and my rewards and it seems no one get interested in it. I felt it little emberassing me, but God has another way to helping me. I'm grateful that He could use pastor Gerry and some of the canadian people kept coming and even shared it. It just really made my day. Thank you Jesus, You always there for me. And thank you for those who support me through your prayers and sweet words in comment  . If you wondering what the last post just clikc here - I'm still glad to send the gifts to you.

So some of you wondering about my next project...I actually no projects about sewing for my ownself - I just started to sewing for those who asked me to make their dresses. But I've been working to make some stuff though.
Kathrin is one of my friends who asked me to make her a dress.

I wonder if you have seen this design before


So this is how it turns... :)
it doesn't look perfect  and I still need to learn more and more excercise. I love it though.

So please dont this..we actually took pictures on the roof just to reach the sunshine.




Kiss the sun

we played untill the sun went down


Thank you for stopping by my friend.
Have a wonderful day.

I'm off to Jogja to see some of my college friends and to measure two of them :)

I'll be back to you soon.




~Help me and Get the Rewards~

Hello My Dear Friends,

I hope each one of you doing well. I'm back here to share you a project that my friend Sean will have a humanity project in Cambodia, he will visit me as well - Lord's willing. If you wondering for more about the project you can read http://www.throughhislens.com/cambodia/ for more.  I want you to help me with this with spread it out in your blog, or facebook, twitter, or even you can donate for him. Besides this I also love to share you the gifts - as I always want to have giveaway but Im getting hard to do it. So I decided with this way as well. There will be 3 kinds of rewards. I will announce this till June 24th. So far it's raised $628 in this campaign site but it is already closed so he use his photography site. I want to help to reach $1000 so maybe this can help - Lord willing :)

So, how the rules?

 for those who can donate it with $5 - $10 and share on the blog
you will receive a lovely purse with 3 gifts inside.
For donating, you can visit link above and find the donate buttons


If you only donate  then you will receive this purse and two gifts.

Third, if you can only share on your blog or your social media
you will recieve this necklace or a flower brooch 

The last rules is,

Please link me back here about your posting or you can tell me in my email : delvalina37@gmail.com

So that's it how you can participate. Your help will be mean world to me.
I will share that how much the money we have raised.

I'm sorry that this is not fun post to be read :)

Thank you so much.




Making Floral Crowns In The Forest

Let us dance in the sun,
wearing wild flowers in our hair....

It's true that sewing makes me happy but it turns frustated when you broke the needle 4 times in one time. I almost cried but I needed to be patient. Go to the forest  is one of my favorite things to do when I feel depressed or upset. What do you do when you you have to deal with this kind of situation? :)

I love to looking the sunshine trhough the  trees. Do you? :)

It was national holiday and I got to go the forest with the girls.
It was my idea to make floral crowns, bring make-up stuff and taking pictures :D
oh, the girls were so happy too for this idea. It was another of craziness. We didn't care when some people staring to us.

The first thing to do was grab the wild flowers around the house and the forest.
and then crumpled each flower with the green tape


well, you will need circle wire or flower wire

and then put those flowers around the wire

so here we go...



SO, this is Kathrin. My close friend when I am home. We've been friend since  was 9 :)


This is Vena 14 years old and she will go to high school this year. She isone of the girls in orphanage

This is Betris, she is 17 years old - she will go to college this year. She just finished her senior this month.




and me again :)

I hope you enjoy of how we making these floral crowns.

And have a glorious week.



My little world ( Room Tour)

I would love to sharing a liitlle view of the little world I live.
Some of you knew already that I dont sleep in my own house but I sleep in the orphanage ( I have small house and there's no space for me - so I sleep with some of the girls in the upstair room. This is not avarage room for 20ish girl - but I'm happy to sleep here, it just reminds me that alot of 20ish girl who don't have their own rooms, sometimes they enjoy the nights without the luxorious bed. Sleep with many girls teach me alot to sharing times, and things I have.
I moved here since I finished all my classes in the college like 2 years ago, and I'm allowed to have have my own space.

please enjoy my little world :)

Here's the overall look :D

my wardrobe,  bookshelf, and my desk.

I didnt buy the the wardrobe and bookshelf in the shop - I hired the carpenter to made those for me - it's cheaper and better than from the shop.

Here is my desk, actually if you see in the right side it almost broken but it still up :)
My organizer pocket that I made click Here to see the DIY
and I love things about basket if you can see. A clock, flowers, and the little red box where I keep all letters from all my friends all over the world.

This desk where I love to do my devotion, read my Bible, praying and if you see theleft there's a purple note book. It's my book of prayer where I wrote things that I want to pray, and some of your names were written there :) I love my bloging friends, I even thinking of you often.

I also have my sketch book of dress design. I designed it before I sew it.
Let's see closer

and I just tried other day to design with petals...thanks hun for suggesting this idea :)

well, please dont laugh - I got hard to draw when the petal arealy stuck so it looks not proportional for the shoulders haha


here is all my sewing stuff - I tried to organizing it all with what I have :) 

my favorite part is on the top of this organizing place

they are jars where I put all the buttons, and ornaments.

I put one of my favorite songs of Kari Jobe  "Find You on My Knees" 

it's small table and I put a glass that is actually bigger than the table :D
I was working to make a dress.
Yeah I started to sewing for other people.

and now...for my bed

actually nothing fancy with this bed but green-yellow floral cases makes me comfort when I sleep

and I tried to made this fluffy white pillow case and I put little bow on it :)Does it look like an envelope?

So that's my room tour :)

Sorry for not visiting you, I've been working to make dress for a friend and I think I get started to make dress to other people.

But headed now to you.



Indonesian Mother's Day

Indonesian Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day to all American Moms, and some countries in this world who celebrate it. I read some lovely posts that you wrote. They are just very toucing. Thank you to bring me back who Mother is in this world. Actually Indonesian's Mother's Day not on May but it's in December 22nd. I get inspired of American tradition about Mother's Day. It's just really something sacred...it's so much different from Indonesia. Mother's Day here is something that so formal in celebrating. We celebrate it to remember old women who were wariors of this country and also mother who is hero in family. We also have special ceremony to celebrate and all women will wear "kebaya" as Indonesia Woman's traditional outfit. During the celebration we will give rewards to the old women who has become public figure (role model) in developing this country, old women who made breakthrough and history maker for this country. Well, it's something that not family tradition but national tradition. So how interesting the difference, it just push myelf to know more about Mother's Day in all over the world.

Mother and her son in the field 


Every 4 am in the morning, I hear your voice.  
I wonder why do you always wake up and talking around that time
One time in the earlyy morning, I tried to listen 
I hear you singing,
I hear you mention our names,
I hear your small sobbing
I hear you said something for me in the future.

There, you just said a prayer, 
I almost never heard you said things about you
only for us
yes only for us

your  heart protect this family
your hands  make things steady
your words guiding us.

Thank you Mama :)

My favorite mothers in the Bible are Mother Mary and Hannah
I love the stories about these two ladies.
and I'm encouraged to be a good mother *someday* through these two ladies.
These two ladies knew that God be glorified when they bring their sons to God's plan.

I know that these days are hard how the mothers strugling to guide their children to God. It's not easy. It needs time, it takes price of tears, heart-aching, and tiring.
but please don't give up,
don't stop praying for your children.
They need it though they don't know that they need it.

your prayer prevails.

This post is dedicated to all mothers in the world especially for my blogging mothers.



It's been a  long day, my heart has been tired that have to deal with the same thing again. I decided to get outside of room, sat in the bench of the balcony take a deep breath and I looked above. I saw the night sky it was so beautiful how the stars dancing surrounded the moon and the wind blowing make my hair move. It brought me to the sweet memory about a story that I wrote when I was in middle school. I laugh each time I remember it. It's just a simple story - it's about Jesus and I were at the beach we played together and we talked, dancing till the night and we watched the beauty of the night sky together. 

It brought a smile in my face and deep in my heart I still want to be that little girl. A girl who lived in her dreams, a girl who put Jesus as her best friend and hero with no doubts. She was filled with dreams.
Now things have chnaged, I am not 9 years old girl. Everyday you try find the reasons 

How I would be in the future?
why am I here? what I do for?
Am I good enough? why they cant see me that I've been struggling to do the best?
why I am not like her? Seems she has beautiful life...

I know that little girl would not have such questions in her mind - she only lives in her dreams, she doesnt comparing, she knows her dreams are bigger and she has owned it. 

I am waiting to hear His still small voice. I want He speaks one word to me that make me comfort tonight.
Does He know that I'm struggling? I know He does! I miss Him tonight. Too much in my mind, I want to forget it all for a while and sleep in His arms. If  cry makes me feel better I want to cry near His chest and if laughs can changes my mood I want He makes me laugh till I cry.

Then I know now, that He allowed this happened just to draw me close to Him.

My sweet Jesus, You know that I love You, I just can't see you tonight. Please dont let me go, please hold me....


The Day is Dimming

The day is dimming and I'm yearning for you
I won't be satisfied till I see your face
Every victory, every loss
Every ticket, every cross
You can put them all in place
It seems I'm finding more of why
In these moments
I feel like I'm made to sing of how good you are
The more the years swell by and pass
Each seconds more than last
It's true by far

-Brooke Fraser-

My Dear friends, thanks for always stopping by to my blog, I was wearing the third dress that I sewed. The color of the dark floral reminds me when the the day is dimming and my heart has been longing to the Lord. 

Here is the details of this dress


always looking for the sunshine.
Sunshine makes everything beautiful when I take pictures outside.


black lace addition :)




So here is the end of the day with this dress that I made


I was wearing the pins that my dear sister Stephanie from the Enchanting Rose sent me
it helped my braid hair updo.


and I got started to feeling tired and but my sister kept shot me me...oh!


and it ended really tired

I just watched the sun setting and I was begging my sister to go home

oh can you see that face? haha!

I thought that only my camera's lens who loves the sunshine, I do too
and last night I read this scripture.

~Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to see the sun~
ecclesiastes 11 :7

can you see the beauty of the Lord in every little thing? I always want to see it all the times.

even Jaka loves the sunshine :)

Thanks for being here.

I'm grateful everyday for having my blog family.


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