Indonesian Mother's Day

Indonesian Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day to all American Moms, and some countries in this world who celebrate it. I read some lovely posts that you wrote. They are just very toucing. Thank you to bring me back who Mother is in this world. Actually Indonesian's Mother's Day not on May but it's in December 22nd. I get inspired of American tradition about Mother's Day. It's just really something sacred...it's so much different from Indonesia. Mother's Day here is something that so formal in celebrating. We celebrate it to remember old women who were wariors of this country and also mother who is hero in family. We also have special ceremony to celebrate and all women will wear "kebaya" as Indonesia Woman's traditional outfit. During the celebration we will give rewards to the old women who has become public figure (role model) in developing this country, old women who made breakthrough and history maker for this country. Well, it's something that not family tradition but national tradition. So how interesting the difference, it just push myelf to know more about Mother's Day in all over the world.

Mother and her son in the field 


Every 4 am in the morning, I hear your voice.  
I wonder why do you always wake up and talking around that time
One time in the earlyy morning, I tried to listen 
I hear you singing,
I hear you mention our names,
I hear your small sobbing
I hear you said something for me in the future.

There, you just said a prayer, 
I almost never heard you said things about you
only for us
yes only for us

your  heart protect this family
your hands  make things steady
your words guiding us.

Thank you Mama :)

My favorite mothers in the Bible are Mother Mary and Hannah
I love the stories about these two ladies.
and I'm encouraged to be a good mother *someday* through these two ladies.
These two ladies knew that God be glorified when they bring their sons to God's plan.

I know that these days are hard how the mothers strugling to guide their children to God. It's not easy. It needs time, it takes price of tears, heart-aching, and tiring.
but please don't give up,
don't stop praying for your children.
They need it though they don't know that they need it.

your prayer prevails.

This post is dedicated to all mothers in the world especially for my blogging mothers.


Terra said...

Delvalina this is a lovely post and I like the poem you wrote about your mother and by extension, all moms. The photos are beauties too.

Sola Scriptura said...

What a lovely tribute for Mother's Day!

Debbie Harris said...

Delvalina, What a beautiful tribute to Mother's Day right from your precious heart! You shared with us the beauty in your own country of mother's, how amazing the differences.
You have such a tender heart for the things of the Lord, and you bless, encourage and challenge my own heart for what is greater in this life, Jesus, and Him alone.
Thank you for your Mother's Day wishes.
The Lord bless you.
Joy! Mrs. Debbie

Olga Rani said...

What a lovely touching post, Delvalina! I like the first drawing where a mother has many arms just like a Hindu goddess. yeah, sometimes it is indeed like that, ha-ha. My congratulations and best wishes to your mom, she might be a wonderful woman to raise such a daughter like you.

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! Thank you so much for the sweet words you left on my blog. I really appreciated them.

Your post today is so touching too. You are so right to keep encouraging us to pray for our children. We really need to do that. Even if they don't think so.

I love Mother Mary too!
Thank you for your special dedication today. You are so thoughtful.

Pam Williams said...

Such a beautiful post, Eva. Your words are full of such wisdom. Someday you will be a great mother yourself. :)


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