My little world ( Room Tour)

I would love to sharing a liitlle view of the little world I live.
Some of you knew already that I dont sleep in my own house but I sleep in the orphanage ( I have small house and there's no space for me - so I sleep with some of the girls in the upstair room. This is not avarage room for 20ish girl - but I'm happy to sleep here, it just reminds me that alot of 20ish girl who don't have their own rooms, sometimes they enjoy the nights without the luxorious bed. Sleep with many girls teach me alot to sharing times, and things I have.
I moved here since I finished all my classes in the college like 2 years ago, and I'm allowed to have have my own space.

please enjoy my little world :)

Here's the overall look :D

my wardrobe,  bookshelf, and my desk.

I didnt buy the the wardrobe and bookshelf in the shop - I hired the carpenter to made those for me - it's cheaper and better than from the shop.

Here is my desk, actually if you see in the right side it almost broken but it still up :)
My organizer pocket that I made click Here to see the DIY
and I love things about basket if you can see. A clock, flowers, and the little red box where I keep all letters from all my friends all over the world.

This desk where I love to do my devotion, read my Bible, praying and if you see theleft there's a purple note book. It's my book of prayer where I wrote things that I want to pray, and some of your names were written there :) I love my bloging friends, I even thinking of you often.

I also have my sketch book of dress design. I designed it before I sew it.
Let's see closer

and I just tried other day to design with petals...thanks hun for suggesting this idea :)

well, please dont laugh - I got hard to draw when the petal arealy stuck so it looks not proportional for the shoulders haha


here is all my sewing stuff - I tried to organizing it all with what I have :) 

my favorite part is on the top of this organizing place

they are jars where I put all the buttons, and ornaments.

I put one of my favorite songs of Kari Jobe  "Find You on My Knees" 

it's small table and I put a glass that is actually bigger than the table :D
I was working to make a dress.
Yeah I started to sewing for other people.

and now...for my bed

actually nothing fancy with this bed but green-yellow floral cases makes me comfort when I sleep

and I tried to made this fluffy white pillow case and I put little bow on it :)Does it look like an envelope?

So that's my room tour :)

Sorry for not visiting you, I've been working to make dress for a friend and I think I get started to make dress to other people.

But headed now to you.



Regine Karpel said...

You are very talented. Blessed to call you friend!

Faith said...

Aww I love your room! I've been thinking about doing a similar post for a while. but my room isnt very big or exciting. lol.
but I love your cute little room:) you can tell a lot about a person by their room so its neat to be able to see a bit more of you from this post.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Delvalina,
So enjoyed the tour of your lovely room. All the rooms details are so organized. You are one talented designer and have a world of adventure ahead of you. Your sketches are amazing and I love the petal designer clothes too.
God has shown favor upon you my friend. Wishing you always the best on your journey.
Big hugs!!

Sola Scriptura said...

You are a fantastic sketch artist! Your room is organized and just lovely.

Stephanie said...

Your room is charming, my dear friend :) I wish I could join you for a day of sewing.

Your drawings are gorgeous and I can't wait to see them come to life. I really like the second one an the petal dress are beautiful.

I love you, my Sister!

Olga Rani said...

It was really nice and interesting to have a tour over the place you live, Delvalina! Though it is small but it is cute and lovely and reflects your character. I love those flower petals sketches, beautiful.

Denise said...

Dearest Delvalina,What a sweet room full of tender loving care.Continue with the talent the Lord gave You.I LOVE the pillow!Grandma Denise

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! Thank you for sharing a little part of your life through your room. Your desk has so many little things that show what is so special to you. (Purple is my favorite color!)
I just love that dark blue dress, the long one. So formal and beautiful! I am so proud of you for being able to sew for other people now. You can share your gifts for design and sewing with so many.
God bless you :)

harleygirl said...

Thanks for sharing your room! It's very homey! What a great and talented artist you are! Those drawings are amazing!! :)

Maryah said...

It made me very happy to see your living space! And your drawings and designs are fantastic Eva!! I loved them, you've got a lot of talent. :) Your room is so organized and sweet, seeing the pictures make me wish I could join you in some of your projects! =D


Pam Williams said...

I love this peek into your room, Eva! And the designs made with petals are really pretty. You are very organized and neat. I am the same way!

Debbie Harris said...

What a beautiful glimpse into a small part of your world, lovely indeed.
All your little containers made me think of myself, as I love to put away my special treasures in any kind of container.
You are quite gifted in your dress design, amazing.
You are like the Proverbs 31 women, in so many, many ways. So beautiful!
The Lord bless you.
Joy! Mrs. Debbie

Lizzie said...

Thanks for sharing all these lovely pictures of your space! It looks very inviting and cheery. I enjoyed this peek into your world, and all the beautiful dress designs!

Arystha said...

kamar yang nyamaaaaaaaan, aku jadi pengen bikin postingan tentang bedroom tour juga nih kak :D


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