~Help me and Get the Rewards~

Hello My Dear Friends,

I hope each one of you doing well. I'm back here to share you a project that my friend Sean will have a humanity project in Cambodia, he will visit me as well - Lord's willing. If you wondering for more about the project you can read http://www.throughhislens.com/cambodia/ for more.  I want you to help me with this with spread it out in your blog, or facebook, twitter, or even you can donate for him. Besides this I also love to share you the gifts - as I always want to have giveaway but Im getting hard to do it. So I decided with this way as well. There will be 3 kinds of rewards. I will announce this till June 24th. So far it's raised $628 in this campaign site but it is already closed so he use his photography site. I want to help to reach $1000 so maybe this can help - Lord willing :)

So, how the rules?

 for those who can donate it with $5 - $10 and share on the blog
you will receive a lovely purse with 3 gifts inside.
For donating, you can visit link above and find the donate buttons


If you only donate  then you will receive this purse and two gifts.

Third, if you can only share on your blog or your social media
you will recieve this necklace or a flower brooch 

The last rules is,

Please link me back here about your posting or you can tell me in my email : delvalina37@gmail.com

So that's it how you can participate. Your help will be mean world to me.
I will share that how much the money we have raised.

I'm sorry that this is not fun post to be read :)

Thank you so much.




Regine Karpel said...

Hope you both do great!

Debbie Harris said...

What a beautiful giveaway you have Delvalina. Praying the Lord's will in both of your lives.
The Lord bless you Dear.
Much love, Mrs.Demote

Debbie Harris said...

Yikes!! Mrs. "Demote"?? My phone is crazy tonight! :-)
Much love Mrs.Debbie

Faith said...

I wish I could donate to such an incredible cause. Being a photographer myself I can understand exactly where he's at. I wish I had money to donate to him. However, I do not; but I will do what I can to help you! He will be in my prayers and I liked his Facebook page and followed him on Twitter. I pray that God does a miracle and provides an abundance for him!

Elisabeth Wowor said...

I've shared this in my Facebook page sis, I wish I could donate if only I got money left in my bank account.. Realy hope my facebook society will read and also donate and even pray for u both for what u're doing. Bless on u fellas..


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