Book Review: The Invisible Spy – Spying on the lives of Celebrities

This is my first time to review a book. I am little nervous though but I want to do this for Hilda as agood friend/sister in this blogland :) but before I want to introduce her to you, I want you to know that I won her book - giveaway a couple months ago, she is so sweet, she sent me the book and ring far far away from States to Indonesia. How blessed I am :)

Hilda Leticia Dominguez :

She is a self-published Author, and this is her  official blog.  She started to write when she was in 4th grade. When her teacher asked their class to make homemade book and there she decided to create her own story her stuffed animals.  Hilda has received an Editor’s Choice Award for her poem, “ To my Beloved Wife” In addition, she has won two writing contests in a year and contributed polls for Archie Comic Publications Website and received more than 300+ votes. Hilda enjoys writing fiction stories for people of all ages. Isn’t she is amazing? :)

The story behind this book :
She has written many stories but this one get published first, she wrote with her own imagination. This story finished on 2012 and get published on 29 August 2013. 

Book Review:

Sofia is a young girl, she has a lovely family with parents, one sister and one brother. She is closest to her brother like a best friend. She also surrounded by friends. One night on her birthday she wishes upon a magical power to spy invisible, it was said after the star a shooting star flew above the moon. She is wondering if magical would really happen then she went to sleep. The desire of her heart took her to magical night too. She got that power inside a star ring.
The magical of that ring brought her to a long adventure. She used that ring for spy her favorite celebs to spy if they are good role model or it’s just on TV, and then she found one of her favorite celebs Sasha that has a good personality, she tried to matched Sasha with her favorite brother Joseph, it worked well. With that ring it also prevented her two friends who were rude on her.
With that ring she could know the situation and people around her. One day she decided to be bold and confidence and won’t let the situation take her happiness.

My thought:

This book is good for teenagers – it’s about an adventure, family & friend, and attitude.
Sofia and her family have live simply beautiful it also shaped her personality well. 
Just like some teenagers outside they tried to define who are their favorite idols, but not all of them could recognize if some idols brings no good examples to live the life. Sofia learned to define it all with spying each one of them and decided which one she could set as her role model. 
My favorite point of this book is Sofia knows how to use the magical thing in her life. Even though she needs to be more careful with it.
Sofia could find happiness not only with the magic ring but mostly with her attitude every day.

If you get interest to know her, please visit her blog :) I believe she will respond you with her heart.


Hilda said...

Thank you my sister!! That is the best review i ever received!! Very well explained! I'm so proud of you and I am also grateful to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I love you sister! ❤️

Hilda said...

Wow, i love your blog look! So very pretty! I love it! ❤️

Olga Rani said...

Sometimes I wish something like that ring, something that I could see people through - who is honest and a real friend and who is just pretending. But then I think - maybe it is better like this, maybe it would be too much disappointing.

Denise said...

I miss visiting with You.I haven't seen Your posts showing up on My blog roll.So glad to here from You and see Your still blogging.What a wonderful job on the book review.Your very good at it,if You enjoyed doing it Maybe You could review more,even those with a Christian theme would be good for You.Hugs across the miles- Grandma Denise


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