~Holy Wedding~

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My boyfriend shared me a song other day...he said that we can use this song for our wedding day :) (he's sweet!) 
It's called "Holy Wedding", I thought it was a love song that normally people use for the wedding... but when I listened to that song...my eyes were teary - my tears just dropped...

This is the story of the Son of God 
Hanging on the cross for me 
But it ends with a bride and groom 
And a wedding by a glassy sea 
O death where is your sting 
Cause I'll be there singing 
Holy Holy Holy 
Is the Lord

This is the story of a bride in white 
Waiting on her wedding day 
Anticipation welling up inside 
While the groom is crowned as king 
O death where is your sting 
Cause we'll be there singing

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord 
Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy 
Is the Lord Almighty 
Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy 
Is the Lord Almighty 
Who was and is and is to come 
Who was and is and is to come

This song brought me to another time - A time where it is yet to come...
A wedding with my Savior - A wedding where you and me will be crowned with glory. My heart is beating each time I'm thinking of that day.

It's a day where we will be gathered together with our King
We are prepared to be His beautiful brides.

My heart is beating each time I'm thinking of that day.
The day when He was on the cross. It's a beginning  of this beautiful love story.
it's still continue...we are waiting, He is waiting too.
He thought that it would be great if you accept His proposal on the cross.
get prepared and be His beautiful bride.

As I wait for You..I am made more faithful.


Sola Scriptura said...

Wow. What a beautiful song!!

Patty Sumner said...

Such a beautiful post... Yes, how exciting!! one day we will attend the ultimate wedding!! When the bridegroom..Jesus Christ comes for his Bride...The church..that includes me! Woo Hooo!!! That is my little shout for joy! Thanks for reminding us what a day glorious day that will be! Blessings!

Terra said...

Beautiful song, and we know the Bridegroom will come.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Beautiful! xo Karen

Libby said...


Denise said...

A beautiful song and a sweet gesture from Your wonderful man.Congrats on finding Him :)

Olga Rani said...

Oh, this is amazing song! Such a nice text and such a beautiful melody. And the voice of the singer is also so touchy and beautiful. Thank you, Delvalina, for sharing it with us!

Arystha said...

beautiful song kak ♥♥

Pam Williams said...

Love both the melody and the words to this song, Eva. Would love to see a picture of you and your boyfriend together. God's blessings on both of you!

Hilda said...

Aw my dear sister. So beautiful that he thinks that way too. Love you sis. ❤️😊

Jedidja said...

Thanks, this is really a beautiful post and song!

Mindy Whipple said...

My earthly wedding day to my husband was wonderful but nothing will compare to that day when Christ calls His Bride!

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! Your boyfriend is such a special person. What a beautiful song for a wedding, and just to think about too. He is waiting for me every day to say 'yes' to him.

I hope I can say yes with all the love I have!
Have a great weekend my friend,

Jenna Condon said...

beautiful post :)


Stephanie said...

Oh wow, what a beautiful song, my dear Eva It brought tears to my eyes as I read your post.

Thank you, Sister, for sharing and for blessing my heart. I love you!

Reyna Nicole said...

This is one of my favorite songs! It is a great one to play at your wedding - best wishes to you!


Meghan Kraft said...

I love this song - oh my heavens. It'll be on repeat for awhile...


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