~My very first sewing~

My Dear Friend,

I'm so glad to know that how blessed I am, after struggling and took an attitude for my not  let my joy be taken and still love Him no matter what, I want to do it always because I love Him. I just can feel that He is so close just like the skin on my body :) Thank you Sweet Jesus. I love having fun with you.

Well, I also having fun with my sewing class and some friends there, well I am not the youngest but seem that almost everyone already have kids :) it makes me jealous - I just cant wait when I become a mom someday.

Here's my very first project.

It's not really good because it's just two weeks I've been learning about pattern and use the sewing machine.
Even though
I broke the needle on sewing machine two times hehe
even though I needed I was having trial and error many times.
But it all makes me so happy, I was processing to be better.
Just like how God shaped me to be more beautiful it had such a long process and hurt. But at the end I become as what He wills.

it has not finished yet but almost done.

I'm going to post the Sunshine award for the next post

The internet in the orphanage is not working right now and I must bring my computer out to write this post, I'm really sorry that during this time I cant visit you. 



Stephanie said...

My precious Sister, the dress is beautiful and you did a wonderful job! I am impressed with your sewing capabilities :) Do we get to see you wearing it???

I love you and am praying for you!

Desarae said...

Beautiful!! Oh, I'm so, so happy that you are learning to sew!! It just makes me all warm and happy inside. Haha, I have broken many needles myself, and had to take things out and resew them lots of times. Don't let that discourage you- it is part of learning! Much love and blessings! :)

Faith said...

Aww it looks lovely!<3

harleygirl said...

Wow, this is your first project?? This is so pretty!! Great job! :)

Stacy said...

What a beautiful dress - very impressive for a first project. I just purchased a new sewing machine and can't wait to start new projects - it has been many years. I lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and have not had the energy to re-create so many lost things. But, I am ready now.

Good luck on your sewing endeavors! <3

Maryah said...

That is SO lovely Delvalina!! You're doing such a wonderful job, keep up the good work!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

What a beautiful dress, Delvalina - you are a quick learner! When I first learned to sew, I sewed over my thumb. That was painful - don't do that! :) Have a wonderful weekend, my Dear.
Blessings, Karen xo

Libby said...

Oh, you're doing a fantastic job, Delvalina! I remember my first sewing project and it definitely wasn't a whole dress. I know this dress will look beautiful on you.


Olga Rani said...

The dress looks so beautiful, I'm sure it will make happy the one who is going to wear it. I like its merry flowery print, so girly. Well done, Delvalina!

Sola Scriptura said...

You've done a lovely job sewing this dress. It's very impressive as your first project! Well done.

Lizzie said...

Oh my goodness, that is a very challenging project for your first! A whole dress, and it looks lovely!

I know what you mean about longing to be a mom... I have some younger friends who are married with babies, and while I'm happy for them, I feel like I'm missing out! But, God's timing is perfect, and He has a plan for each one of us. =)

Debbie Harris said...

For your first project that is quite challenging! You have done a beautiful job Delvalina.
My first sewing project, when I was on high school was a simple two piece Childs outfit. I failed miserably! Though I passed with excellent grades at cooking. Till this day I love the kitchen, and don't do much ...sewing.
Good for you!
The Lord bless you dear one.

Jedidja said...

Thats super! You did it! What a beautiful flowerdress!

Hilda said...

You made that dress??!! It is gorgeous!! So beautiful!! ❤️ You are so good at making things. God gave you a beautiful gift.

Take care my sister. God bless you always! :)

Betty Draper said...

Love the dress. My first attempt at making a dress was did not go well but I finished it and wore it roller skating. While skating someone came up behind me, tugged on my dress and it literally came apart at the waist.

Buife D. Nomeh said...
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Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! I love this dress! Purple is my favorite color, and it looks like there is some purple in it? I don't know why you think it's not that good? Maybe you know something I don't, it looks great :)

Congratulations on the Sunshine Award! You are a great person to have it, you always bring a ray of light to me when you visit, or I come here. Can't wait to see what you write.
Happy Thursday :)


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