DIY Pocket Organizer

I am back dear friends, and I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the sweetest birthday wishes that you ever wrote to me :) I was thinking each one of you and praying for you. I had no cakes, or like hanging out with friends at the moment but hugs, kisses, texting, and callings meant world to me...the most is each prayer from my parents and you. 

Today I am going to post about DIY pocket organizer. Well, I am not sure know what exactly its name, but because it looks like pocket and for organizing stuff, so decided with this name. 

What I need:

For the main materials

2 fabrics (the pattern fabric and white)
fabric glue 

For decorating (depend on your creativity)

ribbon and pearls 

How to make it:

Here  I have floral fabric and white, and cut it
white fabric: 18 inch wide x 28 inch long (remember depend on your hanger and how long you want)
floral fabric: 7 inch wide x 6 inch long

After that,
folding each side of the fabrics and iron the folding side
I am not going to sew it but I use fabric glue

The second,
I am going to folding over with the hanger inside for about 5 inch

put the small rectangle and try to arrange them like pocket with using the fabric glue
and sewing

I do not only glue it but I will sew and put the pearls for the side to decorate


I will glue the ribbon to the all sides


I will cover the hanger with the ribbon.


For decorating the top I make a bow 

Now you can store all your stationary/ or make collection in this pocket organizer

I am sorry for the tutorial...
I am not good in English for tutorial :D but I hope this can help you.

Have a glorious day


Enchanting Rose Creation

Dear Friends,

I would love to help my friend Stephanie to promote her crafty shop.
I really love and always get inspired by her in many ways and the most is about crafty. I always say that God uses her handmade creation to encourage and blessing me, and maybe some of you.
So, I would love to suggest you to check her goodies there, and I hope you get interest with the items.

Hmm I really loved with the "blue turquoise scarf" but sooner it's sold out  another side I was so glad that it soldout but also I was like "oh..somebody own it now :( " so get to check that now! 

Hereby I copy what Stephanie said about her launching crafty store :)

"Hello, sweet friends!
I have some very, very, VERY exciting news to share with you....
I have opened up a shoppe and it's filled with handmade treasures just for you :)
Enchanting Rose Creations is the name of my sweet little place.

I am extremely excited about this new journey, but also very nervous.
I love creating things and I enjoy the pleasure of giving handmade gifts,
but I have always felt intimidated about selling items that I make.

Will it be good enough? What if it falls apart? Will I price it too high?

All these questions kept going through my head
until I finally pushed them aside and took a leap of faith :)

I have had such a great time making items to fill my little store with
and I hope something catches your eye and makes you smile :)
Please come over for a little visit and browse the goodies that are waiting for a special home." - The Enchanting Rose

Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciated.
I've been little busy and exhausted by I'm going back soon to visit each one of you, and you all are in my prayers.


~Birthday Treasure~

Tomorrow I will turn 23,God is wonderful in many ways. Indeed!

This picture is dedicated to Stephanie. Thank you so much sister they make me beautiful! :)

"What do you want most for your age?"
I still have dreams, my path is still long

All I want is Jesus.
Walk with Him
Talk to Him.
I need Him.
I need Him to teach me what dreams for if I catch it.
I need Him to hold my hands when I walk.
I want Him to take my boat and be captain of mylife.
It's all I need.
I want to please Him in all that I do.

"Oh Jesus,
Please now and forever I want you to be my treasure in mylife.
Let people don't know me instead You in me.
please...take my boat, I trust You"

My heart so grateful to everyone who remember my Birthday, thank you for the prayers, and love, and cards that you sent before the day comes. So my friends, here I want to share you my another birthday treasure.

For my Dearest and Darling sister Stephanie
You are my beloved treasure thank you so much for being my great sister and friend.
My heart loves you .
A handmade frame, and friend quote, isnt this beautiful?

A Handmade pillow, I just love how she decorated :)

Darling Headband :) 

amazing book 

For Mother Eileen 
You are such a sweet mother and glorious mother to Sean.
I never stop thinking of you and praying for you.

 I love the painted  butterfly and flowers it's just so darling darling


For my sister in Christ Brittany 
You are beautiful lady inside-out, each time I see "HOPE" it reminds me of you and Kari Jobe

For the Bracelet of Kari Jobe. I love it so much!!!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28


Beauty Make Up Tutorial - Bible Version

Hello Ladies,

 I have not been used with make up on my face besides I don't really know to use this and that, I also wont to break my face with make up products and want it look naturally. So I've been praying and ask God what make up to use and how can I use it...and just BAMM!!!! 

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

.Are you ready?!?
Lets get started :)

1. Wash Your Face
Remember to always wash your face before you put make up on your face. I have a face foam that really really works to my face it's called "Confidence". It such a really good to your face and will keep your face healthy from the make up.

~I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well~ Psalm  139:14
2. Moisturizer
Before I use this and that I always apply this to my face. It will keep your face from make up that you wear. Well, I recommend you to use "Grateful". Remember always to start your day with using this moisturizer because it will keep your face look more fresh for all day.

~Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.~ Philippians 4:6

3. Concealer
Most of ladies use to cover dark circle, age spots, and the small blemishes with this. The best product I've ever tried is "Love" to cover it all.

 ~And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins~ 1 Peter 4:8

4. Foundation
Sometimes people confuse what foundation that suppose to be used, but I've been using this for many years and it such a great foundation to my face...hmm it's called "Be Natural".  If you know that you are wonderfully made that I'm sure that you must know this :D

5. Eye Liner
Using eye liner always been favorite for all girls because it makes your eyes looks beautiful and sexy. Here is the best eye liner I ever tried it's called "Do Not Judge" it really works to make your eyes beautiful.

~Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?  How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?  You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.~ Matthew 7:3-5
Oh this is so much popular of course! There are a lot of different mascara out there but this mascara has been my favorite too. It's called "See the Positive" it will give you the ultimate view and more we use this to the lashes more we get ultimate view.

7. Blush On
Alright! This one cannot be forgotten It will help to make your face blooming. I have one here it's called "Dreams". You can apply this  blush with a brush that called "hard work". Apply it well and it will give you more more beautiful look.

~In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.~ James 2:17

Oh yeah....I am sure if you use make up then you will always never forget this one. Girls, there are a lot of colors and product but I want to recommend you to use "Not Gossip" Oh,It's just beautiful lipstick I've ever used to my lips. Oh and if you want to get little shiny you can cover it with lip gloss that called "Smile"

~A gossip betrays a confidence,
    but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.~ Proverbs 11:13

So yeah....that's all what you have to use to your "Inner Make Up Routine" all product is purchased by me and you can find it all in a store called "Fruits of God"

So I hope you get interested to try this and I hope it will give you Beauty that you've never seen before. :)

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight."
(1 Peter 3 : 3-4)

This post inspired by :


What Bible Says about Beauty


~DIY Bohemian Hair Jewelry and Its Meaning ~

Hello Friends,

I was trying to make Bohemian Hair Jewelry, it has been my obsession :). I asked my dad to find one for me when he was in trip to Israel. But unfortunately he couldnt find one for me. So I decided to make one for me.

In Bible tells the story about The Parable of the Lost Coin (Luke 15:8-10)

“Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins[a] and loses one. Doesn’t she light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.’ 1 In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”
Hmm as I know the ten silver coins the woman wear them on head, which is mean that they're live in "purity" or virgin so how precious these ten coins for them ( it's tradition for Jewish girl )
"Jewish women often saved up ten of these coins and joined them together to form a necklace or hair dress which became a married woman’s treasured ornament, worn much like a wedding band is today, perhaps having been passed down from generation to generation. One missing coin would make the ornament essentially worthless. Regardless, the coin was extremely valuable to this woman, and the parable illustrates that value by the extent of her search for it".
 click The meaning coins on the head.for more . 
Since the first time I knew that story, then I started my obsession with bohemian hair jewelry  how silly I am :D.

So let's get started
All that you need is
chains, the ornaments, and wire cutters.

Then you have to know what you want to look like on your head (your favorite).
you can search on google or search on Pinterest 
I tried to make two first is on the first picture, and second is just simple :)

Once you know how it look like then you try to arrange that before you joined them all
oh don't forget to measure how long the chain for your head :)
this is for the first hair jewelry

once you chain it all then finish. Easy right ? :)

So this is the second one
you only need ornaments on the back and front
just do with your own creation
just simple


So that's how my own creation :)
Sorry for the tutorial.

Have a blessed day everyone!


~Leave My Pride~

   "Because You gladly lean to lead the humble
           I shall gladly kneel to leave my pride"
- Brooke Fraser Ligertwood- 

It's been 3 weeks I don't have quality time with Jesus. Oh how come? Am I too busy? Do I forget to have time with Him?... No my friends, just because so much things in my head, I did have time with Him, I read my Bible for sure but soon I closed my Bible and lay down on bed, I did pray also but soon I said a pray and go pull my blanket to cover my body. My head won't stop thinking hows, whos,wheres. It has been the hard I have to deal as young lady my future mystery, I am afraid to face the strange things in the next days.

"Be humble My dear Eva..."
"Humble?... why should be humble, I need You to take my worries. Oh please"
"I will lead you to see more but you should leave your pride"
"My pride.....my pride..." still processing these words.

But then He continue talked to me, as I kept said in my heart "be humble" more each day till I understand. He let me to understand what He meant other day. Without knowing of me He has showed what has happened since a  few months ago and also through some friends' circumstances 

My pride....my pride is when I think that I am the only one who will face my future that I am who own my life, I decided my paths
My pride...my pride is when I plan to much things in the future though I am not really sure God will take some of what I have planed.

Now I know why King David ordered himself  "be still my soul....be still my soul" 
When I can't be still I can't see Him....even when I pray, even when I read my bible.
As I walk with my prides it will not allow God to work in me. I need to leave my pride and be still.

Leave my pride and surrender

I know when one step I take the world will offer me kind of prides the only thing is I need Him to keep me humble.

What's your pride my friend....? I pray that God will keep us humble and remind us that He is the only One in this universe. 


Happy Birthday Papa

Today is my dad's birthday. Last night after one second on 8th August Mom, me, my sister and my little brother we called him. It was fun when he answered then we suddenly sang Happy Birthday Papa.
He is not at home now...he is now in mission trip to North Halmahera during this month.

He is cool Papa and with charisma in him but the most is His love to God.

I am so proud to be your daughter Papa...
I never have give enough present to you but being your daughter after God's own heart is all I can do.


Renovated bike and fun with it :)

"Life is not easy, it is hard
but it's beautiful
because God is Faithful" 

Other day mom and I went out and found a basket and white paint for my bike...
So that's the only thing I changed the basket and also I covered it all with white color, and today I had fun with it, and you know I am lover of sunset/sunrise. So I will take you around with the pictures ;)

"Oh I should not braid my hair then my hair will shine " Said I.

So here how it looks like :)

I was with my sister and a friend who took the pictures of me

my the one and only sister ...she is midwife.

and here is the last picture of me

Have a blessed weekend friends.

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The Book of Nehemiah and My Parents

       "Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength"
(Nehemiah 8:10)

Over...and over...the storms in this place, even this big house probably be closed for next couple years. There is a couple married that also God's servants are hit one more time. For how many times? many many times I even can't remember it all. Only these eyes toward them and see how they survive and no words could ever spoken. 
"Mama...you look so strong, you fell down but soon you rose again. You know that joy of the Lord won your heart" Smile..

God has brought me to the book of Nehemiah. I read and yes I learn what God wants to show me. Nehemiah, he was just ordinary  man that God used to make restoration, to build the ruins in that city, and to bring people to God. But look, they hit him again, humility him again, and stood  against him...how rude this world. God was not silent..He was there for Nehemiah when He used him, Nehemiah don't have to be afraid and grieve, don't have to run. God brought him bunch of people to help him to do God's willing for the city. 

God reminded me again that I shouldn't be sorrow. The story of Nehemiah has confirmed me again that God is able even they beating us.

 I felt this just so beautiful when I read and my head was noding many times " Oh yes,..oh how neat..." I even cried when I found this beautiful verse (Nehemiah 8.10). I never noticed about the story of Nehemiah before in my life but soon it came in perfect time when God wanted to remind me again. I feel how He loves me, I feel that He remember me. I believe that God has brought me to the book of Nehemiah to remind me my sorrow of my parents ministries here. 

I can see God always there even evil breaking down the best defense. God's there He has regale after all and celebrate that we always win with Him.

If you have friends or family or leaders who struggle for their ministries please remind them of the story of Nehemiah...
the ordinary man that God used to glorify His name, even Nehemiah was attacked God was there for Him.
and remember it always has beautiful ending with God :)

Thank you for each pray of you 
I have passed the present really well and have good result.
the Lord is so merciful 

Please dont forget to enter my giveaway
and thank you for  Lizzie from Hopeful Aspiring Homemaker to spread out the giveaway! :)



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