Renovated bike and fun with it :)

"Life is not easy, it is hard
but it's beautiful
because God is Faithful" 

Other day mom and I went out and found a basket and white paint for my bike...
So that's the only thing I changed the basket and also I covered it all with white color, and today I had fun with it, and you know I am lover of sunset/sunrise. So I will take you around with the pictures ;)

"Oh I should not braid my hair then my hair will shine " Said I.

So here how it looks like :)

I was with my sister and a friend who took the pictures of me

my the one and only sister ...she is midwife.

and here is the last picture of me

Have a blessed weekend friends.

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Terra said...

True beauty, inner and outer.

Nancy said...

You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart!
God bless,

Maryah said...

Gorgeous! You are so beautiful and those photos are great--the bike looks wonderful!

Alexandra Marie said...

It looks so cute! And I love the skirt- very summery :-) Alex


Faith said...

Aww I love these!!! You're gorgeous! Wow! These are lovely:)

Emelie Claire said...

Ahhhh what beautiful pictures! I loved them all! And you are so adorable!....So is your sister. (:

Kat White said...

Ah those are lovely photos love that beautiful yellow skirt and white bike. Your sister and you are beautiful. But you are the most beautiful, wow I didn't know the girl behind this blog was such a beatify. I knew her heart was a beauty but the outside to! what a blessing.Have a great weekend. Hugs

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! My sweet Sister, you are such a lovely light for Jesus :) Your face glows with His love. I enjoyed your pictures and your precious smile. I LOVE your skirt! Did your mom make it? And I see your bracelet :) It's looks very nice. Miss you and will talk with you soon.

Lots of love!

Itziar Enfedaque said...

Acabo de conocer tu blog!! Tienes mucha personalidad y estilo.
I FOLLOW YOU IN GFC!!! Y me haria mucha ilusion que tu tambien me siguieras.
muuuuaaks ;D


Alicja. said...

I like it. Nice!:)

Hilda said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, sister. What an adventure we had, hehe!

Your photos are beautiful. Surrounded by God's beauty.

God bless you always! :)

KC said...

Great photos, and I love your maxi skirt. :)

Thank you for visiting my page dear. :)

Anonymous said...

so beautiful you are <3 I love the skirt

S.P. said...

You are beautiful.

Life's Perceptions

Cathy said...

Pretty pictures - Thank for your sweet visit to my blog. Blessings ~

Maddy said...

I love the bike 'renovating' ideas, the bike looks so cute - and you look absolutely gorgeous in those photos, you're so beautiful!

Maddy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Delvalina, thank you so much for visiting. Glad you enjoyed last Weekend Door (pearls).
You photographs look as gorgeous as ever. Your bicycle always makes me smile and the light in your photographs is simply...anointed. Such peace at your page.
Keep shining!

Karen said...

Great idea. Love your pics! I had a basket on my bike when I was young (for carrying groceries!)

Karen Frost said...

You are as sweet as can be, Delvalina! So lovely and full of grace. Your bike is very pretty - I love the basket full of flowers! I love the soft light and your sweet blouse and skirt. Your sister is lovely, too. Big hug and kiss for you! xoxo

Debbie Harris said...

You are so precious! These photos were delightful to look at, and you just glow. When one has Jesus in their heart, one cannot help but glow. You did a beautiful job on your new bike!!So your sister is a mid-wife, that is fantastic!
Praise God, what a beautiful family you are.

Much love to you!

Libby said...

You are very beautiful! I love that bike, but the yellow skirt is so gorgeous. I have not really ever worn yellow but I recently have purchased a bright yellow skirt for myself. Hope it looks as pretty on me as you. :-)


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