DIY Pocket Organizer

I am back dear friends, and I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the sweetest birthday wishes that you ever wrote to me :) I was thinking each one of you and praying for you. I had no cakes, or like hanging out with friends at the moment but hugs, kisses, texting, and callings meant world to me...the most is each prayer from my parents and you. 

Today I am going to post about DIY pocket organizer. Well, I am not sure know what exactly its name, but because it looks like pocket and for organizing stuff, so decided with this name. 

What I need:

For the main materials

2 fabrics (the pattern fabric and white)
fabric glue 

For decorating (depend on your creativity)

ribbon and pearls 

How to make it:

Here  I have floral fabric and white, and cut it
white fabric: 18 inch wide x 28 inch long (remember depend on your hanger and how long you want)
floral fabric: 7 inch wide x 6 inch long

After that,
folding each side of the fabrics and iron the folding side
I am not going to sew it but I use fabric glue

The second,
I am going to folding over with the hanger inside for about 5 inch

put the small rectangle and try to arrange them like pocket with using the fabric glue
and sewing

I do not only glue it but I will sew and put the pearls for the side to decorate


I will glue the ribbon to the all sides


I will cover the hanger with the ribbon.


For decorating the top I make a bow 

Now you can store all your stationary/ or make collection in this pocket organizer

I am sorry for the tutorial...
I am not good in English for tutorial :D but I hope this can help you.

Have a glorious day


harleygirl said...

This is very pretty! Great job! :)

Arystha said...

Halo Kak Eva yang kreatif,
pocketnya lucuuuu XD dulu pernah buat juga, tapi minus mutiara2nya hehehe.

Iya nih kak, beta orang Kupang. kakak pasti punya byk kenalan orang kupang nih? hihihi

Salam hangat,
Ayu (yg di fesbuk namanya Arystha Ayu itu kak :D)

LadyD said...

Very cute. You did a great job with the instructions and pictures. :)

Debbie Harris said...

What a great idea Delvalina! I have been busy cleaning and organizing some areas of my home and this would be a great thing to have. I do not sew much, but I could get my dear Stephanie to do it for me! :)


Libby said...

This is a very pretty pocket organizer. This type of organizer can be used for so many neat items. The pearls are great additions too.

BTW, no apologies for your English. It's just fine. :-)

Jenna Condon said...

wow your blog header is beautiful :) and your background.

Anonymous said...

beautiful <3

Stephanie said...

Sister, your pocket organizer turned out beautifully! And the instructions were so easy to follow along with :) I really think I need to make me one for m craft room - thanks, Eva, for the inspiration. I will talk to you soon, precious friend. Miss you and love you!

Kat White said...

oh that is so pretty and will be so functional as well to have everything so organized. Yay! what a great idea, so talented you are. Fantastic! love it. Thanks for the directions too. Great idea to share that. Have a wonderful day. Hugs

eston zera said...

happy to see that......^_^ so lovely

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! Your English was great! I love the pearl buttons, they are so shiny and light. I would probably put paper and pens in that, because I can never find either one when I need it!

So happy for your birthday wishes. It does make the day so much more special, doesn't it?

Karen Frost said...

This is very pretty, Delvalina! I love the colors you have chosen and the pretty green ribbon trim. It is nice to have extra storage for crafts or in an office. Thank you for the tutorial! Hugs xoxo

B.D. said...

Wow it is so great! Nice job! Hugs! :)

Alicja. said...

Idealny pomysł i wykonanie!:) wygląda genialnie!


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