Enchanting Rose Creation

Dear Friends,

I would love to help my friend Stephanie to promote her crafty shop.
I really love and always get inspired by her in many ways and the most is about crafty. I always say that God uses her handmade creation to encourage and blessing me, and maybe some of you.
So, I would love to suggest you to check her goodies there, and I hope you get interest with the items.

Hmm I really loved with the "blue turquoise scarf" but sooner it's sold out  another side I was so glad that it soldout but also I was like "oh..somebody own it now :( " so get to check that now! 

Hereby I copy what Stephanie said about her launching crafty store :)

"Hello, sweet friends!
I have some very, very, VERY exciting news to share with you....
I have opened up a shoppe and it's filled with handmade treasures just for you :)
Enchanting Rose Creations is the name of my sweet little place.

I am extremely excited about this new journey, but also very nervous.
I love creating things and I enjoy the pleasure of giving handmade gifts,
but I have always felt intimidated about selling items that I make.

Will it be good enough? What if it falls apart? Will I price it too high?

All these questions kept going through my head
until I finally pushed them aside and took a leap of faith :)

I have had such a great time making items to fill my little store with
and I hope something catches your eye and makes you smile :)
Please come over for a little visit and browse the goodies that are waiting for a special home." - The Enchanting Rose

Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciated.
I've been little busy and exhausted by I'm going back soon to visit each one of you, and you all are in my prayers.


Karen said...

It's always good to hear from you. You are in my prayers as well.

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! You are such an encouraging friend! What a treasure you are to Stephanie. And it's so fun to see that something sold out already? Amazing!

Sorry you missed the scarf though. Hopefully, you'll latch on to a new product. And I wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog. You are encouraging everyone! I LOVE that!

Have a good day, my friend,

Stephanie said...

Oh Eva, you are the sweetest, dearest, most precious friend I could ask for! Thank you, Sister, for being apart of my shop and being so supportive of me :) You have always encouraged me to do this and you have given me words of wisdom. I love you so much - our hearts are connected through Jesus Christ our Lord. Big hugs to you!

Karen Frost said...

You are a very sweet friend to Stephanie and thank you for sharing this, I somehow missed seeing it on her blog (busy days for me). I will take a peek, and I am sure she will be a success with her positive outlook, creativity and faith. I love your sweet post of encouragement for her. xo



Maryah said...

A beautiful craft site! I love the stuff that Stephanie makes...thanks for sharing this with me, Delvalina!

Hilda said...

What a beautiful store!! A few things I saw did seem a little high priced but she has great ideas! I love the little paper clip bow bookmarks!

Get plenty of rest Delvalina. Later, my sister.


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