DIY S.O.A.P ( Your journal book with God)

I'm sorry if you're wondering what is this about...but I like to make people curious :)

Before I start this DIY, I want to share you a bit of my story when God asked me to this.
On January, I found myself in stressful and desperate, thought I know so many excited things in this year but they are that made me stressful and desperate. I felt nothing at all, no answers, and I felt God was silent for me...until I gave up and said "fine! I give up with all my dreams, and desires and I give it back to You. Take it O Lord. Better or worse it doesn't matter as long as I walk with You. I have so many things that You need to fix it but let Your will be done". I stop focus to myself that made me more desperate instead I praying a lot for other people and being closer to Him. One day God gave me idea, it's been long time but I delayed it and ignored it...He wanted me to have Journal Book and after these all He reminded again. So I was thinking probably God wants me to write details what He is going to do, and He has done to me and make it like a journal...but I was not sure how it will look like, Agenda? Diary?Journal? or kinda list to do?. Well, the first thing I need is a book! Special one! something that makes me always want to touch it and write on it. So almost a month I've looking for in book stores, but nothing look good for me. I was thinking how could I have one but after a week. I got package from a friend from Oklahoma after a month she sent me finally I got it...I opened it up and

  "surprise...surprise...it's a beautiful book of journal, I love it so much because it's design and color and inside full of beautiful different scriptures, in every page of that book" So I know God gave me this book to this...and I started 

  • Write the highlights verse from the daily scripture ( I use Bible YouVersion App for my daily scripture)
  •  Write what I think from the scripture I read. I'm sure Holy Spirit will guide you to understand and write what you get after read it.
  • Praying : write name of people that God reminds you to pray at the time. 
  • Write what God wants you to do ( learning to familiar with His voice)

Then do it as you can! Remember to always ask His guidance in everyday life so you focus to your meditation time with Him.  Try Him! :)

I've been doing it for a month but after my first presentation of thesis and I got distraction because of getting tired and I ignored it. On March my family had to dealing with circumstances, and God was trying to reminded me to do the journal...but I was not sure. 2 days after it I talked to my best friend about things that happened to me and my family and he showed me SOAP I was wondering what was that but when I read it then I just realized God wanted me to do it. It was exactly with what I had done before! woohoo God is amazing! He draw me close to Him through this way, He loves me and He wont let me go. How precious I am" I'm back for this...I do this at nights before sleep, thinking of Him what I've done for Him in through the whole day, praying...read the Bible ( full of promises) and write in a journal it all I call Mediation Time.

If you don't have one, I have idea to help you to have one. I hope this could help you.
wrapping paper/fabric, papers, pens, decorating ornaments 

Hard cover

cover it wit wrapping paper or fabric
 Now I decorate it with lace on the bottom and top

write your favorite verse

Use clip just in case if you will put more papers :)
The Journal book will help you to understand more how God is, will help you to be closer to God and focus to Him, to memorize His scripture in time of need I'm sure God will remind you His scripture that strengthen you. Help people in praying....to help you walk in His track. and Help you to familiar with His voice.

Does this work to me? YES!!! God answered my prayers. Help me to walk in His track every single day.

Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son
~John 14:13~


Stephanie said...

It's perfect, Eva! I love the story behind S.O.A.P and the journal you made is beautiful. May you continue to grow in the Lord and be used by Him, sweet Sister!

Love you!

Jedidja said...

Beautiful, dear sister :-) I love it. You are so creative.

This is the way to get/receive more love to your quiet time with God. In difficult times and days that they sun is shining in your life, He will meet you. Remember that.

I love the last picture.

Erin Pascal said...

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story! You inspired me with your words. Your journals are absolutely amazing! It looks so good. Thank you for giving us a little tutorial about how to make these because I definitely will try it. May God bless you!

Kat White said...

Very good idea. I Have one and love it. Have a great day!

Faith said...

That's a really great idea! I should try that! Thank you so much for the idea!

Karen said...

I have been keeping a prayer journal and it is so encouraging to look back at how God has answered prayer!

Graciela Magno said...

So beautiful <3


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