DIY Vintage Ornaments Necklace

Dear friends,
I think I've been updating this blog lately
to God be the glory He has helped me when I was working for my thesis about a year.
So I have decided that I will update this blog once I done.
My presentation will be on 17th July then I finish my studies from University.
I would love to share my thesis here :)
I know it probably not such a fun stuff but very important to be known in this century.

Today, I made a necklace from vintage ornaments.
probably some of you already saw this idea on Pinterest
but I want to try on my own.

So this is how I made
ornaments,  hard fabric, glue, scissors, and a paper  

now arrange them with your own creation and stick them on the paper

Add caption

will be easy to shape it :)

cut it

cut the fabric with the shape that you have made with paper

glue each ornament and put it on fabric

 Sorry about my English but I hope you understand by seeing these pictures.

Let's have fun with the necklace.

Thank you for coming and visit my blog :)

Blessing to you!



no spring chicken said...

Clever girl! It's just beautiful. I have a couple of daughters who will love this idea. :)

Blessings, Debbie

Faith said...

ooh! That's very pretty!

Stephanie said...

My dear, creative Eva, I LOVE your necklace :) You have inspired me to make one...I am hoping to make the bow you shared so now I have two things from your blog that I need to make :) You are so lovely, my sister. Thank you for sharing.

Love you lots!

Alexandra Marie said...

Great idea! I love how you up-cycled the lovely vintage broaches! Alex


Karen Frost said...

How pretty you are modeling this very sweet necklace! I really like this idea and so easy, too! I love your dress <3 Congratulations on completion of your Thesis! A wonderful accomplishment to be proud of! Hugs, xoxo

Maryah said...

A beautiful necklace for a beautiful woman!! <3

Naana(Official) said...

It's so beautiful and you look gorgeous! Maybe you can sell them on etsy.com? Anyway, fabulous blog you've got!

Karen said...

You have a real talent! This is lovely. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Jedidja said...


LadyD said...

This is so pretty! It looks great on you. I will have to find some pretty bobbles like you did and try to make my own. Thank you for sharing! :)


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