God writes my love story to glorify His name

Dear friends,

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Thank you so much for every pray that you bring in the presence of God. It all brings me hope, strength, peace and let me learn to surrender more. I know He always walks with me through tears and joy :)
How much I appreciate your kindness and please keep us in your prayers. Thank you for the friendship as well.

This time I want to share you that God has been using my "love story" to glorify His name, and I'm glad that some people are inspired by this story though God has not finished yet with this.
So I've been with my boyfriend more than 5 years, the first year was we built friendship and second year we started to date till now. You know, girls are dreaming of perfect prince just like in the fairy tales. I've been praying for my future husband since I was 16. Well, too early? :) and I let God to write one for me.

So other day, Skype manager contacted me via email.

Hope you're well.
I'd like to introduce you to Moment Makers, Skype's newly launched program that celebrate all moments, big or small, that can be done using Skype. We came across your "Skype Love Story" blog post and thought it was incredible how you showed love from afar is possible with Skype. This would be absolutely perfect to feature in our Story Bank on skypemoments.com. We would of course credit you and your blog. Let me know if that's alright!
Hope to speak soon!

I'm so incredible blessed that God uses me through this story to glorify His name to people around the world, and someday when God brings us together. I want to make this story in a book for encouraging all people around the world to centered God in relationships. I never be strong enough through this hard relationship but God is there for us, and lifted me up.

I wrote this post on February 2012

Story of Mine on Skype


Sherri B. said...

This is such a sweet story and so nice that you can share of your trust that God will write your love story. It would make a wonderful book.

I have sent an email with over to someone at a big church to see if he can sort out some of the bad things that are happening where you are. He is very busy and I have not heard back from him. This is all I can do now so we will just continue to pray.

Much love to you, my friend.

Kat White said...

Wow that is awesome esp now a days!!

no spring chicken said...

God is honored in your beautiful story and He wants more people to see it!
~Still praying for you and your family.

Blessings, Debbie

Erin Pascal said...

It's a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing this to us! I hope many people will be able to read your story. It is very inspiring and I enjoyed reading it so much. :) Thank you!


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