A Chapter of A Story ♥

Dear friends,

I' honored that you visited my blog, and here is where I am telling you A Chapter that God has written in my life, because I know that in this chapter where the history of my life changed :) which is you know that God found me and crowned me as His princess... it's such an honor to me that I reign with Him someday in the aftermath.

  For The Author of Salvation
For The Author of my life

You are mine
and I am Yours  

I am so grateful that I was born and grew up in a Christian family. I am second, my parents are preacher, and also parents for the orphans in a orphanage since 2000 when the riots happened in my hometown Ternate - North Maluku. On March 2000 my family moved from Ternate to Solo where is the place I live till now, we moved here because my parents were called to be care taker parents for the children who were the victims in that riot. So I live with many sisters and brothers here :) and that is awesome! God's precious gift for me..., and praise Jesus, my parents are also trusted to be pastor in a church here since 3 months ago. 

12 years ago, when my parents started to ministering the children, and managing the daily life and activities in this orphanage, the most focus of my parents for the children is "healing heart and knowing God" so they set up times for praying, fellowship and everything related with spiritual life. And each day we have set our time for chapel morning at 5 am and evening at 5.30 pm. For Sunday sure we have church time...well I was 9 years old I went to Sunday School every Sunday morning with my friends... I loved to listen tale story which is like normal for kids, and some teachers in Sunday School were smart they could bring the Bible Story just like the tale story. I have noticed what the adult people do when they were praying or at church, esp my parents as preachers. and I obeyed what the adult told me... and like everything about God stuff and what adult people told me fulfilled  my head.

So one day,  it was in chapel evening where everyone gathered together, we had group for discussing Bible, well I was say nothing among what adult people talk in the group. But I have wanted to know that  
"How God Speak to the men?  Where did they know that God loved them?  Where did they know that God didn't accept bad things and love when we do good thing? Did God talk to them? and how about me, am I just little girl and God didn't talk to me because God is adult people too? "

Those were in my head.. and inside my heart  "God, I want You speak to me too, I want to hear Your voice, is as same as my father's voice?"

When one of the group leader asked "Any question of you before we start to worship God"  I was afraid to raise my hand and ask, but I must ask her...and so I raise my voice though it was not loud like other people talked "Mrs. Susan, How can God speak to us? I want to know how can God speak to me?"  Everyone looked at me and smile, it blushed me away,..little smile on my face I was so shy and then..

"Darling, God speak to men in many ways, through the pastor in church, through our parents when they talk to us, and especially when you are reading Bible, it is God is speaking to us. Sometime He talks in our dreams and all messages that give the joy and peace in heart, comforting our hearts, lead us to the truth things...that is how God speak to the men"

When I listened to every word she said, I was about to cry, I felt something different stuck inside my heartt relieved my heart in joy, peace and I cant describe anymore how it's like and i...and when we started to worship God, I prayed in crying, I don't know why I cried to much in this time when, and then I was feel like I was in the green pasture in the beautiful field and wind blows, everything was just so beautiful...and I heard a whisper that close to me " My daughter, I have loved you and I love you"  I was so overwhelmed in that atmosphere...it's just so beautiful I could describe, and I cried, I cried, I sung, I cried, and this heart started to adore Him...and it was the first time I talked in pray in many languages...I felt like I didn't want to stop it, because it really satisfied my soul, and heart. I danced, I sung, crying in joy...till I felt like I lost my energy and I sat down,..and when I opened my eyes...I was surprised that everyone around me and looked at me, smiling and hugged me, it was about 1 am...oh I didn't realize that it took 4 hours but I still wanted His presence.

So it was late, at night I went to bed, and I just felt like I just met someone who makes me feel so happy like never before, I had a good sleep and in the morning when I woke up, I felt that morning is so different than other days before, I felt new, I didn't know whats the new thing but I jut felt it...I was in elementary school and 7 am where I must went to school, I felt like why does everyone likes me.. and started from that day, my life totally changed, I could forgive my friends who hurt me without count on time or days, I could feel that I was abundantly, and I shared to my friend at school what I have like foods and drinks, and I wonder that why I became smarter than the past days at school..haha it was weird to me, but I felt joy and peace within it, I felt like the Person that I met other night made my day every day!!! and since that time I was falling in love with Him!

Now, I grow up and it's been 12 years He always makes me in love with Him through tears and joy, my heart full of thankful for His faithfulness and greatness in my every move that I've made. A lot of things that I have through out with Him, all these experiences is with Him, the One who never let me go. I'm grateful that He uses me for His glory, that is why I want to life the rest of my life for His glory, He has saved me and called me to be His.

Friends, with your personal experiences with God in your life, you heart will know more who God is. His love will protect you that you will not walk far away from His eyes. He watches you, though you don't see and think that He is working for you.

I'm so incredible blessed that I am falling in love with Him, as always...through the storm hit you down, the joy of the Lord lift up your head, strengthen you and His faithfulness fills your days...that is why I am falling in love with Him. and that is why this blog called falling in Love with Jesus :)

I pray that this story will be blessing you! I believe you have another story like this or it is writing for you.

After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!”
(Revelation 7:9-10 ESV)
When the wedding bells ring, with unfailing face we will see Him...

I don't have a picture with my beautiful Jesus, and I tried to make this really long time a go :)
Much Love,


Jedidja said...

Thank you for your testimony. Take courage. What our God begins, he will finish it. He will be with you. With His Holy Spirit in you. What will happen in your life ... by what difficulties he will lead ... it is to get ready for a life forever with Him.

I think it is admirable what your parents do. Are not you afraid to live where Muslim violence was ( or is)? How is the health of the orphans? Are there many traumas after 13 years?

Pam Williams said...

What a beautiful story, Delvalina! I have been wondering about how your walk with Jesus started. I am so glad that you have this posted on your blog. It is a wonderful witness of the power of God's love! Many blessings and much love,
Mrs. Pam

Wanda said...

Enjoyed reading your testimony. Make you continue walk in faith has God as you continue walk out the story God has written for you.

Hannah Scarlett Smith said...

This is the first time I have read your entire story- it's so beautiful, Delvalina! You make my heart glow, seeing your Love and walk with Jesus, and being able to relate and share in that experience, that abundant Love that sweeps away the heart that was made to adore Him.


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