~ Me and My Bible~

Sustain me, my God, according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed.
(Psalm 119:116)

Reading Bible for me is just something where the moment I meditate...but  more you discover things in Bible it all more than just daily meditation. Holy Spirit will reveal things that you never thought before even though what you read today same with what you read in the past.

Sometimes in the moment when I have to read my Bible I have no idea what book/part that I should read...sometimes I don't know the point is and I'm like oh I will read this later and keep procrastinating, and sometimes I founds a gem that I don't think I never heard before and I'm like glowing :)

and I just want to love His Scripture everyday, I just want to know His heart
 through the stories, and I just want He speaks to me...the only thing I can is to be friend with my Bible.

I love to read my Bible in the morning like when the sunrise and its light dancing around my room. I just love that moment.  And at nights while people are sleeping.

I put my Bible under my pillow because each night I lay down on my bed, I think to much things of my life and it will help me to reminds me that His scripture is where I find my peace. Sometimes I just feel like I sleep in His arms when I hugging it hehe 

I love to mark, highlights,  and write on Bible...I just want to put what God has told me through the verse when I read. So that next time when I read it again it will encourage me. I am sure you will like "Oh, how could I write this?" :) (I love this part) Bible is kind of my little journal, it looks messy but I love the way it looks

So, in the moment you're down and need His words. The Holy Spirit is like alarm. He reminds you the scriptures. 

So that's the story of me and my Bible...

What is yours? :)


Arystha said...

I always put my Bible beside of my pillow and every night before I go to sleep, I must be read it. I have 3 Bibles, actually Kak, hehe, one from my dad (I always bring it to church), one from my uncle (as gift when I have my 13th birthday), and one from my aunt (a New International Version, as gift when I have my first days in Malang about 3 years ago)

Olga Rani said...

And I like to read Bible or other spiritual books right before going to sleep. I like the quietness of the night, I like to lay comfortably in the bed and then to read under the light of a lamp. And after reading a few pages, to think it over in my head and then to fall asleep.

harleygirl said...

At this stage in my life, I have to read my Bible at night. And because everyone is sleeping, and my house is so small, I can't have any lights on. So I read my Bible on my Kindle right now. Someday, I can go back to the actual book, but for now, at least I can still read God's word daily! I'm like you--sometimes I don't know where to read. But it seems He always guides us where we need to be. :)

Jedidja said...

Ik think its true what Harleygirl said: He Always guides us where we need to be with bible reading. My ols black bible is near/beside me when I am in bed.

I now read the gospel of John again. Love it.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Beautiful thoughts today, Delvalina - I love your well loved bible. I keep mine in a glass bookshelf where I can read it late at night when I cannot sleep. I love Proverbs most of all. Hugs xo Karen

Jenna Condon said...

Yes the Lord is so good. :)

HOPE YOU can stop by my blog too,

Debbie Harris said...

This was a beautiful post Delvalina. I love your well used Bible in the photo.

I love to get up very early in the morning and sit in my chair by the fire and have my quiet time alone with the Lord while the house is still and quiet. I have a tape that Stephanie made me of her playing the piano, and I listen to that every morning as I read the Word of God. It is special God and I time, and my soul longs for it every day.
Then during the day if time allowes I will sit with a cup of tea and meet with God in the reading of His Word.

The Lord bless you!

Karen said...

Hi Delvalina, I kept my old Bible until the pages began to fall out. Finally I had to get a new one. I like to read in the early morning also. I prayed for you today and for your country. God bless you.

Ceil said...

HI Delvalina! It sounds like your Bible is like a best friend to you. That is so wonderful! It is the inspired words of your friend Jesus, and his Father too.

It is so good to start the day with The Lord, through Scripture. I really like that too. And sometimes God speaks so clearly with an insight...other days not. But he is always there with us! Yay!
Blessings to you my friend :)

Ceil said...

It's me again.

Guess what came in the mail?? MY PURSE!!!

It is so cute! I love the little flower on the side, and the wooden handles. Your note was so sweet too, it really touched my heart.

I want to remain friends with you until we meet in heaven too. I pray that we will be :)
I'll take photos and then get this up on my blog next week.

Bless you for the trouble you went through, and blessings to Stephanie too. She did a great job sending the purse on to me.

Have a wonderful day, my friend!

Karen said...

Delvalina, I am praying for Indonesia this morning. I read about the eruptions at Mt. Sinabung. I pray that more and more people of Indonesia will be open to the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.


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