A Simple Idea to Use Old Christmas Ornaments

"Let our hearts overflow with thankfulness..."

- Colossians 2:7

Every year my mom and I always buy a new ornaments for Christmas decoration...and pack the old ornaments that can't really used. Normally they are broken and damage and less shiny.

I was thinking if I could use all of them and trying to make another look, but this is just as simple as you think. You only need a glass or mason jar or a glassy bowls and the old ornaments.

Well, you just need to put in all ornaments inside the glasses and give snow spray to make it look frost.

If you want to give the new look you only make them more shiny with clean or put more glitter.

Isn't it so simple? :)

what is your idea to use the old ornaments?

I'm really sorry for not coming to your site because sometimes I want to log into blog and it directs me to another site, I think it's kinda virus for Google products, and I need to ask a help for this. I'm wondering if some of you have the same problem...

Happy Thanksgiving week for all my American family and friends.
My heart so grateful that we could grow up in Christ together through this blogland


~ Me and My Bible~

Sustain me, my God, according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed.
(Psalm 119:116)

Reading Bible for me is just something where the moment I meditate...but  more you discover things in Bible it all more than just daily meditation. Holy Spirit will reveal things that you never thought before even though what you read today same with what you read in the past.

Sometimes in the moment when I have to read my Bible I have no idea what book/part that I should read...sometimes I don't know the point is and I'm like oh I will read this later and keep procrastinating, and sometimes I founds a gem that I don't think I never heard before and I'm like glowing :)

and I just want to love His Scripture everyday, I just want to know His heart
 through the stories, and I just want He speaks to me...the only thing I can is to be friend with my Bible.

I love to read my Bible in the morning like when the sunrise and its light dancing around my room. I just love that moment.  And at nights while people are sleeping.

I put my Bible under my pillow because each night I lay down on my bed, I think to much things of my life and it will help me to reminds me that His scripture is where I find my peace. Sometimes I just feel like I sleep in His arms when I hugging it hehe 

I love to mark, highlights,  and write on Bible...I just want to put what God has told me through the verse when I read. So that next time when I read it again it will encourage me. I am sure you will like "Oh, how could I write this?" :) (I love this part) Bible is kind of my little journal, it looks messy but I love the way it looks

So, in the moment you're down and need His words. The Holy Spirit is like alarm. He reminds you the scriptures. 

So that's the story of me and my Bible...

What is yours? :)


Chicken Corn Soup for Papa

Let all that you do be done in love
(1 Corinthians 16:14)

It's almost a week I spent time with my dad, well 3 days actually because Sunday - Thursday I was at school to take my certificate and my GPA transcript. I made it home on Thursday and at that day we had grocery shopping. Normally mom cooks for us, but today I want to cook for us. Even though I don't know how to cook very well but recipe in blogland and pinterest help me a lot  :)

But I said, let me cook with my own way and will see how it taste oh haha :D but do you want to know a secret that it comes good? you must cook with all your heart...oh my!

Corn soup is my dad's favorite food, and I want to try but how? well this thought came in my mind corn soup it must be "Corn and Soup". I know how to cook soup but I dont know how to cook corn soup.

let's do this I need to mix soup and corn. Yes! ( please dont try I cooked with my own  instinct )

But here is... :)

I asked my two friends to taste it and they liked, they even asked one more time :D

But this evening when I got back home and and I asked my dad, but he answered it's too dense and need a little bit sweet, so I was disappointed. 
I thought that he wouldnt eat again, but tonight I asked my two friends in youthto have dinner with me and asked them to taste it but when we made it home...Nothing Left in the bowl, I was wondering where did my dad put it but then he said all gone he just ate it all haha.
It made me laugh :D

Thank you Jesus, I feel like I pass the exam of cooking today :)
I always remember what my mom said that if you want to cook, make over, or decorating, crafting just do it with all your heart and never be satisfied when they praise you.


~Ought to Pray and Never Lose Heart ♥~

"My Lord..." (sobbing) I kneeling and begging.

"You again My dear...? Didn't I tell you no?" 

"Yes You did my Lord... but it's just hard to me and this heart won't stop to hope in You"

"I see... You won't give up on Me. Very well, and I'm willing you to do"

"Oh yay! :D I know You will, and I know You love me" jump, jump, dance, and singing with joyful heart.


My dear friends sorry that I always have crazy conversation with God. It's true and sometimes come across in my mind, hehe and He is funny sometimes and I love it! :)

Let's see, 
tonight I am awaken from my sleep and I still need to sleep again so much to do tomorrow. But tonight I am reminded of the story in Luke 18 : 1 - 8 it's a parable of Persistent Widow. I was thinking that our beloved Jesus is so brilliant to describe this parable. We all here like this widow, but which one we are? sometimes we're easily give up on things in this world and then we stop to pray and asking. Remember Hannah? All the years, everyday she came and asked to God.

I was thinking that this widow was crazy and stubborn, but no she still had a hope that she could win.  She didn't lose her heart in the circumstances even the unfaithful judge granted her desires. What about our King who loves us? I feel loved by Him everyday, and each time I remember this my heart is so happy.

"ought to pray and never lose your heart"

I'm wondering sometimes that did I ever change God's mind? hmmm this question makes me smile sometime :)...I remember that Abraham also bargained with God about Sodom and Gomora and also I remember about Jonah's story 

~Who knows? God may turn and relent and turn from his fierce anger, so that we may not perish~ ( Jonah 3:9)

so...what's the point Eva???

hmmm, I don't know exactly the point is but just a question
"How could I melting God's heart and change His mind?"


I'm praying that the Spirit of God will guide you to understand.


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