Chicken Corn Soup for Papa

Let all that you do be done in love
(1 Corinthians 16:14)

It's almost a week I spent time with my dad, well 3 days actually because Sunday - Thursday I was at school to take my certificate and my GPA transcript. I made it home on Thursday and at that day we had grocery shopping. Normally mom cooks for us, but today I want to cook for us. Even though I don't know how to cook very well but recipe in blogland and pinterest help me a lot  :)

But I said, let me cook with my own way and will see how it taste oh haha :D but do you want to know a secret that it comes good? you must cook with all your heart...oh my!

Corn soup is my dad's favorite food, and I want to try but how? well this thought came in my mind corn soup it must be "Corn and Soup". I know how to cook soup but I dont know how to cook corn soup.

let's do this I need to mix soup and corn. Yes! ( please dont try I cooked with my own  instinct )

But here is... :)

I asked my two friends to taste it and they liked, they even asked one more time :D

But this evening when I got back home and and I asked my dad, but he answered it's too dense and need a little bit sweet, so I was disappointed. 
I thought that he wouldnt eat again, but tonight I asked my two friends in youthto have dinner with me and asked them to taste it but when we made it home...Nothing Left in the bowl, I was wondering where did my dad put it but then he said all gone he just ate it all haha.
It made me laugh :D

Thank you Jesus, I feel like I pass the exam of cooking today :)
I always remember what my mom said that if you want to cook, make over, or decorating, crafting just do it with all your heart and never be satisfied when they praise you.


Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! I think your Dad really did like that soup! I really do like soup, especially on a cold day. Just warms me up. Maybe the corn makes the soup a little sweet, but that would be delicious!

You are such a good daughter, your father is a very blessed man.

Have a good weekend, my friend. You are always in my prayers.

Karen said...

Delvalina, It looks so good. I remember some of my first attempts at cooking...some turned out well, some not! I will be cooking for the family at Thanksgiving.

Sherri B. said...

Your soup looks very delicious! Your Dad was just giving you loving advice so you could do it better and better all of the time..that is how you learn to cook. I still make mistakes in my cooking and I have been at the stove for 41 years!

Have fun with your next special recipe that you cook up.

Much love to you. xo

Olga Rani said...

Your soup looks so colourful and delicious! And the way food looks means a lot, isn't it? I think your dad said that as advice that the next time you cook you could improve it.

Arystha said...

waaaaaaa langsung lapar liat supnya kak evaaaa :9 :3

Karen Frost said...

Dear Delvalina,
You cooked from the heart and put your love as the first ingredient so no wonder your Father ate it all! It does look very good and healthy and the most important thing is that you tried. That is how we all learn - I am still learning new things in cooking after 41 years, just like your friend Sherri! Blessings and Hugs xoxo

Lizzie said...

Wow, that looks delicious! I wish I could cook from instinct, but I rely on recipes a lot. I guess I need to practice experimenting more! =)

Kat White said...

your soup looks very yummy. I want to reach into the computer and get me some. I hope you have been well and blessed my dear! Hugs to you.

David C Brown said...

Looks and sounds good; pity we can't have a taste!

Grace be with you; "if indeed ye have tasted that the Lord is good" 1 peter 2: 3.

Hilda said...

So cute! But your father should havebeen grateful that you tried to make him his favorite meal. Like my mother says, keep practising until you get it right. ;)

Your sister ❤️

Terra said...

That is the highest praise, that your dad ate all the soup.

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! I have not gotten any package yet. I will leave a note with Stephanie and see if she has gotten anything.

Did you send it with tracking numbers? If you did, you can check and see where the package is now. It could be that it is delayed because of the holiday mailings. Sometimes that slows things down.

I will let you know if I find out anything. Try not to worry. I'm sure it will come soon.


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