~Ought to Pray and Never Lose Heart ♥~

"My Lord..." (sobbing) I kneeling and begging.

"You again My dear...? Didn't I tell you no?" 

"Yes You did my Lord... but it's just hard to me and this heart won't stop to hope in You"

"I see... You won't give up on Me. Very well, and I'm willing you to do"

"Oh yay! :D I know You will, and I know You love me" jump, jump, dance, and singing with joyful heart.


My dear friends sorry that I always have crazy conversation with God. It's true and sometimes come across in my mind, hehe and He is funny sometimes and I love it! :)

Let's see, 
tonight I am awaken from my sleep and I still need to sleep again so much to do tomorrow. But tonight I am reminded of the story in Luke 18 : 1 - 8 it's a parable of Persistent Widow. I was thinking that our beloved Jesus is so brilliant to describe this parable. We all here like this widow, but which one we are? sometimes we're easily give up on things in this world and then we stop to pray and asking. Remember Hannah? All the years, everyday she came and asked to God.

I was thinking that this widow was crazy and stubborn, but no she still had a hope that she could win.  She didn't lose her heart in the circumstances even the unfaithful judge granted her desires. What about our King who loves us? I feel loved by Him everyday, and each time I remember this my heart is so happy.

"ought to pray and never lose your heart"

I'm wondering sometimes that did I ever change God's mind? hmmm this question makes me smile sometime :)...I remember that Abraham also bargained with God about Sodom and Gomora and also I remember about Jonah's story 

~Who knows? God may turn and relent and turn from his fierce anger, so that we may not perish~ ( Jonah 3:9)

so...what's the point Eva???

hmmm, I don't know exactly the point is but just a question
"How could I melting God's heart and change His mind?"


I'm praying that the Spirit of God will guide you to understand.


Arystha said...

yes, never give up and keep pray! :D
morning, Kak Eva! :D

Hilda said...

Never give up, sister. God lovesi t when we ask Him but there are times when He tests our faith but that doesn't mean you stop trying. keep going. :)

Stephanie said...

God never fails and He will not fail you, my Eva. Do not give up - I know you will keep your heart focused upon our Lord even when you don't know what He is doing. But know this, He is making life beautiful for you even when times are hard, my Sister. I love you and am praying for you :)

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! (or should I start calling you Eva?)

This has always confused me too. Do I actually change the heart of God when I pray? Or does he change mine so I will accept his will? I can't figure that one out.

But your prayer experience tells you that God does listen can can relent, as he has done many times in the Bible. I would listen to your heart where God speaks to you. Effective prayer is always a cause for celebration!

I looked back at your graduation photo...you looked wonderful! What a happy occasion, and many people came? Makes it even more special. Congratulations!
Monday Blessings,

Olga Rani said...

I think, Delvalina, that you could melt God's heart simply because you are such a sweet person and because you love God so much...

Karen said...

God keeps bringing up the words "patience" and "endurance".

Karen Frost said...

Just keep having faith, Delvalina and believe in the power of God and of yourself. God can only help us if we believe in ourselves and trust that whatever happens is another delightful opportunity to grow and learn. Hugs to you xoxo

Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

thank you for sharing this eva ;)

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Denise said...

Beautiful,inspired by Our Lord post.I loved reading it.Reminded Me how I did give up praying that My 42 year old daughter would find love and get married.Forgive Me Lord.Love Grandma Denise


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