~DIY Flower Garden Crown~

Keep your head up princess
the crown will fall

Most of flower crowns are made with fake flowers and wires. I made it once on the last December. But real flower crown was my stuff when I was little girl...if you had barbies or dolls at house, then I had nature at the time. Rainy day was my favorite time to play out with my friends though I had to sneak out from house :D and got cold after that.
So that day reminded me of my childhood. It was afternoon after rain outside, I went out and grabbed the flowers outside with friends. We made some flowers and had laughs under the tree and sat on the wet grass.
This crown would be perfect with daisy flowers, I wish I had one here :)

How I made it

 Cross one flower over the other

take the footstalk of one flower and wrap it between the two  flowers

so it will look like this and hold the all foot-stalks 

add the flowers in different side and do like the step 1

Now keep continue to do this. 

Simple right?

Once you get done then secure it :)

Take selfie pictures 


oh oops!
I hope this will help you to make one easily 

and I would love to share here what my thesis about, hoping to give you more information a little about our world

Have a glorious day everyone 


Hilda said...

That looks beautiful but also hard to make. once I tried to make a crown of flowers but it would break apart.

God bless, my sister. :).

Alexandra Marie said...

Oh my goodness, how sweet! I'll have to try this sometime with the real flowers- how darling! Alex


Stephanie said...

It's perfect and has inspired me to make one for myself :) I love what you said about keeping our head up so that our crown does not fall - very sweet, Sister.

You are beautiful! Love you!

Lizzie said...

That looks like a much more secure way to make flower crowns than what I did as a little girl... we would pierce little slits in the stems with our fingernails and slide the next flower's stem through the slit. They broke very easily. ;)

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your thesis!

Marsya Aulia Rizkita said...

it's cute flower crown :3

following you now, follow me back maybe?


Sophie said...

I love flowers. And flower crowns... ive never been able to make one... but I want to someday so baddd<3

*Dark Angel* said...

you are so creatively talented, lovely photos, you are looking cute :)

Denise said...

Thank you for dropping by to say hello.Beautiful creation.I had a real dried flower wreath in My hair with long light green ribbon running down My back on My wedding day 36 years ago.Love the idea to this day.

Jedidja said...

Very nice! I did it with daisies when I was young. They were smaller than your flowers. It was a real fiddling.

You are so beautiful!

Terra said...

The daisy crown and you are beautiful and I see joy in your smile. I am your new friend from California, and I am happy to have a new blog friend in Indonesia.

Karen said...

I love your crown of flowers, Delvalina. I used to make these. Once I made one for my little girl to wear to school on a special day. It brightens my day to visit your blog. Thank you

Anonymous said...

This is a work of art and of love and patience. So much grace in it.
It was fun catching up today with several posts, Delvalina. I had lost my blogroll but I created a page so it never happens again. I'm off to add you there to visit frequently. I am so blessed every time I stop by.
Love and blessings.

Lorenza Betris said...

My finger😱😱, the time flies so fast 😢

Lorenza Betris said...

My finger😱😱, the time flies so fast 😢


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