~Thank you Jesus ♥~

Dear my beloved friends. Thank you so much for each prayer that you sent for the orphans here who are figure out their futures. Some of them get sponsors finally, and some of them get jobs, and some of them is learning to waiting on God and keep believing. What about me? I'm overwhelmed and learn more things that God has been teaching me. It's hard though...yet is beautiful so let's say "Thank  you Jesus"

Thank you Lord for all You have done in my past, that it keeps remind me to always trust You both now in my circumstances and my future mystery.  
Thank you Jesus, today I am poor and it always brings me to understand how rich You are in me. 
Thank you Jesus that you allow  my family to live in the orphanage with under pressures sometimes 
and it let me see that You are there  covering us. You are there sending us more beautiful strangers to help us.
You are there and never late to feed us,
dressing us,
and taking care of us when no one caring for us.
I'm learning and see that You are so real.
Thank you. 
Thank you that you allow me to live with bunch of brothers and sisters.
It reminds me everyday that Life is about to sharing.
Sharing burdens, happiness, joy, and love.
It never allows me to be ego and has created me to be compassion just like You. 
Thank you Jesus
that You have given me such beautiful Mama and Papa.
I'm learning so much things from them by all ministries that You have trusted them.
Thank you that I have learned "Patience" from Mama when she has to dealing with children.
Thank you that I have learned " to be still and trust You" from Papa when he has to face some people.
Thank you that You have showed me how strong they are in You.
and I know that I shouldn't be afraid of my life.

Thank you Jesus...that I am so different than my friends in many ways.
You really make different and show it to me :)
Thank for who I am in You. 
thank you that I am weak and  I will need You always in my life. 
and thank you for my best friends that You've sent for me 
to always remind me that You there for me. 
Thank you for my beautiful blogging friends that I never meet.
They're praying for me
and it's beautiful.  
Thank you Jesus for beautiful morning sunshine
always reminds me that there is a hope for today.
Thank you Jesus.



Sherri B. said...

Dear Delvalina,
This is a most beautiful post showing your thankfulness to Jesus.

I am thanking Jesus for you and your precious words that help me be more thankful too.

Much love to you my sweet friend.

Nancy said...

Delvelina, you are such a sweet blessing to me every time I read your words and see your love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I love how you thank Him for being weak so that He can show His strength through you. I will try to remember to always be thankful for that in me as well, instead of wishing I was strong.
God bless you and your family.

Terra said...

Your words are beautiful as you count some of your many blessings here in this post. I am sure you are a blessing to the people around you.

Lizzie said...

What a lovely, sweet post, my friend! And such a serene picture of you reading your Bible. I love it!

Stephanie said...

Oh my Sister, what a beautiful heart of thankfulness. Your words touched my heart and soul! Thank you, Jesus, for my Sister, Eva, for I love her so much!

Big hugs to you!!

Karen said...

You are a blessing to me!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful...God bless you!!!

David C Brown said...

What grace there is for us to experience; what a Lord we have!

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU, sweet blogging friend, for this beautiful prayer that has touched my heart today when I needed to be encouraged.
My love and blessings to you and your family. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Debbie Harris said...

Thank you dear Delvalina for this beautiful reminder to have a thankful heart in all things. Your love for the Lord touches my heart so. What an encouragement you are as we all walk with the Lord day by day.
My... You are so beautiful!

Much love to you!


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