~Thank you! & Mother's day~

Thank you my friends, for all your prayers last week to my family. It's prevailed! PREVAILED!
and I'm so proud to have our beautiful God. He really comforted my soul. He came through my dream and through the song that I sang in my heart.

So today, I went to post office and sent a card and gift for my America mom. Well, not officially yet but... I feel closer if I don't call her by name. This package is for Mother's Day, and actually it takes two weeks to get to U.S. so I sent it today, and I can't wait till the day she gets it :). I didn't make one for my mother because our Mother's day on 22nd December, hehe :)

So here is the gift that I made it for her, actually my mom helped me to sewing this because I don't really have time to do this. So thank you mama! :)
This is a handkerchief that my mom helped me to sew it

What's your plan for Mother's day? :)

I would love to thank you for some friends that made my day, thank you for you prayers. It means world to me, and thank you for being beautiful friends in this blog. I'm praying that someday I could meet you, in this world or in heaven.


I'll be back to you soon!




Regine Karpel said...

Thank you! Glad to hear! I saw the word prevailed and had to read!

Lizzie said...

Praise God! He is always faithful. =)

I hope we will meet in this world someday, but if not, I know we will meet in heaven!

Maryah said...

Praise Jesus!!! Yes! He is WONDERFUL! I love you Delvalina! And that gift is sooo pretty! I know she'll love it! <3

Stephanie said...

My sweet sister, you are so precious! I love, love, LOVE the handkerchief! It is so beautiful and your American Mom will love it :)

You are so dear to me and I love you! I pray we will meet someday on this earth, but if not we will see each other in heaven - oh how wonderful that will be!

Love and hugs to you,

Naana said...

Nice post! It is not mother's day here but i would like the wish all those celebrating it a very happy mother's day!

Debbie Harris said...

What a beautiful gift for your americam mother! She will be blessed for sure.

Your post on marriage was absolutly beautiful for any women to read, married or not. Thank you for sharing such words of wisdom.

May the Lord bless as you continue to walk close to Him.

Joy to you!

Alexandra Marie said...

Great post! Thank you so much for sharing!


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