Tea Cup Exchange

Last month I decided to join this blog event. My dear friend Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose created this event and arranged all ladies all over the world. Isn't that cool? :) I have known this event couple years ago but I never had the chance to join when I lived in Indonesia till I moved here. I signed up for tea and mug exchange so I got 2 ladies here. I am glad that one of them sent me thank you card and another one always keep in touch with me through email and we love to sharing our favorite things - which is fun! 

It's more than what I expected! My first experience " I LOVED IT" like I expecting the packages to come and when it came I felt like Christmas haha. So I opened the boxes and I smiled for every item that the ladies sent me. Especially the notes - it's my most favorite part.

So here is from Esther from Dolly Creates - she sent me darling things and I love every single item. If you click her blog she has amazing blog and and talented to make dress especially vintage dresses.
Thank you Esther! This made me happy!


The second one is from Libby,
I love how she introduced herself to me :) I Loved all her handmade items that stolen my heart, and also the mug! Thank you for all these goodies!

This tea cup exchange made my day! and I really thanked to God for my friend Stephanie - God has used you to bring smile in every lady's face! I can't wait for the next exchange party!



Elizabeth said...

Hello Delvalina!!

What a lovely post...I'm so glad that you enjoyed the mug and lovelies! I had such fun putting your package together and I hope you enjoy all the items for many, many years! {{smiles}} By the way, thank you SO much for the beautiful thank you note you sent. It was a delight to read and made my day! So thank you again for that!!

Wishing you a lovely week!

Joy and peace,

Stephanie said...

My sweet sister, how I loved reading about your joyful experience with the exchange. I know you have told me for a couple of years that you would love to join and finally you were able to!

The items from Esther and Libby are simply beautiful. I can tell the packages were prepared with a lot of love :)

Enjoy your new tea cup and mug delights. Much love to you!

Regine Karpel said...


Beatrice Euphemie said...

Dear Delvalina, your gifts are lovely from your sweet blogging friends! I joined Stephanie's tea-cup exchange for the first time last spring and it was such a wonderful experience and I made new friends. I didn't join this time with too much going on at home with a new baby grandson due any day now, but I hope to join next time. I hope you are enjoying your new life here in America, but I know you must miss your family so. Sending you warm hugs and blessings, my dear. xx Karen

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh, dear Delvalina...
How delighted I am to know you had a wonderful experience in both the teacup and mug exchange! What a dear Stephanie is to host it...
I love the goodies you received...and oh! Both the teacup and mug are absolutely stunning!
Libby is one of the dearest friends I have been privileged to make through blogging, and her thoughtfulness always touches me...so glad you two could ''meet''!
Have a beautiful end to your week...sending smiles your way!

Pam Williams said...

Beautiful gifts from the heart, Delvalina! I love this idea!

Esther said...

I'm so thrilled that you liked the goodies, Delvalina!! :) It was so much fun to put it together. Thank you for sending the beautiful thank-you card!! It was so special to get that from you.

Thank you for the kind words, and have a lovely weekend!! :)

Ang Smith said...

I love that mug! You were certainly blessed, as I'm sure your partners were, also! I got a wonderful package, too, and met some great ladies!

Terra Hangen said...

I am sure your tea cup partners were blessed by your packages too. You wear such pretty, sweet and classic or vintage dresses that I think that first partner who makes vintage dresses is a great match for you. Both packages are full of goodies.

Aritha said...

Hoe are you now, Delvalina?


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