~ My Sewing Corner ~

   Moving to a new Country and new home (my second home) creates new opportunities and various differences; it's challenging, yet beautiful. I realize God is the owner of my life– 
so what should I be worried about?! :)

Another thing that I am thankful for is my new family. My husband and I are still staying with my in-law's (his parents) till we find our own house. So, the other day my mother-in-law and I were cleaning the front porch and we arranged all the gifts received from bridal showers and the wedding. After we finished cleaning, we found a small space for me to use for sewing. 

Here's my sewing room that I call "My Sewing Corner" 

This room is surrounded by windows and makes me happy while I work. (sewing and crafting) :)


Also, I've been making a blanket for my husband from all his old t-shirts– I just finished yesterday!
Here's another side of My Sewing Corner.

Thank you for stopping by! Know that I really miss my blogging friends and am happy to back here.


Libby said...

This is such a special time in your life. I'm happy that you have such a beautiful place to call home while you're looking for a place to make memories with your husband. Your sewing corner is just perfect! Lots of light, tea, such a perfect view. Enjoy your sewing time! xoxo

Jedidja said...

I love to read this.So happy to see your sewing corner! Praying for you.

Pam Williams said...

So glad you are enjoying married life and are adjusting to life here in the U.S. It must be hard to be so far from your family but it is wonderful that you can be with your husband's family. How nice that you can keep up your sewing! You have such a gift, Eva! Blessings to you!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

I am so happy to see that you are 'back', sweet Delvalina! These are those wonderful newlywed days that you will remember forever, but I know it must be hard to be so far from your family. So kind of your husband's family to help you along and such a beautiful little corner to enjoy your sewing! Sending hugs and blessings your way, my Dear! xo Karen

Ang Smith said...

This is a great little corner you've got for yourself! I'm so glad to see you...I didn't realize you had gotten married! Congratulations! My maiden name was Wright. :) I was "off the grid" for a while, also, so I haven't kept up on everyone. It's good to see you again, my friend.

Summer said...

I love your little space! It looks so creative, cozy and calming ♥


Kelly-Anne said...

Oh, hello dear Delvalina...I am so very delighted to ''meet'' you! Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog...it is a joy to discover yours! {{smiles}}
You have such a sweet sewing corner...isn't sewing blissful??
I am going to look around a bit now...sending hugs your way!


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