Beautiful Encounter

Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.
Psalm 36:5

What an amazing God I love! Every journey of my life - He is the part of it.
I'm just happy that I could spending time more in His presence even though I'm working for 9 - 11 hours. There are so many things changing when I spend more time in His presence.

Here's one of the best journey I called it Beautiful Encounter. Dedicated to my Beautiful Savior who has written this part of my life journey, my beautiful and amazing sister Angie Tawera, beautiful people of Encounter Church in Australia and for my special blog friends all over the world.
I'm so blessed that God brought me this beautiful sister....She was in the big part of the journey that God has made for me.

Remember my friend and sister Angie? that I call my spiritual sister? So last month she had mission trip in Indonesia with her team. Couple months before she told me...I was so excited but then she told the mission trip is in Palu which is far from Solo. My spirit was down but then we planed to meet in Bali. Oh well I couldnt promise her that I could come - I had no money to buy flight tickets but she said that praying about this. Yeah through the long conversations and I asked God if He willing me to meet Angie this year(because I wanted too!). Yeah! He did it! I didnt book my flight ticket it's just happened - she asked me to check my email and on Wed 28th I left Solo to Bali I had no idea where I would stay and who would pick me up in the airport at midnight. I know I wouldn't be homeless that God with me even though I had no place to stay I will be OK! I totally walked with faith, I only had some money in my wallet. It would be fine till I meet Angie. 

Oh so I didn't stay with Angie because she was with another pastor this time, and she had to submit under it and obey her leaders during the mission trip. They didnt allow me to stay with Angie in hotel maybe because they shared  the room too. But God always good there's was a family who always wanted me visit me if I come to Bali and I told them a day before just wanted to make sure that I would come. They were so excited to hear I come and they allowed me to stay with them. I made it at that home at 1.30 am the gate was closed - I was so worried if I would spend the whole nigh in the front of the gate...but no, the 5 dogs woke them up with barking, I saw a lady opened the door to me and I talked to her that I told to the host a yesterday...everyone at home was sleeping so she just took me to a room....SURPRISE!!! they prepared me everything in that room, with a big bed, air conditioner, bathroom, water, and oh I felt like heaven! :) God is soo good! that family just so sweet and nice during I stayed with them - they treated me like real family.

The next day - 

I was so worried if I met Angie's friends and they don't like me..it was in my head the whole morning before I left home to the chapel. Angie asked me to meet her there. Alright... " God, I know you made a way to me to come, please let them see You in me...not me...because if they see You I wont be rejected"
Made it! I stood in the from of Mercy Indonesia's gate, I must stood there till Angie come. I saw a car with some people inside the car, and the car stopped...a guy in the front said "Hi Eva" and I smiled, then they got out from car and some of them said hi to me...I saw a guy came to me and hand shake with me....and I saw Angie came and I cried and I hugged her.

"This my pastor..." said Angie
"Oh...hi " ( so he is the pastor...he is so nice) I was little bit shy..

then it helped me to not worries...I got inside the Mercy office and Angie introduced me to everyone. Everyone was so nice and welcomed me. I got to talk to some girls and they are now my best friends.
Lisa. Angie introduced me to to her she was so nice, I was so glad that she liked me to be there, she said I have nice skirt and I told her I made it then our conversation started.
The pastor allowed me to sit beside Angie during the chapel...he was so nice :)

After chapel a girl came to me and she looked so nice to and talked to me, ended with we exchanged the facebook address :D  her name is Sudi :).

I also met the director of Mercy Indonesia and I introduce myself to her. She was nice, she even offered me to sleep there for that night because she wanted to talked to me. I was like oh wow we just met and she wanted me to sleep here and talk to me. Alright, because this is her house I should respect her, and she even welcome me well. Well, I was okay with that but I just so wondering why she wanted talk to me. ( I was worried little bit) 

and .....

I got to talk about that with Angie....we also share the Bible verse...I told Angie that when I came to Bali and no one host me except a family and I wanted to respect them, they prepared me things before I come...and Angie shared a Bible verse about to respect family that had welcomed me a strange town when no one wanted to host m...Ah! I forget that verse!... so I decided that I didnt sleep at Mercy office instead the family where I stayed, they have prepared me things the day before I came. She is Mrs. Olandina with all her granddaughters.  That was a good conversation with Angie about how we respected the host, even Jesus taught it to His disciples.

Here are the girls who host me. Their grandma was not home - it was sad that I couldnt see her. But all of these girls host me well. Thank you Jesus for these beautiful girls. and Mrs. Olandina who allowed me to stay at her house.

After lunch, we went to orphanage. I was amazed that almost girls can talk in English. All of them reminds me of the girls in orphanage here :) and I felt like home when I was there..

That's my first day.

SECOND DAY of Encounter
Sharing testimony - Thank you Judika for tking this picture

Where Angie and team were not there but I must be there to respect that they have welcomed me. We had chapel as normally in the morning. And oh the Madam of Mercy Indoncsia asked me to share the testimony - it's about what God has done to me and my family, my parents's ministries, and what I'm doing now...and while I was talking somebody interrupted me - my eyes tried to find out whose voice and oops it's the Madam's husband he just asked me " Are you ps. Sadrakh's daughter?" then I said yes I am..in that moment I just knew that he's my dad's professor in a seminary school my dad went. I felt that I was not stranger there anymore :).

So after the chapel. Time to meet the Madam, I was nervous wondering what she wanted to ask me since she asked me to stay here for a night. I came into her room. She told me that God spoke to her when the first time she met me, God wanted her to have conversation with me. That's why she asked. I was melting when she said that my beauty comes from the inside, and so she invited me to join her ministries of Mercy Indonesia.  So she wanted me to pray about it.

My heart was so happy! I knew it! That's what I prayed about before I met all Angie's friends that let people see Him in me so that will treat me not as stranger :)

It's almost 10 a.m. I left Mercy office to meet Angie and her team at the hotel. Thank you for my dear sister Sudi that took me there...I was talking to her that I might stay at airport because i didnt want I miss the flight but she offered me her room to sleep and she would take me to airport in th early morning. I was so relieved that I wouldnt be alone at airport during the night.

At the hotel...I saw Angie and pastor and two other guys were talking and I came and said hi for everyone - I saw pastor stood and walked to me but I just gave a handshake and he asked what I have shared in the chapel. I was wondering that pastor was so nice to me - I could see how he looked at has the same way how my dad looked at me of proudness. I remembered that yesterday a friend told me that he has no daughter only a son :) thenI just realized that I should give him a hug. It was late and I told Angie about that...
I just really wanted to say thank you for him that he allowed me to be with Angie and everyone in the team - but I had no idea how should I say.

Perfect timing God has given me!  we went to have fun together with motorbikes around the city we passed the road over the sea.. It was so beautiful.

Here is the long road toll on the sea :) isnt it s beautiful ?

Because Angie was nervous if she had me in the back of the bike then I got to be with pastor. The pastor was so perfect riding the bike! of course!! he has like 3 or 4 bikes at home - that's his hoby. So I felt safe with him. It was perfect time to me to share about me, my parents, and he told his family and ministries:) during we riding the bike. My tears dropped ....I cried because God is sooooo good that He allowed me to meet these beautiful people.  So it was perfect time to say THANK YOU.

"Thank you so much"
"Oh no darling....you're a blessing"

I'm so much blessed - God has done too much for me.

Pastor gave me new name it Eva Newman that i'm his daughter since that day! 

I felt like after met Angie as my spiritual sister last year....now I met my spiritual dad....all of them are my family in Christ.

Beautiful Encounter that God has made to meet this team and family in Bali
This is Lisa - The first time I met her she melted my heart.
She has great heart for kids.
Loving God
and absolutely beautiful inside-out.

Here's Emilia
I love her as my sister :) she really good at beauty and also her heart to God inspiring me. : )Thank you Emilia
With my favorites girls of Mercy Indonesia :)

~ That is all my journey of Beautiful Encounter.
Praying that I could meet them again~

Dear my blog friends,
I'm such a unfaithful friend here that never come and checking on everyone. but I've been thinking of you all and praying for you often. I think I was thinking to make schedule for blogging but it doesnt work so I'll do whenever I can do it.

Thank you for your beautiful comments on my previous post. It all made my day.



Valerie said...

Dear Delvalina,
What a beautiful post and a beautiful story. Thinking of you.
Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

Maryah said...

This is the best post ever! Eva, you are so beautiful and such a testimony to God's goodness! <3

Stephanie said...

Praise the Lord, Eva! Your story is beautiful and God's way is precious.

Love you!

Olga Rani said...

I'm so glad for you Delvalina that you had this wonderful journey, met those wonderful people and found new friends. You look so happy on those photos.

Debbie Harris said...

What a beautiful story in this post, Delvalina.
You are such a beautiful young lady inside and out.
May you always shine for Jesus!
Bless you, Mrs. Debbie

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! What a wonderful experience, just full of the love and gifts of the Lord. Such a wonderful testimony! And I can see from your photos that you were overflowing with joy. That is the Holy Spirit in you!

I am so joyful also, because you got to see your friend, and was 'adopted' by the Pastor. I am not surprised...you are a treasure!

Lizzie said...

Oh, "Beautiful Encounter" is the perfect title for this story! How amazing. I loved reading it, and enjoyed all the pictures! I'm so happy for you that you had this wonderful, encouraging experience! =)

Arystha said...

Amazing story, Kak Eva! I can see you're happy (or very happy? ah yes, super happy!) from those photos ;) Really great, Kak Eva. Of course, Kak Eva Newman! :D

Terra said...

How good you asked God to guide your every step in this encounter and that He did, and you met very wonderful people, and they saw God in you, so welcomed you with open arms.

Amy-Anne Williams said...

What a wonderful experience!

Hey, you've been nominated for the Liebster Award!



Kailey said...

hey, I tagged you in a little something on my blog, I really hope to see you join :)


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