Sense His heart more

When I pray for more, I can sense His heart for more.

 And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him.
( Hebrew 11:6)
You know there's a moment when you feel empty inside and you want to give the emptiness to the Master. I just want to do it now.  I have my routine devotion for years, I have built this relationship for years, but have you ever feel like you stuck in middle? When you are not in your praying position you will not know what was that. I said "praying" means the way you keep in touch with God.

God allowed  me through the hard times and good times and  it always end with "whys" I drew a line from one dot to another and oh! He just showed me a lesson. If I never found another dots, then I never draw a line, maybe I will stuck ot it's circle and get into old things, the old things is such a boring, and there your hear cries out, the emptiness is in your heart. So, let's back to the praying position. I did in this position but nothing change?! well, extend it! He wants to see our faith extended too.

I just wrote down those words in my Bible, and I will need to wite on my desk too. It just a clue for me lately about questioning things. Well, you would not had an answer till your head moors to His heart. So much things in my mind lately. I'm kind of a worried person though I dont want to admit it! God is such a perfect teacher...He is a Master of life - my life, your life, our lives.

Did you know my friends, that I've been in that area now? I decided stay closer to Him each day. More.! Then I can sense His heart, then I know what lesson He is teaching about.

For now, I'm in a friendship lesson - I sense that He wants me to know what is friendship in Him. I had some lessons before, my heart wont stop wondering that He is a great teacher :) well, I need to be a good students - I need to write down what He meant in every lesson.

Let us sense His heart for more, and get ready for the fruits.


I am still waititng for the Help- Rewards well, it's kind of giveaway but in different way maybe :)

I will announce it on June 24th, to whom I will send it and how much we have raised.


I've been painting and decorating my house. I'm just happy that this time, my mom allowed to do with my own ideas. I would love to capture it for you here, and that's why I've been not here.
and I need to reply some of your sweet emails to me.

Thank you so much my dear friends,



Regine Karpel said...

Thank you

Arystha said...

Dear Kak Eva,
I was feeling like I'm stuck in middle. These last days. I believe that God allowed me through the hard times and good times and it always end with "whys" - like you said. Now I'm collecting the dots to draw a line, I'm learning to stay closer to HIM so I can sense HIS heart, and -like you said, again :)- I know what lesson He is teaching about.
Thanks Kak Eva to share this with us. Big hugs!♥

Anonymous said...

Hi :) Just stopping by your page! I'm praying for you and I'm really excited for what He has planned for you next!

Ceil said...

HI Delvalina! I love your thoughts about mooring your heart to The Lord. And finding your comfort there too.
I struggle with that sometimes too. I walk away from the God who lives inside me...but I think he is not with me.

Praying that your heart is eased and turns to happiness. I know that you are such a help to your parents! It makes you busy, but busy with good things. And I'm always happy to come and see you here too :)

Pam Williams said...

Beautiful post, Eva! After years of being a Christian and daily following the same pattern of Bible reading and prayer, I too, felt like it had just become routine to me. I needed something to rekindle my passion to spend time with Jesus. I feel God led me to sacredspace.ie
It has really helped me to stretch and grow in my devotions time. So thankful He pointed me to that website so I could grown closer to Him.


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