In my mind

~In my mind~

My soul is longing, and thirsty of His presence - I really want to find quiet place that I could spend time with Him read His words and talking with Him. I miss those moment. I just live in the orphanage with the girls and sometimes it's hard to find quiet moment. I planed during the day to do at night but when the nights come, I'm waiting that quiet moment till  I over sleep. I feel empty lately.

My family ( family is always challenging thing) but I'm always happy that we always together and have our family devotion every Wednesday night :)

I just feel bad of one of my sweet blog friend, I did something that hurt her maybe...I'm sorry dear Hilda, I didnt mean to do it and I love you.

Feeling excited that my friend raise all dresses I made as her task for her business class. She has promoted and captured what I've been working. I was happy last night to hear that they get interest to order it (it's just rumor - but I'm praying that they will like it) and it made me think deeply to sell dress I made- been praying though.

I almost finish sewing my third project - it just need the finally touching.

Been wondering "Do I need to make another blog for my sewing projects?"

Been thinking that I need to finish the scholarship application form for the students. 3 days more and it must be finished soon. (take a deep breath ,stretch my arms)

My mother's day gift on it way to all the glorious Mothers :) I can't wait the get it.

I cant wait to see what Lizzie is going to send me - thanks for the surprise sweet friend :)

I've been thinking of Angie Tawera - A sister & Friend who is Australian missionary who actually from New Zealand  that I met last year. I miss talking to you about Jesus and our lives, slept together, ate together, and when we cried on the bus together haha. I miss sleep and hugging you :) my family miss you too! and it's May so Happy Birthday <3 Thank you to be my spiritual sister for our Father.

I miss my best friends in college so much, we only coul talk with LINE and facebook and calling.

I've been thinking for all my blog ladies who are officially Mother. The Mother's Day will come soon!

Been thinking to reschedule my time with the Lord, after being busy on Easter it all ruin the schedules I have - just need to learn about managing time.

and thank you for the storms and things that I have to deal everyday, you just make my head keep lifted up to my Lord.

Thanks for visiting my blog and read this unnecessary post (I didnt have to write down things in my mind actually but I have time for blogging and lets write whatever you can write hehe)

I love you and praying for all of you.


Terra said...

This is a beautiful post, dear blog friend and sister in Christ. You share your heart here and how good if you sell a dress; your dresses are very pretty.

Regine Karpel said...

Never unnecessary post

Pam Williams said...

It is posts like this one, Eva, that help us know that we are not alone in how we feel about things. Everyone of us struggles with time management and getting discouraged. I love hearing your thoughts and how you always come back to loving Jesus and serving Him to the best of your ability. You are an inspiration, my friend.
I love your third project. You look so cute in your creations. :)
Many blessings!

Hilda said...

Aw, i forgive you, sis. I'm just confused as to what you are going through and what you meant on your last entry.

Faith said...

I love the picture you posted! You are so beautiful!

I will be praying for peace for you. You are such a strong woman of the Lord and it brings me joy to read about how much you love Him. Its beautiful:)

God bless you my dear sister<3

I have also been praying about something you mentioned once. A missions trip to Indonesia. I never thought it possible but God does impossible things:)

Debbie Harris said...

Sharing your heart Delvalina allowes us to know you and better to pray for you. We all go through dry times in our walk with the Lord, but He is faithful, and He gently draws us back ever so close to His side. Keep seeking His face and He will be found.
Your love for Jesus is so beautiful and inspiring!
To God be the Glory!
Joy! Mrs. Debbie

Olga Rani said...

It is nice that you share you thoughts here on your blog. People will get to know you better. And perhaps such sharing will make you feel better as well. Have a nice day, dear Delvalina.

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! How exciting that your dresses might sell! You have a real talent for sewing, and I it sounds like it gives you a lot of happiness. The colors in the print are so bright and happy!

The photo of your friend and you is so cute :) Having spiritual sisters is such a gift, isn't it?
Enjoy your surprise from Lizzie!!
Happy May,


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