Am I Selenator?

I should make a confess that I love Selena Marie Gomez since I was 17 
The first time I knew about her in Christian Youth magazine here in my country. The first movie that I watched about her is Princess Protection Program.

I was wondering who is she, she was not popular as now, then I tried to find more about her. I don't really know about her life in details but I've been following her since 2008.  I found many things that inspire me...

She has compassion heart - she loves to share her life with other people, until in 2009 she was pointed as youngest Ambassador of UNICEF. I'm sure that this such organization has principal to raise an ambassador and she was eligible.

She raised money with her tour and campaign and donating to children in Africa and some countries in Middle East who deal with wars and human rights, trafficking.

One day in the morning - it was like 5 years ago, I was checking my facebook and I saw she shared the Word of God on her facebook. I was teary in that morning, " I was wondering that she still want to share about God's word"

well, I saw again after couple months she shared again the word of God. Again it made me smile that she was not ashamed of the gospel even she was popular star.

After the scandal and rumor with Justin Bieber, all the news that I found mostly about bad things, many people say she is  bad girl it broke my heart though. - Maybe people will freak out if I tell them that I love Selena Gomez, well I have some friends who didnt to me but I was okay with that.

More news about her till I hear she was in rehab place in a week -  I was praying that let God has her heart.

but couple months ago she shared a picture with a book (I'm not sure what book was that but it talked about Genesis 12:2 - seeing this make me be happier :)
Selena's instagram

I was wondering if she knows Jesus...I'm praying though....

Last week it's about rumor that her new friends let her down and she unfollowed everyone on instagram (maybe she wanted to close the social media but she was thinking of her fans. - I know that feeling, I know that feeling when I wanted to deactivate my facebook and blog. I wanted to be alone in that moment, I wont people bother, I'm sure all people get through the hard times.
Well it has been a huge scandal of her lately, that she unfollowed everyone on her social media. People keep talk about it.

but last night I just knew one thing that I have asked for many years.
Her pastor and his familywere hanging out with her, I was surprised that he is Judah Smith haha :D

Selena's Instagram

this is what she said:
Love my pastor and his family so much! Don't know what I would do without them. @judahsmith Jesus Is tour!

I got to click Judah and I saw a bunch of message from Selena's fans that begging of him to help Selena through the hard times, I thought that I was the only one praying for her but I found some people said that same thing. It brought tears to my eyes.

I also saw Ps. Judah Smith baptized Selena's best friends Samantha and Francia who are movie stars too. These 3 girls have been together, I'm praying that Selena will receive Jesus as her Savior and Lord of her life.

Dear Selena,
I hope you read my this post someday. I'm praying for that you will know Jesus through the hard times. He is the most sweetest thing in my life. I'm sure He is sweet to you as well. Then someday I can see you in heaven.


Am I Selenator? hmm maybe but I dont admit of that, I admit that I'm Jesus' follower, and I just want to see that someday she will be found.


Sola Scriptura said...

What a beautiful note you wrote to Selena. Hugs to you!

Maryah said...

Devalina, this is so sweet--your heart and love for Selena is really something that I never see. Here in the U.S. we (Christians) don't view our celebrities that way. We see them as people that are either good or bad and we have to stay away from them if they're bad...but I realize that that's not how Christ would want it. Thank you for sharing this, I will be praying for Selena as well!


Denise said...

Thank You for Your sweet words to Me,I love visiting with You Dear girl.I am so glad Selina knows the word of God and that She is open to Our Lord. Love to You Grandma Denise

Regine Karpel said...

You are great and wonderful human being

Arystha said...

waaa, bless her in Jesus' hands :D

Faith said...

I love Selena Gomez:) I saw Princess Protection Program and it was cute. Also I'm a huge Demi Lovato fan, and she was also in that movie. (And best friends with Selena.)
I think its awesome that you pray for her. Most people don't pray for celebrities. I'm not sure why that it. Maybe because they don't seem as legitimate because they've never met them. But they are real people and in need of real prayers.
I'm proud of Selena for all she's done; especially for going to rehab. That's a courageous step. God is with her.


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