Blessing Week of This Season

The second week of this month is overwhelming and blessing.
So much to do with decoration stuff, cards and mailing Christmas invitation. For more I should taking care of my younger brothers and sisters in orphanage (I'm the eldest :D ) they are invited to sing in some churches and places during this Christmas and I should watch them practice every evening and playing guitar when they're singing.  One thing that made me smile that God is still trusting me to help my parents ministry in this orphanage thought only few people now. Once I was trying to stop thinking about orphanage stuff some of you knew what happened in the early of this year, I stopped to do this and that but there is a time when God pulled me back and calling me again. Should I reject it? No, I love Him and I love these children and their futures and dream. So I stay here...I stay as their sister...again. I know that I'm not kind of person that easily closer to people but God has many ways when He wants me to be there.

The Blessing is God still there, 

the last time we sang was at a church, they have filmed our daily activity and they want their children learn from us. That's a good point, we sang, and I gave testimony and saw some of them teary... God has touched them with our lives

Yesterday 2 different people came here and gave gift for each one of us in this orphanage, and today I saw their happy faces (the children) some of them are just can't wait to shopping but they give it back tenth of the gift as what the Bible has taught us.

I still write my journal and and I read every journal I wrote since January of this year. I just found that God has brought me to the top and through the valley He never let me go...I wrote what I wanted to pray and He answered mostly each of them ( I checked list). If you havent had a kind of this journal then I suggest you to have one. Write what you want to pray, write what God has told you and asked you to do, and also write what happen after you pleased Him....and see how blessed you are.

"He stay the same and never change...Thank you Jesus!"

Now for my Dressember fun during the second week.

This is hard to do everyday that I should dress everyday because my normal clothes at home are shirt and rumple pants (they're just very comfy for me. I only wear dress when I'm out of home. But I have decided to do this for ending the slavery. Please do anything you can do to prevent slavery, one thing that I really can do is educating people. How important education to prevent the human trafficking.




I wore the same dress other day and my face look so tired lol :D




Faith said...

aww I love that last dress! you have so many! I only have 2 dresses. But I love them!

I think its awesome how you help with the orphanage! God is using you!

Arystha said...

aaaaa suka foto pertama, ada Kak Eva masang ornamen Natal :D *jadi teringat pohon Natal di rumah dan tahun ini saya absen liburan ke rumah :|

Olga Rani said...

Lovely photos of you in dresses, Delvalina! It is nice that you've made effort to wear them to fulfill your aim. God bless you for helping in orphanage.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

You look very lovely in your pretty dresses and even more lovely because you are doing this for such a worthy cause. You have a sweet and giving heart, my Dear. You are very special to help out in the orphanage and a wonderful role model for the children in your care. They are blessed to have you. Hugs, sweet girl - Karen xo

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! You sure sound busy, my friend. What a blessing that people are coming to give gifts to your orphanage...it is the season of love. God bless you for your efforts, and guitar playing too.

You are being very faithful to your Dressember! You look very nice in them, and even if it's kind of hard to do, your efforts will be noticed in heaven.

Have a great Tuesday!

Stephanie said...

Oh my Sister, you are an inspiration to me and I admire your precious faith in Jesus :) Thank you for blessing me and I know you are blessing many others with your sweet spirit. I love you so much, Eva! Sending you hugs!

*Dark Angel* said...

Wow, reading after a long time and it feels like I was here just yesterday..you look amazing in those photographs. Have a nice year ahead. Merry Christmas beautiful :)

Terra said...

Delvalina you are a sweetheart and have a heart for the orphans and for Jesus. Have a Merry Christmas.

Hilda said...

Feliz navidad, Merry christmas my sister! God bless you and your family always! ❤️

Jedidja said...

I love the last photo! Happy New Year!


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