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“ For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 

1 Samuel 16:7

I probably was too young to my age (14)  to thinking about dating. Oh well, dating a guy was too far for me, I didn't really care about dating a guy at the time but at least, if I could steal their attention to me would be so cool. Hmm let’s see I was not like another girls who so arrogant to showing up their selves and appearances – I was thinking at the time that I was the embarrassing one if I show up myself in public, I even didn't know how to make myself look nice in the front of my friends but you know, I always praying and asked God to give me beautiful look to everyone hehe (this is top secret) :D . I was friend with ordinary friends who were also just like me. Then what is going to be special in me to attract my friends? The answer is “inside me” I have tried many ways to attract people like other girls with how they styling hair, the cool outfit, nail polishes, with what they have but it all seemed would be failed to me – didn't work at all. What’s the meaning of “inside me”? It’s all about who you are and not outward appearance. 

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It was Friday afternoon when the class was over. My teacher asked my friends to give applause to me that I have helped to keep the classroom clean (I loved to see my teacher is happy when she enters the classroom and do something like clean or reading in the spare time during the school). So at the moment my friends gave applause with shouting out, I was feeling honored and satisfied. I was so happy at the day, and soon God speak to me. You are beautiful in that way! I didn't click with what God said to me I was thinking of God just gave me a compliment that I delighted Him with doing the right thing or just something inside me was trying to encourage me. Hmmm … 
As we walk with God, the Spirit of God will lead us to the right path, even when we took the wrong direction, He will turn us back, and I always love the way how He pulls me back. Always faithful and beautiful. Again, I was known as a tender and quiet girl and to cover that how shy I was I use smile. Smile is the only thing to make me confidence even though they don’t smile back at me (haha but that would be awkward)  but the most people said this “ Oh, they way you smile bring peace to my soul” See Eva…That’s how God put make up on you!( But it doesn’t mean that I keep smiling all the time haha). 

I found the new theory to beautiful in that moment  when I can please my God, that’s the only thing for me to attract the universe, God has thought me that to be beautiful is when your heart connected to God and it will shine out from yourself – it’s like the light touches the beautiful gem and the light reflection from the gem will dance around you. Light is God and the gem is your heart when these two things get connected you’ll how it dance beautifully.


Hilda said...

My sister was worried too that when she smiles at strangers, they don't smile back. What's important is her intention which was good. Ad God sees it.

You are so right, sister. What matters is the inside of ourselves.

God bless.

Karen said...

You spoke the truth and you said it so beautifully. We all need to remember that God delights in us and makes us something very special. Jesus gave up everything to purchase us as His beloved. You are a blessing!

harleygirl said...

What a nice post! Thank you for your words! :)

Denise said...

Beautiful words that go so well with Your beautiful spirit :)

Karen Frost said...

Dear Delvalina,
You learned as a young girl that beauty comes from within your soul and shines its light through kindness and thoughtfulness toward others. You are a natural beauty and a true reflection of God's spirit.
Hugs, xo

Nancy said...

What we see is a shell. Who we are is inside. You are very wise to have learned that early. You shine with the love of Christ and everyone can see that.

Faith said...

That was beautiful Delvalina<3

Sophie said...

Hey darling, I love this message. Its certaintly true! Your last bolded writing area = <3 I think that's something we can all relate to. God's opinion is the only one that matters and yet we easily lose track of that and waste time attempting to please others... so very good reminder:) I needed it!!

Olga Rani said...

Nice post, Delvalina! It is great that you can attract others by the beauty of your inner character but not by the look only.

Arystha said...

I love your 'new theory to beautiful' :D
It's very nice, Kak. We all are beautiful :D


Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! This is such a beautiful post. I love the message that God gave you about your beauty. How special that you could hear his voice and be comforted.

Your light in the Lord shines very brightly, Delvalina. So glad I get to see it!


Stephanie said...

My beautiful Sister, this post was precious and made me smile :) Yes, true beauty comes from inside and radiates out into our lives. May we be beautiful in Jesus.

I love you!


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