Joining Hilda's Giveaway| Invisible Spy: Stealing Her Beauty

Dear my friends, I really really want to say thank you for all of you that put encouragement words and prayers. I will post the harvest days of my sowing tears now. So I am join in Hilda's Giveaway.
The first time I met her I was just surprised that she wrote a book called The Invisible Spy (Spying on The Lives of Celebrities), and I am also so much inspired by her faith to God, her loyal and kindness to her friends and especially her talent in writing though she is younger than me, but I want to learn more from her.

So she has giveaway and I LOVE the treasures of giveaway. I decided to join and win it I hope to win it. Besides, I want to read the book she wrote I also want to have that cute ring :)
One of the rules is I need to put an unique collage with the subject "Invisible Spy" and this is my imagination and my creation.
Invisible Spy: Stealing Her Beauty

So I put the theme called "Stealing Her Beauty" and I use Selena Gomez picture of Sleeping Beauty...well, I love Selena Gomez. If you're wondering " why does she like Selena Gomez?!?"  because the first time I read about Selena Gomez in a Christian Youth Magazine, and She is inspiring of the heart of love and caring, especially for children in the poverty, war, and disability Read here for more and I can feel that she loves God ( I'm hoping) :) So with this Giveaway theme "I wish I could be a spy to steal her beauty inside-out" haha.

Now for the questions:
1) If you could spy without being seen, which celebrity would you spy on? of course Selena Gomez
2) What would you do if you teleported over to your celeb's house? Actually I don't really understand the "teleported meaning but I googling it and my answer is " I would steal her beauty while she was sleeping and I exchange with my spirit and so we will have heart connection. 
3) Would you lend your magical ring to someone else? Who? I don't think so. No body knows would be better for me.
4) Would you spy on your crush and friends? yes I would love to see my friend's curious face haha and for the crush I want they can feel me though they can't see me
Would you tell anyone of your secret (magical ring) ? No.
7) Finally, why would you like to win this giveaway? Because I REALLY want to read the book and also the cute magical ring :)

Dear Hilda,
No matter if  I couldnt win this giveaway but I just want to have this post for you as my thank you for being such a sweet sister for me.



Hilda said...

Wow, really good, sister!

God bless!
Hilda :D

Arystha said...

wow, it is cool, kak! hope you win her giveaway! :D

PS: i dont know exactly where it was but i think i ever saw her book The Invisible Spy once or twice *garuk-garuk kepala*

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! I hope you win this giveaway! You certainly did a great job on the questions. And I didn't know you were such a Selena Gomez fan, but I can see why. She seems to have a tender heart, just like you!

Let us all know what happens with the contest!

Karen Frost said...

I hope you win, Sweetie, and your post is wonderfully imaginative. We all need a magic ring, don't we?
Hugs, xo


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