~I Am Praying~

This is my top prayers... mean no matter which moment I am in, and I always say this pray. Even I am doing something I lift my heart to God and say this prayer. And I won't give up to say this prayer again and again. I wanted to post in this blog and so someday when God answer, and I remember of the day I have said it.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I am praying for my family. My parents, I know that You have seen how much they're suffering in ministering, and I believe You will crown them with majesty in heaven and I confess that You also has blessed them so much in many ways and You still there for them. For my siblings I put their futures in Your hand, all their desires but the most is heart to loving You more and more and someday we could see one each other in heaven. No best friends like them in this world, please remind us about Love of heaven. That we will love each other though we apart someday.

I am praying for my future. This is always the hardest part of my life sometimes my eyes closed tightly and won't see everything next to me. I am scared and worried. But I want to say that You own mylife...You have owned since You died on the cross. I give it all to You, and please take it back, I want to obey You because I love You. Let Your will be done. Please help me to live my life for You, please don't let me go. Please open my eyes to the things unseen around me. I have a lot of dreams just like stars in sky but I want to give it back to You, and I will do what I can do. Please keep my eyes fixed on You.

I am praying for my relationship. I did and do believe that You have led me to this relationship. I know You have been writing this and all it's beautiful. I love when people wondering about my relationship and I told them that it's so much fun like roll coaster You take me to this adventure. Sometimes it's hard because of the distance but I have figured out that You made me so I can chase You more in my lonely moment and I completely trust You for my love life, and again as I am waiting You made me more faithful and stronger. My eyes are still on You for what You are going to do. Thank you that You put beautiful man after Your own heart. He has been such a good friend over 6 years and I love him just like You have loved me.

I am praying for the christian people that will survive in suffering while they live in this crazy world. Let Your fire fall down and burn us and we work well in the Your field before the day You're coming.  And especially for friends who don't know You...I pray that You would save them too.
Thank You Lord for all that You have done and You are going to do.


harleygirl said...

This is a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing something so personal. It is really enlightening. :)

Arystha said...

Tuhan Yesus mendengar doanya kak. Ameeeeen~♥

Stephanie said...

My precious friend, what a beautiful prayer! I am so honored that you would share your prayer on your blog and I will be praying with you, sweet Sister!

I love you lots! Hugs :)

Denise said...

Beautiful prayer.I'm so glad You dropped by to visit with Me.It brought Me over to share in Your lovely relationship with Christ.Blessings will always come Your way.Grandma Denise

Kat White said...

That is a beautiful prayer you pray each day. I enjoyed reading it. Wonderful! PTL that is Praise the Lord! Hugs

Libby said...

What a beautiful, touching prayer. I'm sure God knows all of the desires of your heart and knows your heart to serve Him more each day. May He continue to give you His grace, peace, and love.

Terra said...

Amen to your prayer.


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